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1920s Hair Accessories: Ultimate Guide

If you love the era of the Roaring Twenties, there’s no better time to invest in some vintage inspired hair accessories. Whether you’re looking for bejeweled headbands, inflexible hair rings, large gems, or anything else that was popular during the 1920s, this is the right article for you! From bejeweled headbands to inflexible hair rings, you can create your own vintage inspired look in no time.

Bejeweled headband

The bejeweled headband was one of the most popular hair accessories of the 1920s. They were worn by movie stars like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and Serge Lifar. This piece of head jewelry was considered a symbol of female empowerment and has been used as an icon of strong, independent women. This headband has many different meanings: it was worn by a flapper, a flower power hippie, a serious intellectual, or even by an NBA player.

A 1920s bejeweled headband is an elegant way to add a touch of 1920s glamor to your look. This headband is made of gold sequined elastic that stretches to fit your head comfortably. The glass crystal accent is fashioned like a peacock feather. This piece is also studded with a crystal tassel to complete the look. With these pieces, you will look like a true flapper of the 1920s. A 1920s bejeweled headband is available in silver, blue, or white. You can choose the color that coordinates with your wedding dress or even your favorite cocktail dress.

Headbands have an interesting history. They were worn by coquettish flappers, machinating students, wannabe princesses, boiler suit-clad workers, and perfectly manicured women. Even Princess Diana wore a bejeweled headband in 1985! You can find a similar headband in your local thrift store or online. It’s fun to find vintage headbands at a good price!

Inflexible hair rings

Inflexible hair bands were not new to women. In ancient Egypt, they were made from precious stones such as jasper and alabaster. They were popular to display a woman’s social status, but they were very inflexible. In the early twentieth century, the invention of rubber and other elastomeric fibers made in-flexible hair ties and scrunchies a popular option.


If you’re planning on wearing a flapper costume, you should consider using sequins and feather hair accessories. You’ll find that many flapper hair accessories feature large gems and lavish beading, so you’ll want to use them as hair accessories as well. But where do you find the right sequins for this costume? Here are some ideas for you to try! Hopefully you’ll get the perfect 1920s hair accessory!

Large gems

If you’re interested in the era’s head pieces, consider using a large gem. Gatsby hair accessories featured large gems and sequins. This style is also great for children, as long as they match the accessories on their parents. Children’s hair accessories can be very sweet and harmonious if they match the pieces on their parents. The following are a few great ideas for 1920s hair accessories.

A head band with citrine gemstones is perfect for all hair types and can be worn with long or short locks. The band clipping over the head behind the ears can hold small strands of hair, or they can be wide and full of gems. Unlike hair pins, head bands don’t require you to style your hair, so they neaten your appearance with minimal effort. You can wear one or several head bands with your hair to look fabulous.

Love locks

The tradition of attaching “love locks” to bridges began in 2008 in Paris, France. The padlocks now weigh more than 45 tons. Some bridges have been emptied of their love locks, but the rest remain on other Paris monuments. The idea is to raise money for refugee support organizations and to spread the love, but is this a suitable response to the crisis? The deputy mayor of Paris hopes to raise EUR100,000 by selling the locks.

Women of the era sported small locks of hair cascading over the left shoulder. They were often longer than the rest of their hair, and were treated like special features. Many men wore their lovelocks curled into a long ringlet. Women sometimes braided theirs. There are plenty of photos from the 1920s to remind us what the love locks looked like. Love locks were a popular style for both men and women in the 1920s.