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How to Make a Pom Poncho

If you’ve ever admired a pom poncho, you know how adorable they are. You can also find a pom poncho with ears in a leopard print or white. Here are some great ways to make your own pom poncho. The best part is that pom ponchos are easy to make and will last you a lifetime. Regardless of what your style is, you’re sure to find the perfect one to compliment your style.

Leopard print pom pom headband

A black woven wire headband is wrapped in leopard print fabric, adorned with faux fur leopard print pom paws. The leopard print pom paws are made of mixed brown and black hues. If you want to be extra stylish and sassy, you can wear this headband. You can easily accessorise with it to accentuate your ensemble. The headband can be a perfect gift for a friend who loves the print.

Another cute accessory is a pom hat in leopard print. It will add to your ensemble and keep your hair out of the way of your face while you apply your makeup. The pom hat is comfortable and soft, pulling over the hairline. Wear it with any style for an easy, stylish look. The pom hat is made in Brazil from high-quality materials, including a woven polyester and jute.

Leopard print pom pom ears

For a little wild cat look, try the Leopard Print Podpom Headband. This headband is made from a fabric-wrapped wire and features two leopard-print pom poms on top. For extra style, you can even have the leopard print pom poms printed with facts about the Amur leopard, such as its habitat and natural predators. Here’s how to make one:

To create the leopard-print pom pies, wrap the ends of the ribbon tightly around the ring. Carefully slip the glued ends under the ends and glue the tips. Wrap the yarn around your hand about 75-100 times. Once you’ve finished, slip it off your hand. Cut a piece of yarn that’s about eight to ten inches long. Roll it into a sphere.

White pom pom ears

Adding faux fur ‘white pig’ horns to a teddy bear headband makes you feel like a 90s kid! This headband is perfect for festivals and concerts. Additional shipping rates apply if you purchase more than one item. Glue the end of the ribbon under the tip of the pom ear. Wrap the yarn around your fingers and tie it loosely around the center. Unsnap the middle piece of yarn and tie it loosely around the center. Wrap the yarn around your hand 75 to 100 times and then slip it off. Once the center piece is tied, you can tie it up.

To assemble the earband, cut a stiff felt sheet about 3.5 to four inches in diameter. The felt should be stiff enough to not bend, but still be soft enough to form the ears. You may need to add stiff interfacing to prevent the felt from bending too much. Repeat the process for the other ear. Once you’re satisfied with the size and shape, attach the headband to the ear.

Whether you want to look like a fairy, a unicorn, or a witch, you’ll find a pom ear headband to suit your hair style. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, make it yourself. You can even experiment with different colors and designs to find the perfect headband for you. The possibilities are endless! You can wear it with a t-shirt and jeans, or you can match it with a party dress.

One of the best ways to wear a pom ear hairstyle is to slip it over your bun. This easy and affordable hair accessory will have you looking adorable on any occasion. It looks amazing on girls and is sure to turn heads. Wear it with your favorite tee! And if you want a little extra sparkle and shine, you can even add a little pom ear holder!