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How to Make a Gold Leaf Headband

If you’ve always wanted to make your own headband, why not make one with a beautiful gold leaf? Traditionally made from ruscus foliage painted gold and green with an antiqued verdigris effect, this headband will turn your wavy hair into something special and princess-y. Alternatively, you can simply buy a leaf headband and apply it yourself. In this article, I’ll explain how to do it and show you how to apply it to a leather headband.

ruscus foliage is painted gold and green with an antiqued verdigris effect

The modern version of an ancient Greek laurel wreath, adorned with golden and green foliage, is fit for a goddess. This wreath is made of preserved ruscus foliage and is wired to a headband. The foliage measures about 15 cm in height. A metallic coating is applied to the leaf’s underside, giving it an antiqued look.

For this look, calla flowers are tinted white, pressed, and dried, then painted with a dark blue color, followed by an indigo color. These flowers should be left to dry for several days before they are displayed. A calla flower, on the other hand, can be preserved and repainted using the same technique. It’s especially effective when the Calla flower is the subject.

How to apply

If you’re wondering how to apply gold leaf to your headband, look no further. This elegant hair accessory is as down to earth as it is glamorous. Simply follow these five steps for a headband that will turn heads! You’ll soon be amazed by the difference between a plain headband and one covered in glitter! But before you begin applying the leaf to your headband, it’s important to understand how it works first.