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Bobble Hair Tie: Definitive Guide

A hair tie made of bobbles is not just for girls who want to have funky, flirty hairstyles. Many women use bobble hair ties as a hair accessory to achieve unique looks and make their hairstyles more personal. Whether you want to add a touch of boho chic to your hairstyle, a bobble hair tie is the perfect solution. Invisibobble hair ties are spiral shaped and can secure your hair in any updo. They will not leave any kinks or creases in your hair, so they will work well on any hair type. Even fine hair will hold up well with this hair accessory.


The Invisibobble is an innovative hair tie that looks like a telephone cord. With its spiral-shaped design, it securely holds hair in any updo. It also promises not to pull, stretch, or break hair. The hair tie is compatible with any type of hair and will not leave a trace after removal. And, what’s better, it will hold even your finest hair!

The Invisibobble hairband is a spiral-shaped accessory made of polyurethane, an artificial resin that is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Its smooth spirals ensure that hair stays in place and doesn’t fall out when removed. It also has an antibacterial and heat reactive property, making it a safe and hygienic option. It is not a necessity for styling, but if you’re having a hard time tying your hair, this bobble-shaped hair tie will help you.

Another invisibobble product is the spiral-shaped one, which is an instant hit on the market. These hair ties are best-selling on Amazon, Sephora, and Ulta, and are comfortable and secure. For a sexier look, there are kitschy spiral hair ties that double as bracelets. These hair ties are available in light gray and pale pink hues.


A New York City session hairstylist, Cassandra Normil, swears by the Gimme hair tie for her thick, naturally coily hair. It provides a strong hold without tugging on the hair and it doesn’t cause creases during a yoga pose. And unlike traditional hair ties, Gimme hair ties are made with transparent micro-fiber elastics so they won’t cut circulation.


For naturally curly or thick hair, Snappee hair ties are a godsend. With a snap on/snap off feature, Snappees are the perfect ponytail holders for curly hair. Plus, they are soft and gentle on hair while holding the desired style during active sports and physical activity. No more breakage or tangles! You’ll look your best while you’re out running, cycling, or playing tennis!

Unlike traditional hair ties, Snappees don’t use elastic tension to hold them in place. Simply wrap your hair around them, snap them in place, and you’re set. The no-slip, stretchy material won’t damage your hair, and won’t scratch your makeup or ruin your hairstyle. The best part is, they’re hypoallergenic, machine washable, and dryer-safe!

Fitzsimons recommends the Snappee hair tie because it’s so flexible, without creating frizz and tangles. The snap-on/snap-off feature allows you to customize the length and width, and they quickly and easily snap back into place when you’re done with them. The Snappee bobble hair tie comes in five different colors and costs just $25 for five pieces.

A great alternative to hair elastics, these ties are made with cotton, and are completely recyclable. Made in the USA, Snappee hair ties are one of the most eco-friendly options on the market. Besides being incredibly cute, they’re also remarkably durable. You can buy them online for $12 or less. If you’re not ready to spend that much, try an Anthropologie coiled hair tie set. It also comes with eight extra-thick silk ties!

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Gimme’s custom-fitting kit

For thick or curly hair, Gimme’s custom-fitting kits are the perfect solution. Gimme’s hair ties come in different styles and fit levels and are available in various colors. For a custom fit, Gimme suggests ordering a “fitting kit” that combines four different types of hair ties. The custom-fitting kit includes the correct sizing and comes with a pearl knocker.

The GIMME Bands are made from hundreds of micro-fiber elastics to provide maximum grip while retaining the gentleness of a ponytail. Moreover, the elastics on GIMME Bands are waterproof and do not cut circulation of your hair. They will hold your hair tight all day long without causing damage. In addition, Gimme’s custom-fitting kit includes five different sizes: Any Hair Band, Thick Hair Band, Long Hair Band, Fine Hair Band, and XS-Fine Hair Band.