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When Did Mercury Retrograde Start?

When did Mercury retrograde start? The effects of Mercury retrograde will begin two weeks before it actually appears. When Mercury moves backwards in its orbit around the earth, it will change the planetary positions in your chart. Its effects will affect your career, finances, and spirituality. Read on to learn about Mercury retrograde. Also, learn about the signification of your fifth house of romance and self-expression. It can also affect your second house of income.

Mercury retrograde affects your fifth house of romance and self-expression

In February, Mercury moves into the sixth house of your daily routine, wellness, and schedule. This transit is quiet, but it can be productive in providing you with insights for the coming season. Take this opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual side and make plans for a romantic holiday. Mercury is a planet of rebirth, so embrace this new energy with an open heart. The full moon in your fifth house of romance and self-expression is a sign of renewed hope.

Your fifth house of romance and self-expression is the nexus between Venus and your Sun. This planetary alignment encourages you to seek out new experiences and take risks. This is especially important if you want to make new connections with other people. This is a great time to pursue a romantic relationship, but the retrograde can cause problems relating with others. You may experience power struggles, so you may want to double-check any social media posts and be more cautious in your communication with others.

Mercury is also in your fifth house of romance and self-expression on January 14. This retrograde can bring up old issues. If you are single and wish to rekindle your romantic flame, this is an ideal time to find a way to repair old wounds. Your creative projects may receive a second chance under this period. Make sure you spend time with loved ones and friends, and be patient.

In love, you may feel an impulse to connect with new people. It may be a good time to move ahead in your career, but you should avoid letting your desires cloud your judgment. The Moon will be nearly full and oppose Mercury a few days after Mercury goes retrograde. Your Moon is your ruling body and governs your emotional self, so the opposition of these two bodies can be a challenging time for your relationship.

It affects your second house of income

If Mercury retrograde is affecting your second house of income, you’ll likely be feeling a bit uncomfortable financially. You might feel that you don’t have enough money and that you’re spending money irresponsibly. This is a good time to review your spending habits and to brainstorm new ways to accumulate wealth. Listed below are the signs and aspects of Mercury retrograde. When it happens to you, take note of these aspects.

Libra: This retrograde can throw off your multi-step master plan, as money management will be a problem. Capricorns need stability and will do their best to achieve this. Creating a budget is essential for staying on track during Mercury retrograde. Make sure that you save up for a rainy day, because Lisa says that one will probably come sooner than you think. This retrograde also puts a spotlight on the upcoming year 2021.

Your ninth and eleventh houses belong to Mercury. This transit will cause problems with communication and completing projects. Opponents of your projects may plot against you, and enemies might try to harm or deceive you. Your partner may suddenly use a favour they promised to give you. During this time, your second house of income can be a thorn in your side. Make sure you’re honest and open with your partner, especially during a business dispute.

Your relationship with your friends and group members is particularly affected during Mercury retrograde cycles. Your personal finances, as well as your communication with friends, will be at risk. You’re also more likely to be confused with coworkers or clients. You might even reconnect with old clients during Mercury retrograde. Your love life, children, and creative projects may also be the source of drama. If you are a Taurus, avoid any big financial initiatives during Mercury retrograde.

It affects your twelfth house of spirituality

If Mercury retrograde is occurring in your twelfth house of spiritualness, you might find yourself questioning your authenticity and personal identity. This retrograde shines light on your subconscious mind and envelops dreams, secrets, and themes related to closure. Those feelings are a part of you that you may not have fully explored. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, try to communicate your feelings honestly and lean into activities that help you feel better.

You may feel an urge to delve deeper into your spirituality or explore your past incarnations. Mercury is stationed in the sector of the chart that governs intense bonds, and this retrograde can evoke obsessive behavior. You may be tempted to reach out to an ex or initiate flirtation. Whatever you choose to do during Mercury retrograde, make sure that it aligns with your values.

This retrograde can cause a shake-up in relationships, especially with your friends and partners. Instead of withdrawing, try to remain open-minded and give people the benefit of the doubt. Nurture your light by taking a hot bath or meditating with a candle. It’s especially helpful if you have deep compassion for yourself and your feelings. Try to avoid triggering conversations or activities that drain you of your energy.

The effects of Mercury retrograde on your twelfth house of spiritual life depend on how your twelfth house of spiritual connection is influenced. This is especially true if Mercury is retrograde in your seventh house of relationships. You may find yourself unable to focus or even complete some tasks because of this retrograde. If this happens, it’s important to take time to work on your self-esteem, and to heal any old wounds that have been lingering in your soul.

It affects your career

If you’re a Virgo, you’re probably wondering how Mercury retrograde affects your career. As the planet that rules travel, Mercury can cause delays in personal and professional projects. You may even encounter problems at work, including miscommunication with co-workers and reuniting with old clients. If you’re a Taurus, Mercury retrograde can affect your relationships with family and friends and can delay projects.

Electronic equipment can also go haywire during Mercury retrograde, so make sure you back up your important files. Remember, your boss won’t accept your excuse for missing a deadline during Mercury retrograde. You should also remember that technological snafus are annoying at any time, but they’re especially frustrating during Mercury retrograde. As with all other aspects of your life, Mercury’s retrograde can affect your career.

If Mercury is in your career sector, you may experience internet issues, website crashes, and trouble with emails. You should avoid making any bold public claims. Moreover, you might regret a new project you started during Mercury retrograde. You may even wish to go back to an old project to avoid a major setback. At work, you may also find yourself irked by your co-workers or feel annoyed more frequently than usual.

Mercury will be retrograde through the eleventh house of networking and career, so you should review your team project and avoid any unexpected emails from classmates, neighbors, or colleagues who have perks. Mercury will then move to your tenth house of career, which will prompt you to take a second look at your career path. Mercury’s retrograde will last from January 25 to February 3 and can have a positive or negative impact on your career.

It affects your finances

If you’re wondering how Mercury retrograde will affect your finances, then the answer is yes. Mercury rules communication, decision-making, judgment, and transportation. These aspects are all closely related to money and the way you spend it. Whether you’re communicating with friends or family about a new job, budget, or investing, you may find it challenging to communicate during Mercury retrograde. Financial agreements and contracts may also be impacted by the retrograde, which makes it crucial to check and re-read documents.

In addition to financial deals, Mercury retrograde can also cause confusion and faulty decisions regarding your personal finances. You might find yourself making major purchases during a retrograde, only to find out that they turn out to be incompatible with your current financial situation. Be sure to have a backup plan and leave early for appointments and payments. While you’re at it, pay bills during the longer commute. When it comes to your finances, stay the course and stick with your goals.

Relationships are also affected by Mercury retrograde. Your relationship with your partner or friends may experience a shakeup. While this may not be the time for a breakup, Geminis tend to be great at adapting to new situations. Try to keep a cool head and try to avoid engaging in arguments that drain your energy and spirit. If possible, try to cultivate your own light. Take a hot bath or meditate with a candle.

Your career will also be affected by Mercury retrograde. Mercury will go retrograde in your tenth house of career, so make sure to revisit your goals and make new plans. Investing or starting a new business may not be the best idea if you’re dealing with Mercury retrograde. Luckily, you’re not the only one experiencing financial chaos during this time. As an Aries, the Mercury retrograde will allow you to reflect on what you’ve learned and what needs to be done.