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The Benefits of a Bath Headband

A bath headband keeps your hairdry, especially if you want to wear makeup. Many of these are made from cotton velour, which has the benefits of both velour and cotton. They are breathable and keep you dry. Many are made with extra polyester for strength and durability, so they are very comfortable to wear. And unlike a cotton headband, a cotton velour bath headband does not restrict your airflow.

Cotton velour

The 100% cotton velour bath headband is ideal for beauty treatments, massage, therapy sessions and makeup applications. It is easy to use, has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and can be machine washed. Embroidery can be added for a personalised touch. The headband comes in a variety of sizes and designs to suit any body shape or style. It is also available in white. The perfect gift for your favourite spa enthusiast!

Cotton velour keeps you dry

A velour bath headband can be extremely cozy and keeps you dry after a hot shower. The material is dense and voluminous, and it requires a lot of room in the wash. To maintain its beauty and keep you dry, you should wash it at a medium or low heat, and you should be sure to use a gentle detergent. Do not bleach or dry-clean velour items, as these fabrics need to be soaked before they can be dried.

Cotton velour is a hybrid fabric that combines the features of velour and cotton. It contains up to 20% polyester, which gives it strength and durability. This fabric also helps keep you dry, thanks to its high-filament pile. The texture makes it feel like velvet, which is soft and comfortable. It also dries quickly. Its high-filament construction also allows more air to reach your body and keep you warm and dry.

Cotton velour keeps you dry while applying makeup

A cotton velour bath headband is a wonderful way to keep yourself dry while applying makeup in the shower. The high file of this cotton fabric will keep your face dry. While most velour fabrics are made from cotton, they are made with a small amount of polyester. The polyester helps with strength and durability, but cotton velour is 100% natural. It will keep you dry, while the pile of velour fibers will allow more air to circulate and stay on your face.