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Purple Brussels Sprouts

A delicious and colorful addition to any vegetarian menu, purple brussel sprouts are a perfect way to spice up the vegetable side of your next meal. Their compact rounded leaves are tightly bound into spherical heads, and they do not grow uniformly. Their stalks are about one to two inches in diameter, and their leaves have layers of deep purple and violet red tips. Purple brussels sprouts are available in fall and winter months, and are sweeter than their green counterpart.

Trader Joe’s

If you like Brussels sprouts but aren’t a fan of the traditional green variety, try buying purple ones from Trader Joe’s. They are sweeter and have less pungent flavor than green Brussels sprouts, and their taste is a little earthy and nutty. The difference between the two varieties is largely the cooking method. Since purple Brussels sprouts don’t pack as tightly, they cook faster than green ones. However, you don’t need to change your cooking method. The basic methods for cooking both varieties are the same.

While Brussels sprouts are available at most grocery stores year-round, they’re also available in specialty markets and farmers’ markets. Some online retailers deliver Brussels sprouts to your door. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you may want to choose purple Brussels sprouts, as their leaves are looser than green ones. If you’re on a budget, try serving your Brussels sprouts with guilt-free vegan Parmesan-flavored cheese. The cheese contains no oils, is made of protein-rich nuts and seeds, and is also loaded with B12 and nutritional yeast.

Sprouts can last for about a week, or even longer if properly stored. When choosing the kind of brussels sprouts to purchase, check the size, color, and texture. Choose small sprouts for the best taste, and avoid large ones for cooking. If you choose large ones, they’ll taste more like cabbage. Be sure to wash your sprouts thoroughly before cooking.


You can order Brussels Sprouts from Instacart online. Instacart offers both local and national delivery, contactless payment, and two-hour pickup. You can also use the app to get these delicious vegetables at your door! You can try it for free with the first order! Here are some ways to cook purple sprouts at home:

For a healthy and delicious meal, prepare your favorite recipe using purple Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are not only delicious and nutritious, but they are also easier to cook than their green counterparts. You can steam, boil, roast, saute, or fry them to bring out their vivid purple color. However, you must be careful not to overcook these sprouts as they tend to lose their color and often turn brown when heated.


While green Brussels sprouts have experienced a renaissance on the commercial market, purple versions are not yet as common. The reason may lie in their low yields. However, this cruciferous vegetable has been popular in England for a long time. More recently, purple versions have been found in upscale restaurants and markets in California and New York. However, there are no published human studies on the topic.

Cooking in-season purple brussel sprouts is as simple as cooking green ones. They are steamed, broiled, or roasted in the same manner. While boiling may be a quick and easy method, brussel sprouts will retain their flavor and taste better when roasted. Trimming and slicing the brussel sprouts before cooking is essential. In addition, you’ll need to toss them every 15 minutes during the roasting process.

When choosing between green and purple brussels sprouts, it’s important to keep in mind their flavor and texture. While green Brussels sprouts are more nutritious, purple ones are more heart-healthy and contain more anthocyanin pigment, which acts as an antioxidant. As purple brussels sprouts grow unevenly on the stalk, they will vary in size. Besides, they have looser leaves, which means they cook faster.

If you’re having trouble finding them, you can try ordering them online. You can even place an order for them and have them delivered to your door. Remember to buy them in season and pick out the ones with tightly wrapped leaves. If they’re starting to brown, don’t purchase them. You can also freeze the remainder for future use. Many supermarkets now carry a wide range of microgreen salad mixes. Choose one that suits your tastes and your budget.


Fresh Market just received a shipment of baby purple Brussels sprouts, and they are flying off the shelves! Like the green varieties, Brussels sprouts are related to cabbage, which is why they are also purple! The purple color of fruit and vegetables is caused by molecules called anthocyanins, which belong to the same family as flavanoids. These compounds protect our bodies by fighting inflammation. However, the question is, are purple Brussels sprouts really healthier than green ones?

The answer is yes. This unique, dark purple veggie has a sweeter flavor than its green cousin, and it retains its color when cooked. It is high in fiber and packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus, purple Brussels sprouts are low in calories and high in fiber. You can enjoy them raw or cook them in any way that you would eat green brussels. If you’re not a fan of brussels sprouts, try the purple variety.

Purple Brussels sprouts are similar to green ones, but have different flavors. Purple Brussels sprouts are less pungent and tend to retain their color even after cooking. You can enjoy them roasted in the oven or baked in a gratin, or cut them up thin to add color to a fresh salad. They are also an excellent addition to any mashed potatoes, soups, or sauces. And don’t forget to share your photos with us on social media to spread the word about this delicious vegetable.


Whether you’re making a simple side dish or creating a gourmet meal for company, purple Brussels sprouts will surely delight your guests. They can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from simple stir-fries to rich casseroles, and they pair well with a wide range of ingredients. The naturally sweet taste of purple Brussels sprouts can be brought out when roasted in the oven. Roasted purple Brussels sprouts are a versatile vegetable and pair well with a variety of ingredients, including pancetta or smoked bacon. They can be served alongside game meats, such as turkey or chicken. They can even be tossed with apples and pecans, drizzled with maple syrup or drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

When it comes to cooking, Purple Brussels sprouts are sweeter and nuttier than their green counterparts. But while both types of Brussels sprouts are nutty, earthy and a touch bitter, purple varieties are especially tasty. To enhance their flavor, roasting, steaming, or boiling the sprouts can bring out their sweetness and earthy flavors. While this vegetable is great in soups and stews, it is best to consume it fresh. It can be stored in the refrigerator for a long period of time, if you don’t plan to cook it.

Before cooking your purple Brussels sprouts, make sure they are cleaned well. Put them in a pot and cover them with water. Place them cut side up, with the loose leaves around them facing down. These leaves turn extra crispy during the cooking process and are an excellent treat. When cooked, you can serve the purple Brussels sprouts hot, or you can store them in the fridge. You can also keep them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

How to prepare

Whether you’re preparing them as part of a veggie dinner, as a side dish or even to add to your favorite salad, you can find a recipe for purple Brussels sprouts in this article. These cruciferous vegetables are often out of season and can be prepared in a variety of ways. For example, you can roast them in olive oil or use a balsamic glaze, or substitute parmesan cheese for the olive oil. You can also add sauteed garlic and mixed seeds to your Brussels sprouts before serving them.

To improve their flavor, you can also add mustard, garlic, or sage to the dish. Some people even add Cajun seasoning to their purple brussels sprouts. To purchase this vegetable, make sure to choose a ripe plant with tight leaves that do not wilt. Store purple brussels sprouts in the refrigerator after preparing them. They’ll stay fresh for about one to two weeks.

Purple Brussels sprouts are slightly sweeter than green ones, and their flavor is more earthy. This type of Brussels sprout is also known as Red Rubine. As the name suggests, the purple variety has a different appearance. Their stalks are less uniform and the sprouts are more irregular in shape. Although there are very few farmers who grow them, you can order seeds online. The nutritional value of purple Brussels sprouts is currently unknown. Since no brands have analyzed the nutritional value of purple Brussels sprouts, it is not possible to make an accurate assessment.