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The Talavera Split End Pro 2

The Talavera Split-Ender PRO 2 is a hair-cutting tool that uses STS Technology to remove split ends. The product uses a 1/4 inch adapter for the blade, and uses an STS system to cut split hair ends every four to six weeks. This helps you maintain healthy, silky hair. It also makes hair look and feel more luscious. You can use the split end pro to trim your tresses to keep them looking great.


The Lescolton Split End Pro is a powerful automatic tool that can quickly and easily remove split ends. This professional trimmer has dual voltage and works faster than scissors. Its dual voltage means that it can operate at any voltage and has automatic and electric functions. Its patented design was inspired by Talavera. Read on to discover more. This article will cover the pros and cons of split end trimmers. Weigh the pros and cons of each device and decide which is best for you.


If you want to get rid of split hair ends, the Talavera Split-Ender PRO 2 may be the right choice for you. This device uses STS Technology and a 1/4-inch adapter to eliminate split hair ends. The results are long-lasting, healthy, silky and shiny hair. You can use the Talavera Split-Ender PRO 2 at home to remove split hair ends for a healthy and shiny look.

The Split-Ender PRO is made by Talavera Products Inc. and is available with a one-year warranty. Unlike the other versions of the product, this cordless trimmer does not require a power outlet and is designed to work with 110 to 240 Volts. The manufacturer also offers a replacement part, if needed. This cordless hair trimmer is also available in piano black.

The Split-Ender PRO 2 is a great tool to use at home for trimming split ends. This device uses STS Technology to cut split hair ends and produces long-lasting results. Split-Ender PRO 2 is easy to use, and you can complete it in minutes. It’s been revolutionizing the way hairdressers and homeowners trim split ends. It promises easy and safe care for damaged ends, and results in healthy, silky, shiny, and voluminous tresses.


If you want to get rid of split hair ends, the Talavera’s Split-Ender PRO 2 is the product for you. The device uses STS Technology to help split ends and provides healthy, silkier, and longer hair. You will love the way your hair looks after using it. The STS technology is what allows Talavera’s Split-Ender PRO 2 to give you the results you’ve always wanted.

The Split-Ender PRO comes with two trimming settings: 1/8Trim and 1/4Trim. This device combs through the hair and is patented, allowing you to use it anywhere you go. Its cordless design allows you to use it at home, and it’s easy to recharge. It’s also safe for kids and even works on a battery. This makes it a convenient and affordable option for any home salon.

The Split-Ender PRO’s patented technology gently guides your hair through strand guards, forcing it to stand upright and expose dead and broken ends. A blade glides across the split ends, snipping them by one eighth to quarter inch, depending on the setting you select. The split-endder PRO also leaves healthy strands unharmed. A great option for anyone who is tired of dealing with split ends!

The Split-Ender PRO is a safe, fast, and convenient way to get rid of split-ends. It guides hair through its guards and cuts any dead or broken ends. It’s made from patented hair technology developed by Victor Talavera. The Split-Ender PRO has changed the way hairdressers work with their clients’ hair. With Split-Ender PRO, you can get fast, safe, and healthy hair with split ends.