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How to Find the Best Commercial Juicer

You can find the best commercial juicer for your needs by reading this article. You will learn more about Omega MM900HDS, Deaken DKN-900, Hamilton Beach and Cold-press juicer. Here are some pros and cons of these juicers. They are great for home use as well as commercial use. These machines can handle a variety of fruits and vegetables, including beets, carrots and celery.

Cold-press juicer

If you have a business and need a commercial juicer, you should invest in a cold-press juicer. Unlike juicers used in restaurants, these machines are much larger and can process more than one gallon of juice at a time. X-1 Commercial Juicer makes up to 15 servings per hour and is perfect for new juice businesses and serious home juice makers. It is extremely durable and can process more than a gallon of juice every hour.

The Breville BJE430SIL uses an innovative cold-press extraction system. Its 850-watt motor is powerful enough to process both hard and soft fruits, and can extract juice in seconds. This means no more waiting while fruit is being pre-cut or smashed. As with most commercial juicers, it can be easily stored away when not in use. It’s even dishwasher-safe, so you can use it at home and keep it handy.

Hurom H22 is a great cold-press commercial juicer. It is the best selling cold-press juicer in South Africa, and has three sets of processing parts. It can produce up to 50 litres of juice per hour, and can run for up to eight hours without a break. Hurom is the leading manufacturer of cold-press juicers in the world, and has been in the industry since 1974. With over seven million juicers sold worldwide, Hurom is the leader in cold-press juicer technology. Hurom also has over 200 design and technology patents.

The Masticating Juicer is another type of cold-press commercial juicer. It requires pre-chopping of fruits before being put into the juicer. This type of juicer extracts more juice than centrifugal juicers. Those that have masticating teeth, for example, may extract more juice than centrifugal juicers. However, the process is more time-consuming. You may have to pre-cut fruits and vegetables first before you begin the process.

Omega MM900HDS

The Omega MM900HDS commercial juicer is a powerful machine for making fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The machine is equipped with a unique celery juicing pressure cap, which applies additional pressure to produce for maximum juice extraction. Its dual stage masticating extraction and pressure-adjustable nozzle are excellent tools for maximizing juice yield. Users can also adjust the pressure of the juicer for fibrous produce, thereby increasing the yield of their freshly squeezed juices.

The Omega MM900HDS juicer is quite easy to clean, thanks to its large stainless steel screen. The cleaning brush is especially useful for removing stubborn bits of pulp. The MM900HDS juicer’s valve and tamper allow the user to alternate between adding fruit or vegetables and other hard materials, such as bones. The Omega MM900HDS commercial juicer is also easy to clean.

The Omega MM900HDS commercial juicer has a huge 1.6-liter capacity, and is suitable for juicing leafy greens, celery, and other dense produce. It uses the same J8006 and J8008 architecture as its rivals, but with a larger funnel and stronger screen housing. The Omega MM900HDS is also BPA-free, allowing it to withstand harsh abrasions and stains.

The Omega MM900HDS commercial juicer is equipped with a removable 9-cup pulp bin. The juicer is highly versatile, with three speeds to grind the fruit and vegetable pulp. Its dual-speed feature allows users to adjust the speed according to the type of ingredients and desired consistency. A large receptacle bin holds pulp and allows for easy cleanup. This commercial juicer is easy to clean and includes an integrated hand-washing option.

Deaken DKN-900

The Deaken DKN-900 commercial fruit and vegetable juicer is one of the most powerful machines for juicing. Its heavy duty, increased output, and through the counter automatic pulp ejection system make it an excellent choice for juice bars and other high-volume establishments. The juicer’s continuous duty and fan-cooled motor ensure a quiet operation, and its dimensions are 11x21x20h inches, with a net weight of 59lbs.

Unlike ordinary juicers, commercial juicers can be expensive, and you should avoid buying them online. Make sure you check the warranty of the product. If it is faulty, you can return it for a free repair. However, it’s important to note that some commercial juicers are not covered by warranties, and buying them online can pose a risk. Always look for a reputable seller who offers warranty on commercial juicers.

Moreover, you should also choose a machine that can handle the volume of juice you need to produce over a long period of time. If you have a juice bar or a restaurant, you need a fast juicer to meet demand. Centrifugal juicers are the fastest. A commercial juicer should be able to handle a large volume of fruit and vegetable juice in no time.

Its 3.5-inch feed chute is wider than most commercial juicers. This means that you can use it for larger loads without having to worry about it overheating. The stainless steel juicing bowl has a capacity of 16 ounces, and dry pulp is discarded without interruption. This juicer is also very easy to clean and maintain. You can easily put all parts of the juicer into the dishwasher or hand-wash them.

Hamilton Beach

For a business kitchen that’s looking for a quality commercial juicer, Hamilton Beach makes a great selection. The Hamilton Beach commercial juicer is a high-performance machine that has a brushless motor and stainless steel bowl for juicing oranges. It has 3 different reamers to ensure optimum juice concentration. A large capacity makes it a great choice for a busy coffee shop, large kitchen, or coffee bar.

The juicer has many benefits, including reduced sugar and calories, improved digestion, increased fiber, and healthy weight loss. It can also prevent cancer, protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones, aid in detoxification, and cleanse your body. Lastly, it tastes great! You’ll be amazed at how much better your health can be after using this juicer. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to drink the delicious juices without the guilt.

The Hamilton Beach commercial juicer is perfect for a kitchen or bar, and has a high capacity to produce enough juice for two adults. Its sturdy, die-cast housing and virtually silent induction motor make it an excellent choice for a business kitchen. Juice from lemon, orange, and lime can be prepared with ease and taste great. In addition to that, you can use the juicer to make smoothies and other delicious drinks.

The Hamilton Beach commercial juicer was first produced in 1932. The Hamilton Beach commercial juicer exerts a force of 2000 lbs. to extract maximum juice from fresh fruit. Its powerful extractor arm cuts through the skin and pulp, and greatly increases juice yield. It is easy to clean and has a hefty warranty to boot. The juicer is also compatible with other commercial juicers, including juicing machines.

X-1 Mini

The X-1 Mini commercial juicer was designed to be the heart of a successful cold-pressed juice business. It can be used for both bottled and delivery juices. It comes with customizable recommendations and guides to set up a juice business. The price tag is just over $13,000. But it’s a worthy investment for any juice business. If you’re looking for a juicer that will be a solid investment, the X-1 Mini is a top contender.

With its cold-press technology, the X-1 Mini commercial juicer produces 100 bottles of delicious, nutritious juice in three hours. By juicing three times a week, you’ll save 84 hours per month! That’s more than two months’ worth of juicing! Juicing three times a week means that you’ll have more time to work “on” your business and attract more customers. And since the X-1 Mini uses a hydraulic power unit, you’ll get the same juice every time!

The X-1 Mini commercial juicer comes with an impressive warranty. Its default warranty covers commercial use. The X-1 Mini’s ten-minute juice-preparation speed is a good match for high-volume juicing businesses. And, you’ll get more juice than you pay for. If you’re a small-scale startup, an Omega slow juicer might be a better choice. The default warranty is one year for commercial use.

The Hurom H22 is a heavy-duty juicer, able to juice large amounts of fruit, health mixes, and hard products. It’s also one of the best-selling commercial cold press juicers in Australia, used by more retail businesses than any other juicer. Plus, its parts come with a 1-year warranty. And despite its low price, it guarantees the highest juice yield of any slow juicer.

The Best Juice Makers

Juice is a beverage made from natural liquids such as fruit, vegetables, and juices. The term can also refer to liquids flavored with biological food sources, such as seafood. Juice is considered an excellent alternative to sodas and other sweet drinks. However, before you buy your juicer, you should make sure to know which ingredients are safe for it. Some juices have high sugar content, making them dangerous to consume.


The Rival Juice-O-Mat is a classic kitchen appliance. This patented device was designed by Josph M. Majewski, Jr., of Kansas City, Missouri. The company, which was founded in 1932, specialized in die-casting but soon expanded to other products. In the 1930s, the company grew to a size where it began producing a variety of products under the “O-Mat” brand name. During World War II, the company was forced to shut down operations to produce ammunition. Following the end of the war, the company expanded its product line by acquiring Waverly Products, Inc., which was a manufacturer of the steam-o-mat iron.

Unlike other juicers, the Rival Juice-O-Mat is a one-person juicer, which can be operated by one person. It comes with a chrome finish and a cream-colored bottom. The juicer has a lever-style handle that raises and lowers a domed lid, exerting pressure to extract the juice. The juice is then sieved through the reamer holes.

Joseph Majewski

Designed by the inventor Joseph Majewski, the Juice-O-Mat is a kitchen accessory that is sure to please. The Juice-O-Mat is a patented product that is still in great condition, even after all these years. Its original design dates back to the 1930s. The Juice-O-Mat is perfect for people who love to drink fruit juice. Its sleek design makes it the perfect place to place your favorite juice or fruit in the morning.

The Juice-O-Mat was manufactured by Rival Mfg. Co. and features a red body with a chrome head. It is operated by a single lever on the side of the machine, and includes a spout and a cup pocket. Joseph Majewski invented the Juice-O-Mat in 1937 and patented it on January 3, 1939. Juice-O-Mats are highly sought-after by collectors and are available for sale today.

Tilt-top juicer

If you’re in the market for a juicer, you’ve probably already considered a Tilt-top juicer. The name implies that the juicer tilts from top to bottom and has a hinged cover. But did you know that they can also be used as a grinder? These machines are especially handy if you need to make juice quickly on the go. You can use the manual version to juice fruits, vegetables, and other foods, but if you’re looking for a juicer that doesn’t require a lot of effort, you should invest in a model with the levers to move from fruit to pulp.

Some models are particularly great for commercial use, with their large capacity and excellent squeezing performance. A storage basket is included on top for easy, convenient feeding. And the juicer’s large pulp outlet duct helps you squeeze more fruit in less time. Its large pulp outlet duct and drip-free juice spout will help you make maximum juice with minimum pulp. Plus, the automatic cleaning system will keep the pulp from getting stuck to the screen and makes cleanup a breeze.

NK 848

This Juice-O-Mat is from the 1950s and features chrome-finished components. It features a trough for collecting juice and a fruit holder. It measures 6 1/4″ across and 7 3/4″ across at its base. It comes with the original box, which has some small tears and soiling. You’ll find the measurements in the description. Whether you’re looking for a Juice-O-Mat or just want to add to your collection, this juicer is perfect for you.

The Juice-O-Mat Tilt-Top was made by Rival Mfg. Co., based in Kansas City, Missouri. It features a domed lid that rises and lowers with a toothed shaft. The handle exerts pressure to extract juice through the sieved holes. The Juice-O-Mat Tilt-Top has been around since the 1950s.