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Soulvation Headbands Definitive Guide

If you want to find out more about soulvation headbands, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to the woman behind these headbands – Leah Kay Krabbenhoft. You’ll also learn what materials are used to make soulvation headbands, and why wearing one is such a great idea. Keep reading to learn about the various styles, colors, and benefits of wearing one of these headbands.

Leah Kay Krabbenhoft

The founder of Soulvation headbands, Leah Kay Krabbenhoft, never thought she’d become a businesswoman. She studied to be a food stuff scientist at North Dakota Condition University, but found it difficult to find headbands that were both comfortable and stylish. So, she decided to make her own. Using her mother’s old sewing machine, she made her own headbands.

In addition to 1000s of Instagram mentions, Leah has received raving reviews from nurse customers. In addition, the company has appeared in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, NBC, CBS, Chicago Weekly, and Oxygen magazine. The founder has a doctorate in nutrition, and she grew up with a love of headbands. Her product was also featured on The Real Simple Show and on CNN.

After graduating from college, Krabbenhoft and her partner Ashley Stalboerger moved to the Mile-Higher Town to pursue their dream of becoming entrepreneurs. They adored the climate there and its natural beauty. Despite her lack of financial resources, the pair remained committed to the business, and Krabbenhoft began making her headbands from scratch in her own apartment.

Materials used in soulvation headbands

These soft and buttery-soft headbands by Soulvation Society are made from eco-friendly bamboo spandex, which is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Bamboo requires no pesticides or toxic fertilizers, is highly sustainable, and uses water efficiently. One pound of bamboo fabric requires only 12 gallons of water. In addition, bamboo is extremely lightweight, so it is easy to wear.

These headbands are available in a wide range of colors and designs. These headbands usually feature a mermaid or bunny ear embellishment. They can be worn alone or as part of a larger fashion statement. Many styles feature matching colors and fabrics to coordinate with the rest of the outfit. In addition to the various colors and styles, the headbands are also stretchy, absorbing, and made to resist slipping.

Benefits of wearing a soulvation headband

Among other benefits of using a soulvation headband are its comfortable stretch fabric, which prevents them from chafing your scalp. These headbands are made from bamboo fibers, which are naturally resistant to pathogens and insects. In addition to being soft and stretchy, bamboo is also highly eco-friendly, as it does not require toxic pesticides and uses less water than cotton-based fabrics.

As the founder of Soulvation, Leah Kay was a student when she came up with the idea for her company. She stumbled into entrepreneurship, but it was in college that she stumbled upon her niche. Leah wanted a headband that looked chic without being too sporty or unattractive. She decided to create a headband that would satisfy her desire to achieve this look.

In addition to being fashionable and functional, Soulvation hair tie bracelets can make any hairstyle look more polished and stylish. Whether you prefer a half-up hairstyle or a full-claw, Soulvation hair tie bracelets will keep your look on point. You can choose from various designs, including matte black, and make the decision on which style is right for you. You can also choose from different elastics, including the Tanha woven headband.

Availability of soulvation headbands

Since starting the Soulvation Society five years ago, the company has become an internet phenomenon. Not only have they been featured in countless Instagram posts by celebrities, but they have also been covered by numerous publications including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, NBC, CBS, Chicago Weekly, and Oxygen magazine. The company’s popularity has surpassed expectations and it is now widely available for purchase on the Internet. While the company remains 100% self-funded, it is now making over $2 million in sales, and has zero debt.

In 2015, the company was headquartered in Denver, Colorado. As part of the company’s advertising strategy, the staff sought a name that was both memorable and distinctive. Ultimately, they wanted the name to be a corporate consultant with a personal touch. The name Soulvation was inspired by Leah Krabbenhoft’s finger tattoo, which was a symbol of moving forward. It features two arrows pointing straight up. The logo is emblazoned on the band.