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Choosing Your Bridesmaid Hair Pieces

If you have not yet decided on your bridesmaid hairpieces, you may be wondering what the different options are. These options include hair accessories that you can tie around the head and create a bohemian feel. These accessories can be made from gold leaves, berries, pinecones, and even greenery. However, if you want something more regal and elegant, you can opt for a gold leaf headband or a wreath tiara.


Bridesmaid hair pieces with bows look elegant and sophisticated. Bridesmaids can choose from a variety of different styles. From long hairpieces to short pieces, the bows should complement their bridesmaid dresses. Bows can be made of a variety of materials, including organza, satin, and velvet. Some can be monogrammed to further personalise their looks. Bows can also be found in a variety of colours.

Whether you want a classic, timeless look, or something completely different, there are plenty of beautiful options available. One of the most traditional bridesmaid hair pieces is a simple satin bow from Sashi Rebelle. Alternatively, you can choose a satin or velvet-style ribbon. A satin-style ribbon is more elegant, while a grosgrain or velvet bow will stay in the hair piece for longer.

For a vintage look, a bridal bow with a rhinestone or crystal embellishment is the perfect accessory. Vintage bridal dresses are often made of soft flowing fabrics with lace and floral patterns. Brides can use a classic bridal hair bow as an extension of this look. A vintage-style bride can also opt for a side-spray feather or flower with rhinestone sparkle to create a classic bridal look.


If you are looking for an elegant yet practical hair piece for your bridesmaids, a scarf can make a perfect choice. While traditional bridal hair accessories, such as a veil or headband, can be a bit boring, a scarf can add a unique touch to your look. These accessories have become more popular recently on the bridal fashion runways and go best with half-up, topknot or ponytail hairstyles. There are several types of hair ties, including silk scarves or clip-in versions. You can also choose to have it customized with your wedding date or initials.

A simple scarf that can be worn in several different ways will look elegant on the head of each bridesmaid. If you want to avoid fussing with tying it, a no-tie scarf is perfect. This scarf is pre-tied, so there’s no need to worry about not being able to tie it. There are many pre-tied options available, and most of them feature multiple ties so you can adjust the size. A few examples of such a scarf are the Slip-On Slinky Scarf and the Gathered Scarf Beanie.

Hijabs are also a wonderful option for a modest wedding. These headpieces can be worn with a headband or by tying the ends together at the back of the head. Decorative ribbon can also be used to tie them together. Hijabs can be worn in different ways, including around the head and on the shoulders. Some women wear them around their head while others tie them around their shoulders.


When choosing a comb for your bridesmaids, it’s important to pick one that will compliment the wedding dress and add balance to the silhouette. A vintage-style hair comb with lace and floral embellishments is the perfect choice, as are oversized rhinestones. A romantic comb may be adorned with pearl beads and a scroll pattern. Alternatively, you can go for a simple comb with a single rhinestone or crystal.

Bridal hair combs are versatile and can match just about any hairstyle. Ideally, brides will purchase bridal combs before the hair trial to ensure the desired look is achieved. They should also discuss their desired look with their stylist before purchasing the comb. This way, they can have it made specifically for their wedding day. Once you have decided which type of comb to purchase, you can choose the perfect hair piece for your bridesmaids and give them a head start on choosing the perfect look.

Bridesmaids can also opt for a simple, classic comb to complement the veil. These combs can be purchased at any online bridal store. You can find many designs on Etsy and contact a local artisan. Brides can also try their hand at creating bridal hair accessories themselves. However, it’s important to start the creation process well before the wedding date to avoid last-minute problems.


A headband for your bridesmaids’ hair is a cute way to accessorize your bridal party. They’re versatile enough to complement all types of hairstyles and match popular colour schemes. Bridesmaids can wear these headbands with their loose waves or chic updos for a classic look. This article discusses the different types of bridesmaid hairbands and how to pick the right one for your special day.

A wedding headband made of crystals or pearls is a stunning choice for a romantic or bohemian style. A floral headband looks especially beautiful with bohemian and flowing dresses. Beach weddings look great with floral headbands, and country-themed ceremonies look beautiful with a beach wedding theme. To accessorize for your summer wedding, choose a simple headband made of pearls, rhinestones, or crystals.

Another headband for bridesmaids’ hair is a dainty floral one. It sits atop the head like a crown and is tied back at the neck. The headband was handmade in a Parisian workshop using preserved flowers such as English roses, hydrangea, and wisps of baby’s breath. It’s also made of resin flowers mixed with tiny pearls, and hand-painted matte pink petals add the perfect finishing touch to the bridal hairstyle. The band is comfortable, and comes in gold or silver plating.

Tulle bows

Tulle bows are a great way to add femininity to your hair and make a beautiful hair piece. You can find a tulle bow in any color and in different fabrics, and they look especially beautiful when worn in an updo. Tulle bows can be attached to combs and hair pins. Here are some simple tips for making tulle bows for bridesmaid hairpieces.

Start by finding a tulle bow that matches the other bridesmaids’ hair colour. Try a couple of colours and sizes to find the perfect one for your wedding. Once you find the right colour and design, you can begin sewing. You can also find tulle bows that are embellished with crystals, pearls, or other jewels. The more detail you put into your hair bow, the more elegant it will look.

Alternatively, you can use ribbon to make simple designs in your bridesmaids’ hair. Try buying satin or grosgrain ribbon, as these will stay in place longer. Check out bridal hair ribbon designs for inspiration! This is a fun and affordable way to add a touch of femininity to your wedding day look. These bridesmaid hairpieces can also be worn after the wedding, making them an easy option for a bridal shower.


A bridal hair comb set with opals is a romantic, vintage-inspired choice for your hairpiece. This precious stone will catch light from every angle, accentuating your wedding-day beauty look. Opals are the perfect choice for your bridesmaids, especially if you have chosen a hair piece that features both of them. Alternatively, you could opt for a simple pearl or crystal hair pin with a single opal.

Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. Opals are an ideal choice for bridesmaid hair pieces, and you can always find something that is uniquely yours. You can opt for a wedding comb set that has gold leaves, gold berries, and pinecones, or a more elaborate one with pearls and crystals. Opals are very versatile and can be used to accentuate any hair style.

Scarves with crystal accents

If you’re searching for a beautiful hair accessory for your wedding, then a silk scarf with crystal accents might be a great option. Simply fold it under your chin, and secure it with a hair pin. Hair pins are a key trend these days. Elaborate bobby pins and basic hair pins are both great choices. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a plain or embellished one to match the style of your bridal party.