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Retro 70s Hair Accessories

A few pieces of hair jewelry are so retro that they can even be considered 70s hair accessories. These accessories include Bantu knots, clips, and bows. We will cover a few of the more popular ones in this article. For the rest, check out our collection of hair clips and bows to relive the decade. Whether you’re going out for a romantic dinner or just fancying yourself up for a night on the town, a 70s hair accessory is definitely an easy choice.

Bantu knots

Often referred to as Zulu knots, Bantu hair accessories trace their roots back hundreds of years. They are created by twisting, wrapping, and sectioning hair into various styles. This style works best with natural hair, though it does require a lot of time and patience. If you want to make it a permanent part of your hairstyle, you can add extensions or make a satin wrap to cover your hair.

A classic style of dreadlocks, Bantu knots can be worn with other hairstyles and dreadlocks. Especially in warmer months, this protective style will keep hair off the neck and face. Bantu knots also cost very little, so they can be used to protect dreadlocks without damaging them. And because they do not require heat or chemicals, Bantu knots are a cheap way to spruce up your locks.

Although Bantu knots are versatile and can be worn day or night, you should remember to protect it from frizz. Wear a silk bonnet or scarf while sleeping to prevent the hair from tangles. If you do not have long hair, you can also wear a bantu knot with a short bun. These accessories will last you a couple of days. Depending on the length of your hair, you may wish to change up the color every now and then.

When done properly, Bantu knots can last a long time. This protective style is suitable for natural or relaxed hair. Various textures and types of hair can be braided to create a unique style. French braids can also be created from Bantu knots. To create a French braid, you must add one extra step: wrap it tightly before twisting it. This will create a textured finish and added definition to the braid. After you’ve braided your hair, just loosen it and enjoy your lovely new bantu knot.

Bantu clips

For a truly sultry look, wear a bantu knot. This protective style is made by twisting hair around itself into a knot. It’s easy to do and costs very little. It also adds a chic instant dose of style. Whether you have long hair or short, Bantu clips can give you a retro look without breaking the bank. Read on to find out more about this iconic hair accessory.

In the ’70s, bantu knots were the hot look. They were the perfect hair accessory for sultry, summery days. Wear them in a criss-cross style, or unravel them for full curls. To wear a bantu knot, part the hair into small sections and twist each into a tiny knot. You can wear a small bantu knot for a ’70s afro’ or a big one for a fluffy hairdo.

These hair accessories have a retro, vintage look that is sure to turn heads. Bantu knots are made of natural or synthetic hair extensions. Gold hair cuffs will give them a modern upgrade. You can mix and match Bantu clips with other protective styles like braids, buns, and cornrows. There’s something for everyone. And if you’re looking for a great accessory for your hair, you’ve come to the right place.


Bows have been around for a long time. By the 1940s, they had become inherently ‘female.’ In order to get attention from a man, young women would tie them in different ways to communicate their relationship status. A top-of-head bow meant single, the back meant going on a date, and a right-side bow meant “in love.” By the 1980s, these hair accessories were used subtly, with many artists and models wearing them in their wigs.

A white bow paired with a cottagecore dress is an adorable outfit. It adds elegance and class to your entire outfit. A white bow will look stunning with a wedding gown, too. These retro accessories are also a good choice for bridal hair. Whether your hair is wavy or down, a bow will make you look gorgeous. And if you are a girl who loves vintage accessories, a bow will make your look even cuter.

As a youthful accessory, hair bows are super fun and easy to wear. You can even use cool silk scarves to tie into a bow! Bows can be worn on top of a bun. They look great when you’re dressed up or going out for a night on the town. These accessories are also versatile, making them a good option for many occasions. You can even wear them in your hair for different occasions.

Another retro hair accessory is the pony tail. Pony tails were often worn on top of the head or to the side. You could even find neon-plastic bows on comb grips. Another popular option was fabric hair bands with massive bows. Even today, bows are still popular among teenagers. They are still a great way to show off your personality and make a statement! If you’re a big fan of this era, try this style!


Barrettes are a type of hair accessory, also known as a clip, hair clasp, or even hair slide. They serve two basic functions: to secure hair and to decorate it. They can vary in shape, size, and material, and are commonly used by women. Barrettes were invented more than ten thousand years ago, but they have a resurgence in popularity today. Barrettes are not just for girls – they’re also a great fashion accessory for guys, too.

One popular hair accessory for men is a striped double-C logo clip from Chanel. Although this accessory is expensive, it adds personality to the simple curved-bar clip. As it ages, it will only become more valuable. Another great choice is a Valet hair accessory set that features pearls, starfish, and sand dollars. If you’re on a budget, a cheap designer barrette might not be the right choice.

Barrettes can also be used to keep hair away from the face. Hair bands, which are typically thin or thick, were popular and often adorned with flowers. Vintage hair clips, which held back hair, were also popular. These clips often had knitted wool or crocheted flowers attached. Barrettes were popular in the 1970s, but are still used today. Barrettes have a long history in fashion and are not just limited to women.

Women’s vintage hair accessories often follow the trends of the day. The 1970s were the decade of floral prints, bright block colours, and long, loose hair. The flower power movement was also a major contributor to the decade’s long hairstyles. Barrettes are an excellent choice if you want to look like a pop star. The accessories can make your hair look amazingly retro – and even timeless.