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When is the Next Mercury Retrograde?

When is Mercury retrograde? If you are wondering, it starts December 29 and lasts until January 25, 2019. If you’re unsure of the impact on your relationships and love life, read on to find out. Specifically, we’ll look at the pre-retroshade phase. Then, we’ll look at what happens after the retrograde ends on February 3! Regardless of your relationship, be sure to wait until then to decide whether or not you should do that thing!

Mercury retrograde starts on December 29

The Mercury retrograde cycle starts two weeks before it officially turns direct. The first period of Mercury retrograde lasts about three weeks, and during that time things are slow and hazy. After the second storm, Mercury will slowly get back to its old speed and cross the retrograde degree. The post-shadow, or “retroshade,” will follow, bringing things back to clarity and order. So what should you expect during Mercury retrograde?

The first thing to note during a Mercury retrograde phase is where it falls within your zodiac sign. Mercury is often retrograde within two zodiac signs, so check the house your Mercury falls in and pay attention to correspondences. If you have a natal chart, you can also check to see where it falls in relation to your planet. Depending on the sign, the themes and rules will be reviewed from a collective level.

You should also be aware that Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, will be retrograde during this time. Venus can make it difficult to have important conversations in relationships during Mercury retrograde. This can also affect your finances. It can make it difficult to collect old invoices or schedule important professional meetings. Mercury and Venus both end on the same day, so you may have to postpone some of your plans.

As Mercury rules communication, technology, and gossip, it can be difficult to stay connected during Mercury retrograde. Even the most important phone calls, emails, and online chats might be delayed and missed connections. If Mercury is retrograde in your sign, your phone and cable company will be more than a little difficult to use, and you could experience a lot of tension during this time. But if you have no plans, Mercury retrograde is a good time to take a step back and get clear on your intentions.

Lasts until January 25

Mercury’s next retrograde is from January 14 to January 25, and it will impact the sign of Capricorn, from which it’s in retrograde. Mercury moves through Capricorn on January 25 and will be back in Aquarius by January 28. This can cause problems for communication and tech. While Mercury is in retrograde, it’s still the fastest planet in the solar system, so this will be a good time to adjust your plans.

This week will be particularly challenging for relationships. Mercury is retrograde in the eleventh house, which governs networking. A team project may be delayed or even abandoned. You may also receive unexpected emails from neighbors, classmates, or other acquaintances offering you a job with benefits. If you’re in the professional world, this Mercury retrograde will prompt you to rethink your direction. Mercury’s next retrograde will occur from January 25 to February 3, and this energy will affect your career and finances.

As your ruling planet, Mercury will bring you a fresh perspective and encourage you to examine your relationship with others. While Mercury is typically adept at processing new information, the retrograde will make you feel more confused and less sure about your career choices. Try to take a break from the news and find something else to focus on. This is an excellent time to work out your fears, and get in touch with your emotions. And don’t let your fear of change stop you from getting the things you want.

Aquarius may feel uncomfortable feelings and memories during the retrograde, so it’s a good idea to practice self-reflection during this period. You may need to confront the past and heal any hurts you have. If you’re close to your family or partner, Mercury retrograde is an opportunity for you to open up and communicate with them. While this may be difficult, you’ll feel a lighter burden after releasing those inner resentments.

Impact on relationships

When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s best to expect a few surprises. Because Mercury rules the fifth house, love and romance are top priorities for Taurus. This relationship-focused planet is capable of handling awkward situations and miscommunications, as well as being a strong and supportive partner. Listed below are some tips to deal with Mercury retrograde and keep your relationships on track during this challenging time. In addition, there are some practical suggestions you can use to make things easier for yourself and your partner during Mercury’s retrograde.

The first thing to do is keep communication open. It’s the backbone of any relationship, and when communication is poor, there are bound to be arguments. Mercury retrograde tends to sour relationships. People will make odd comments and try to cover up things. This can lead to confusion and frustration, and in some cases, to arguments. So, if you’re in a relationship, try to keep communication open and honest.

If your relationship is based on the signs of the zodiac, Mercury’s retrograde will have a detrimental effect on your relationships. Mercury rules your mental processes, such as banking and communication, and it will cause delays with money matters. Communication with your partner may also suffer during Mercury retrograde, as you’ll be prone to gossip. It’s also possible that you’ll find old friends reach out to catch up, or you’ll encounter trouble completing professional projects.

Although Mercury’s retrograde has its share of challenges, it can also create opportunities. A consistent meditation practice can clear your mind and calm you down. It’s especially important to connect with your inner self during Mercury retrograde. Mercury will be playing tricks on your intuition during this period, so you’ll need to make sure you listen to it in order to make the right decisions. Mercury will be back on track on January 28 and will sync with committed Pluto on February 3rd.

Pre-retroshade phase

Mercury Retrograde winter 2020 is ending. This planet’s retrograde phase affected relationships, technology, and our daily lives. As the retrograde ends, Mercury will move back into direct motion after a brief shadow period. This backspin phase will last for two weeks. Here’s how to use this time to your advantage! First, consider what the pre-retroshade phase means.

During the pre-retroshade phase of Mercury retrograde, you’re most likely to be more prone to miscommunications and technical glitches. You might also find yourself reflecting on patterns in past relationships. Try to avoid traveling and work-related projects during this time. You might find yourself finding old journals and reflecting on patterns you have in those journals. Mercury retrograde can cause you to make important decisions or make rash decisions.

While Mercury will be in retrograde four times this year, the dates are in the air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Capricorn. During this time, you should focus on acclimating to the changes in your immediate environment. This period can lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and a need for forgiveness. This phase of Mercury retrograde will end in 2021 in air signs, meaning that communication will be hampered or slowed down.

During the Pre-retroshade phase of Mercury retrograde, you may need to make some important decisions or resolve conflicts. Mercury is also the planet of wit and information. He is the messenger planet of our times and teaches us that knowledge is power. You may have to rethink plans and tasks that you had already made. Mercury retrograde can also make it difficult to focus and pay attention to details. Because Mercury is retrograde, if you aren’t paying attention, you could miss details that are important for you.

Virgo Mercury retrograde

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, and this month it goes retrograde in Virgo. This planet rules communication, siblings, early childhood learning, transportation stations, and the neighborhood you live in. Mercury is named for the Roman deity of communication and medicine. If you have a relationship with your ex, Mercury retrograde may bring it back to your life. But there is no need to panic; Mercury retrogrades happen to everyone.

During Virgo Mercury retrograde, your communication skills and cognitive functions may suffer. This can affect your ability to make decisions and adjust to new situations, and it can make it hard to form good friendships. Moreover, Virgos are careful with their words. You’ll have to be especially careful in your dealings with Mercury in retrograde, or you may get irritated and confused. Mercury’s energy can make you itchy.

Virgo’s eagle-eyed nature can be a positive aspect of this planetary alignment. You might be feeling particularly optimistic about the future, and rekindle old ideas. Mercury in Virgo is also known for its sharp mind. Those born under this sign often have a great capacity for understanding complex patterns and processes. Mercury in Virgo also tends to be practical and realistic.

During Virgo Mercury retrograde, you may be thinking of ways to improve your health. Despite the ill effects of Mercury retrograde, Virgos are highly intelligent and observant. They pay attention to even the smallest details. Because they are ruled by Mercury, Virgo Mercury is highly critical of themselves. Mercury, the light-winged messenger, will swing through a single sign for three to four weeks.