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Three Reasons You Should Wear a Kate Middleton Headband

Kate Middleton recently stepped out with a $30 Zara headband. You can get similar styles for as little as $13 in the Zara store. While the headband is expensive, it is also versatile and serves the Blair Waldorf vibes. The following are three reasons you should wear a Zara headband. Read on to find out more. If you love royal styles, you’ll love the Zara headband.

Kate Middleton wears a $30 zara headband

If you’re looking for a stylish hair accessory you can wear in everyday life, consider buying a similar one from Zara. Middleton wore a navy dress with pointy black pumps to the ceremony. This headband and pearl earrings combo can be worn with many holiday-ready pieces, and it’s very affordable, too. Although Queen Elizabeth II’s pearl earrings cost more than $4000, you can still buy a headband from Zara for just $30.

Kate Middleton attended the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday, wearing a navy dress and sparkly Zara headband, both available for under $30. The royal pair also wore pearl drop earrings on loan from the queen. Kate Middleton wore a black military-inspired coat by Alexander McQueen and a netted black fascinator from Zara, which retails for $30.

Kate Middleton’s headband was an unexpected addition to her ensemble. Made of silk, it matched Middleton’s velvet shoes. The crown-shaped earring from Zara was the perfect complement to her dazzling ensemble. She paired it with the queen’s pearl-drop earrings, which helped pull off the shades. In addition to Kate’s headband, she wore an Alexander McQueen clutch for extra shine.

After the Royal Wedding, Middleton stepped out in high style to celebrate her birthday. The plum coat paired with the patent black heels and matching clutch was a perfect choice for this occasion. The royal accessory was topped off with a matching blue Hicks & Brown fedora hat with feather details. Kate will be turning 38 on Thursday, so don’t miss out on this stylish accessory!

Zara headbands are priced between $13 and $30

If you’re not sure whether to invest in a Kate Middleton headband or not, don’t fret. Zara has tons of headbands that look just as good and cost a fraction of the price at Zara. Typically priced between $13 and $30, they will look great on you and will still be a steal at that price. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect headband for your wardrobe.

They are versatile

The versatile, wide-banded jersey headbands from Zara are perfect for wearing with a variety of outfits. You can wear it over your messy hair, up or down, or in a bun for a more dressy look. And because they’re so versatile, they can be worn by both men and women of all ages. They’re also very comfortable, too! Here’s a look at a few ways you can wear them!

They serve Blair Waldorf vibes

The first time we saw a pair of Zara headbands, we immediately recognized Blair Waldorf’s signature accessory. This TV star had a legendary collection of headbands, from demure to outrageous. Her headbands set the trend, and women began to wear them during the Gossip Girl heyday. Since then, the trend has waned a little, but one designer is bringing it back in full force.

If the headbands served as her armor, then it would have served as a statement piece. And in a world where fashion is king, why not headbands that serve Blair Waldorf vibes? After all, she is the supermodel of the Upper East Side. If you have never seen Blair wearing headbands, you are missing out. Zara’s latest collection of headbands will serve to keep you looking as confident as she is on the red carpet.

In terms of style, Blair Waldorf ruled the television world with her unapologetically feminine style. Her signature accessories included berets, ribbons, and big bows. But, of course, her headbands were no less feminine. While you may not have the wardrobe budget to match her outfits, these headbands will still serve Blair-worthy vibes. Wear one with your favorite LBD for a night on the town or at an event to be remembered for a lifetime.

To keep up Blair’s glamorous style, consider wearing a bright color-filled headband. She never fails to incorporate red, orange, and yellow into her outfits. The combination of these shades makes her outfits instantly girly. Zara headbands can serve these vibes well, and you can also look for similar pieces at ASOS and Gap. You can also check out J Crew for more feminine and girly pieces.