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Trendy Hair Clips: Ultimate Guide

Trendy hair clips have evolved quite a bit since their humble beginnings in the 1950s. No longer are they reserved for little sisters, these hair accessories are now worn by women of all ages, from office workers to the ladies who want to go out for the night. Here are some tips to help you choose the right hair clip for you! Here are some of the latest styles:

Kitsch claw clips

These kitschy hair clips are ideal for long, thick tresses. They hold a lot of hair without sliding around. If you have thick tresses, opt for jumbo claw clips. Matte claw clips are a departure from shiny ones and come in a variety of colors. Whether you’re going to a red carpet event or just want a clip for every day wear, there’s a claw hair clip for you.

Made from recycled plastic, Kitsch’s jumbo claw clips will keep your hair in place. Made in England, these claw hair clips are a stylish choice for any event. They measure 14cm in length, 6cm high, and 4.5cm wide, so you’ll find it hard to resist. Besides being eco-friendly, these hair clips are also very effective for achieving any type of updo.

As a ’90s style staple, claw hair clips are still a big hit today. They’re back in a modern version, complete with new colors and shapes. Forget about the banana clip your grandma used to wear – claw hair clips will take your look to the next level. They are perfect for half-up and half-down styles, and they’re also incredibly versatile — they can turn your everyday bun into a glamorous look in seconds!


With a recent upsurge in popularity, bandanas have found a new life as trendy hair clips. Unlike giant puffed headbands or colorful barrette hair clips, bandanas have a wide variety of prints to suit every mood and occasion. A fashionable way to wear a bandana is by tying a colorful printed bandana to the base of a high ponytail. This creates the illusion of a thick ponytail and adds a pop of color to a simple outfit.

The 1950s were a time of rebellion and social change. Bandanas were popularized by hippie women and singers such as Dolly Parton. However, the bandana’s cultural origins date back to Russia and Poland. In North America, bandanas are also sometimes referred to as babushka, a Russian word that means grandmother. The resemblance of this style to the 1950s can be seen in the designs of hair accessories today.

Tri-fold bandanas are also a popular trend, with teens sporting the style in viral videos. Originally associated with pirates and housekeeping work, the tri-fold bandana is a versatile accessory. If your hair is unstyled or out of control, this style is the perfect fix. It is a stylish alternative to heat styling or a messy top bun. And because it goes with every outfit and makeup, bandanas are also great for a day without washing hair.

Whether you’re trying out bandanas as trendy hair clips, or simply want to spruce up your everyday look, you’ll find some great ideas for the perfect combination. Using bandanas as hair clips makes styling an everyday look easy and fun. And you can be sure to turn heads with your new bandana hair accessories! It’s the perfect accessory for a summer day!

Flower clips

When it comes to hair accessories, flower clips have a lot to offer. They’re incredibly inexpensive, surprisingly versatile, and flatter everyone. In fact, these hair accessories are so trendy that they’re the go-to trend of fashion week. If you’d like to look stylish and have the hair accessory trend of the season, you should consider flower clips. They’re a fun way to accessorize your look and are reminiscent of 90s snap clips.

You can choose between subtle flower clips and eye-catching ones. A natural-looking flower clip is a great option for everyday wear, but if you’d prefer something a bit more festive, consider wearing a rhinestone flower clip. These clips come in various colors, including light blue, pink, red, and white. They can be a fun or dressy choice depending on your hairstyle. Flower hair clips are a great accessory for any outfit, from work to dinner.

You can also make your own hair accessory. You can find tutorials on how to make a faux leather flower hair clip on Project Wedding. This DIY project is great for beginners, and requires minimal tools. Just follow the tutorial carefully and use faux leather to create a flower clip that looks gorgeous. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful and trendy your hair can look. So, get your creative juices flowing and wear your favorite flower clips!

Beaded headbands

Beaded headbands are a fashion statement for summertime. They are a chic addition to any ensemble, from weddings to daytime affairs. You can purchase beaded headbands in several different colours, including yellow, blue, and red, or opt for one with a unique design. Whatever you choose, just be sure to secure them well so that they stay in place for the duration of your day.

These trendy hair clips are versatile and can be used to hide a bad hair day or add extra glam to your style. These headbands come in several styles to match any occasion. For an elegant look, you can go for headbands that feature faux pearls. A trendy style to consider is a lace headband. You can also find headbands in celestial patterns or rainbow colors. If you want to get creative with your headband, follow Miss Malini Beauty on Instagram for a variety of beautiful designs.

Beaded headbands have also been popular for the last few years. They have risen in popularity due to the recent influence of a famous designer like Mansur Gavriel. A $400 crystal Gucci hair clip was a major hair trend in 2020, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on one. There are tons of inexpensive options online, including bejeweled denim headbands from the designer Lele Sadoughi.

Another trend you can try is a claw clip. These are still popular, but they are being refined for the next decade. They’re more refined now with a gold or silver finish. These hair clips add a touch of elegance to your look, and they’ll be perfect for a ’90s-inspired look. They can also be used as a belt, ankle tie, or bandana.

Pearl studs

Adding a pop of pearl to a hair clip is a fashionable way to add a polished appeal to any look. Pearl hair clips can also be worn as a strand of dangling pearls. Pearl hair clips can be purchased at Dynamo, a store that specializes in handmade, unapologetic accessories. You can find pearl hair clips in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One type of pearl hair clip features a row of seven round pearls, surrounded by a silver metal hair clip with jagged teeth. This design allows the clip to grip the hair tightly and easily, so it can hold as much hair as desired. Pearl hair clips are an excellent accent to any style, and can be worn in short, medium or long locks. Whether you have thick or thin hair, pearl hair clips can make your style look more sophisticated.