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What Happens When Mercury is in Retrograde?

What happens when Mercury is in retrograde? Well, there are many ways to feel the effects of Mercury’s retrograde, and some people even live in a way to maximize the benefits of this energy. Mercury begins to have effects about two weeks before it actually appears. As it moves backwards from earth, its effects will have an effect on people born under those signs. Read on to find out more! And don’t forget to check out the other astrological signs affected by this transit!


During Mercury’s retrograde motion in Virgo, you can expect to experience dramatic changes in your work, love life, and creative projects. Mercury rules this sign, so you can expect a lot of delays in getting things done and some drama with clients and coworkers. It’s a good time to start dating or reconnect with old clients – though don’t expect to find your love life as smooth as usual during Mercury’s retrograde.

Although Mercury rules Virgo, it’s still best to avoid this sign when it’s in retrograde. Virgo is a practical, analytical sign, and its influence on Mercury’s retrograde cycle can have many negative impacts. Virgos should avoid trying to force rigidity on Mercury during this time because it will only give them an unpleasant time. Virgos should try to remain flexible and receptive to their partner’s feelings, and avoid trying to be rigid in the face of retrograde Mercury.

Mercury in retrograde can cause delays in personal and professional projects, and it can lead to misunderstandings and gossip. If you’re a Virgo, you should try to focus on your goals and be patient. Mercury in Aries can lead to miscommunications, misplaced mail, and gossip. Cancer is a domesticated sign, and it’s not recommended to be in a relationship with an Aries during Mercury’s retrograde.


The most important thing to do when Mercury is retrograde is to plan your “speech” ahead of time. This is especially important for relationships, because the influence of Mercury can scramble signals and can even cause old flames to rekindle. The key to dating a Gemini during Mercury retrograde is to use caution and plan your “speech” carefully, but don’t shut your heart.

The soul, or higher thinking, will be especially influenced during Mercury retrograde. Geminis may feel overly sensitive and intuitive, and it might be difficult to set and enforce boundaries. During this time, it is essential to practice self-care and make sure your space is clear of any unwanted energy. A psychic defense tool can help you keep your space clear and safe from unwanted energy. If you’re a Gemini, consider focusing on what you want to achieve.

During Mercury retrograde, the signs of Gemini can also influence your finances. This is a great time to think about your financial habits. You may also want to explore new income streams or pursue your passion projects. A new career may be in the works. Geminis should consider joining associations that align with their vocational inspirations. If you have a family, try to be more flexible during Mercury retrograde. You might also find yourself in a new relationship.


Mercury in retrograde motion is a great time to do inner work. While Mercury is in your sign, you are more likely to make emotional decisions during this time. If you are not sure why you are feeling this way, it could be that Mercury is in your sign at this time in your life. This retrograde will affect your communication skills and intuition. However, you will find that Mercury is your friend during this time. Here are some tips to make the most of this time.

You may feel overwhelmed during Mercury’s retrograde. You might want to withdraw into your shell, but this will only prolong the turmoil. The same thing goes for home problems. You may feel unable to deal with issues at home unless you can find the right solution. Your relationships may also be strained during Mercury’s retrograde. So, if you are in Cancer, try to stay out of trouble as much as possible during this time.

Mercury is in the sign of Cancer right now, and this retrograde will continue until January 2022. During this time, your relationships with others will take a hit as you tend to focus on the past or your upbringing. So, it’s a good time to think about what your friendship goals are. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you may want to consider a new commitment.


Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and ruled by the sign of Pisces. Its name comes from the “fleet-footed messenger god” of Roman mythology, Mercury. The planet rules communication and day-to-day tasks, so it’s no surprise that Mercury in Pisces can cause miscommunication and technological breakdowns. It can also cause problems with old flames and misunderstood contracts. The planetary configuration that occurs during Mercury’s Rx transit is best suited for introspection and reflection.

People born under this sign have a wide emotional range, and they are often sensitive to others’ feelings. Pisces has a deep compassion for others and a broad idealistic outlook. Mercury in Pisces encourages earth signs to be more sensitive and to evaluate their relationships and projects. This retrograde season is a good time to make important decisions and to take action. Even if it’s not easy, you can make progress by being creative and accepting of others’ feelings.

People born under Pisces, Leo, and Cancer can all be affected by Mercury in retrograde. This means that Mercury will be more erratic, resulting in delays in legal matters, publishing, and media. It can even lead to drama regarding partnerships and assets. People born under these signs should be particularly careful when choosing what to do during Mercury in retrograde, since the planets are in an unfavorable position.


In the upcoming year, Mercury will be in the sign of Capricorn when it is in retrograde. While he will affect three signs at the same time, the retrograde will affect two of them in a different way. Capricorn is the Earth sign, which is logical and practical. Therefore, Mercury’s retrograde period will have a direct impact on people born under Capricorn.

During a Mercury retrograde period, it is common to have major disagreements and problems with friends and colleagues. It may even trigger feelings of jealousy and gossip. This retrograde period can also delay professional projects and create delays. You may even feel tempted to flirt with your ex during this time. This can be problematic for long-term relationships as Mercury is in its retrograde phase. However, the benefits of this retrograde period will outweigh the downsides.

During a Mercury retrograde, Taurus should be extra cautious when mixing their personal and professional lives. They may experience conflicts with co-workers or be more self-indulgent. It may be a good time to make important investments. Moreover, Sagittarius should take care to set healthy boundaries with their friends and family. It is better to focus on their work life balance during this time, as the retrograde will throw a wrench in their plans.


Mercury in Aquarius when mercury is in retrograde will bring a sense of perspective to Pisces’s psyche. While Mercury retrograde in Aquarius may lead to high levels of anxiety and burnout, it will also bring new sources of inspiration and collaboration with the muses. The key to navigating this period is to remember that the future is a projection, and that past events may not be the best indicators of what lies ahead.

The best way to deal with Mercury in Capricorn is to understand the role that Mercury plays in relationships. Capricorn rules our relationships and external world, and Mercury rules our thoughts, so the combination can lead to a number of Deja-vu moments. If you have unpaid bills or unfinished paperwork, Mercury in Capricorn could remind you of it. Take steps to resolve these issues before Mercury reaches its retrograde phase.

In financial matters, Mercury in Capricorn can cause delays, but don’t let this throw you off track. While Mercury travels backward through Capricorn’s money sector, Capricorns should update their passwords for online banking and ensure that all of their sensitive accounts are secure. Restructuring a budget should be a priority, particularly if debts and financial goals are involved. If this happens, Mercury will be in retrograde for a week, and this will cause delays in the financial arena.