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How to Use a Scunchie to Hold Your Hijab in Place

Regardless of your hair type, there are plenty of ways to wear a scrunchie to hold your hijab in place. A scrunchie adds volume to your hijab, and you can use different kinds of scrunchies to create a unique look. They are made of soft, fluffy fibers that create the perfect amount of volume. Unlike traditional scrunchies, they are medium-sized and multi-tested to increase their strength.


A scrunchie for hijab is an excellent way to add volume to your hair. You can choose a scrunchie with a small jaw clip or an oversized one that gives your hair the perfect amount of volume. Volumizing scrunchies can be used with any style of hijab and add natural volume to the scarf. Many are multi-tested for increased strength. These scrunchies can be found in many colors, but black is the most popular.

Another great option for adding volume under a hijab is a scrunchie with thick velvet fringes. This style mimics the form of a natural hairstyle. Because the scrunchie is elastic, it helps your hair to maintain the perfect shape under the hijab. It has an additional benefit: the volume scrunchie mimics the form of hair. Choosing a scrunchie with a velvet fringe is the best way to make your hijab look complete.

Natural shape

Silq Rose hijab scrunchies are perfect for creating volume underneath your hijab. Made of organic bamboo jersey, these hairties are hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. They are also larger than classic hair bands, which is perfect for creating a natural shape underneath your hijab. Their lightweight design prevents the headaches that typically accompany wearing hair ties. You’ll find yourself wearing a scrunchie in no time!


First, cut the fabric into a 3.5″ by 22″ rectangle. Fold the fabric lengthwise and sew one long edge. Turn the fabric right side out, then halfway, and stitch the short ends together. Insert the elastic, stitch the ends together, and fold the fabric right sides together. Repeat step 3 for the second scrunchie. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have all the elastic and scrunchies.

Perfect size

The perfect size scrunchie is not only essential for wearing a hijab, but also a key component to creating a stylish look. These accessories are made of soft, stretchy materials and can be worn with almost any style of hijab. They are also made with multi-tests to ensure durability. You can choose between a large and medium scrunchie, or one that is more compact.

Many hijabs have a tough time getting the perfect size scrunchie for their hair. Most scrunchies are too small or too big, lacking the elasticity necessary to double-wrap your head. This causes tension in your hairline and puts too much pressure on your head. Investing in the perfect size scrunchie is essential to maintaining your style and staying covered. If you are concerned that your scrunchie is too big or small, check out the following tips.

First, cut the fabric into a rectangle. The fabric should be 3.5 inches wide by 22 inches long. Fold it lengthwise and stitch the long edges together. Turn it right side out and fold the fabric halfway. Sew the short edges together. Insert the elastic into the seam and stitch the ends together. Turn the fabric right side out. You can then sew it shut using a hand-sewing needle.


If you want to make your hijab look more glamorous, try a light scrunchie made from chiffon fabric. Hijab scrunchies are a perfect way to add volume to your bun and achieve that Instagram-worthy look. Whether you’re wearing your hijab as a head scarf, or tucked underneath your hair, a scrunchie can help. Here are some of the top styles of hijab scrunchies:

If you’re looking for volume underneath your hijab, the Chiffon Shaping Scrunchie is a great choice. The lightweight fabric won’t pull on your hair and gives a nice rounded shape to your back. It also gives slightly more volume than a chiffon scrunchie. All sizes and shapes work well with this lightweight scrunchie. It will help keep your hijab in place even if it’s a thicker material.

Velvet fabric

For a stunningly stylish look, a velvet fabric scrunchie is a must-have accessory. Made of luscious crushed velvet, this supple scrunchie is easy to use and kind to your hair. This accessory is designed to be molded to your head and hairstyle once, giving you the desired volume every time. Its extra-large size allows for a variety of different styles, making it perfect for a wide variety of hairstyles.

A large velvet scrunchie in a solid color is an excellent option. It is comfortable and soft, with an elastic line inside for securing your hairstyle. This hijab accessory is perfect for creating volume in your hair under a hijab. Available in three colors, these ties come with a golden pouch for safekeeping. You can choose which one suits you best by considering your hair type, as each style has different requirements.

Oversized bobble

An oversized bobble scrunchie is a good option for those who want a head covering that is a little more voluminous than the average head covering. Made of fabric, these scrunchies are comfortable to wear and have an elastic line inside to keep them secure. They can create the volume needed under a hijab. There are four colors to choose from and are ready to ship.

The Lovely Black Velvet Scrunchy is an oversized bobble that will add some volume to your hijab. You can wrap it around your favorite hijab and wear it in any way you wish. It can also be tied with a small jaw clip. Moreover, you can wear it on a bun or a cap, or simply wrap it around your favourite hijab. You can wear one for every outfit, depending on your hairstyle and occasion.