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Breath of the Wild Korok Quests

The Breath of the Wild quest requires you to collect Korok seeds. These seeds are obtained through the game and can be obtained from Hestu in exchange for different Upgrades. However, they can be very difficult to find as they are usually hidden in unreachable places, such as lilypads and swampy areas. You can also find these seeds by looking for a metal ball attached to a tree’s trunk.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In Zelda: Breath of the wild, you can find 900 Korok seeds scattered throughout the game. You can use them to purchase Upgrades, or trade them with Hestu for more storage space. You can find these seeds by solving puzzles, reaching far off peaks, or chasing down specks of light. Korok seeds are easy to find and can provide you with a lot of useful information about the mysterious Hestu.

The first thing to look for in order to find Korok seeds is the yellow flower. When you find this flower, you should be able to spot the missing rock by using Statis. Magnesis can move metal objects. It is best to collect as many korok seeds as possible. This way, you’ll have more coins and can earn extra items. This method is not as hard as it sounds, so be patient!

Korok seeds are collected through solving small puzzles. These puzzles are not too difficult, but they can be time consuming and require a bit of Magnesis. When you find a Korok seed, you can exchange it with a Hestu and get more inventory space. Getting all 900 seeds takes a lot of time, so be sure to plan ahead and save often.


To upgrade your inventory, you must trade Korok Seeds with Hestu. You can exchange these seeds for item slots in your inventory. After you have traded Korok Seeds with Hestu, you can upgrade your weapon, shield, and bow inventory. This quest can be completed in one day. The Korok Forest is west of Kakariko Village. The quest begins when you meet Hestu on the road.

Korok Seeds are a valuable resource in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They can be found scattered around enough places that they aren’t hard to find. They can also be collected by solving puzzles, climbing up far peaks, or chasing down specks of light. Like any other collectible in a game, Korok Seeds are essential to the game’s progression and reveal information about Hestu.

When you are playing Breath of the Wild, you can acquire Korok Seeds by helping Hestu. To obtain Korok Seeds, you must help Hestu. After that, you must travel north and east of the tutorial plateau area to the Dueling Peak stables. You can also visit the big tree near the tutorial plateau area. After gaining the Korok Seeds, you can upgrade your inventory with Hestu.

You can find Hestu in the Korok Forest at the end of the Lost Woods, north of Hyrule Castle. You will need this item to upgrade your inventory and get the Master Sword. The Hestu will set up permanent residence in the Korok Forest. He will be your best source of gold for upgrading your inventory and finding the Master Sword. However, you’ll have to pay for it six times to make it bigger than ever before.


Unlike some of the other quests in Breath of the Wild, finding the Korok seeds is not a difficult task. You’ll have to collect the seeds from a variety of locations. To find them, you’ll need to look for green leaves on stationary or floating platforms. Luckily, the puzzles are fairly easy. Once you’ve collected enough seeds, you can go and find the Koroks.

The Korok seeds are found in different types of rock puzzles, and they’re usually shaped like a cube. They’re smaller than boulder puzzles, and you’ll need to place them where they belong to complete the pattern. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re easy to find. If you happen to touch a Korok seed, it will vanish into its hiding place.

The southern end of the bridge leads to a tiny beach. You can look for koroks there by lifting rocks from the beach and running around the rocky outcroppings. The southernmost beach is near a ring of lilies, and the easternmost is where you can place a rock. You can also try to push a boulder into a hole. If you’re successful, the Korok will appear on the island.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a total of 900 koroks, and you’ll need at least 441 of these to fully upgrade your inventory. The locations of the Korok seeds are listed on the map, and you’ll need to solve a few puzzles to earn them. You can also turn them in to Hesta, which will give you more inventory space.

Hestu’s Gift

You can obtain Hestu’s Gift when you collect 900 Korok Seeds. It is not a weapon, but rather a token of friendship. In Japanese culture, this is known as “kin no unko,” meaning “golden poo.” The game’s developers reportedly decided to make the gift a pun so that players would feel more comfortable collecting it.

Despite its odor, Hetsu’s Gift is an item you can earn by finding all 900 korok seeds. However, it does not increase your attack power or give you an alternate ending. Instead, it is only a way to expand your inventory, which is disappointing given that you can’t find korok seeds anywhere else. The only redeeming quality of this item is its unique ability to open doors to other worlds.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rewards you with more inventory space if you collect all the Korok seeds. You don’t necessarily need to collect all of them, but you can use the Korok Seeds to purchase new items. The seeds can be duplicated, but not instantly, which means that you will have to reset the world in order to use them. However, you can get more inventory space if you have a lot of Korok Seeds, but it will cause the world to reset. You’ll also lose access to shrines and treasure chests.

Hestu’s Maracas

The Priceless Maracas is one of the side quests in Breath of the Wild. It requires the player to collect a particular item from a Bokoblin camp near Kakariko Village. Getting the item involves climbing a nearby tower and opening the Skull Chest. You need to collect five Korok seeds to get the item. This can be done safely by using Remote Bombs.

The maracas are made of wood, painted red. It has a black, white, and red circle on its face, a smooth black bump on its top, and a red and black handle. Hestu has been shaking maracas since he was two years old. He has upgraded his inventory multiple times. Once you have all three, you will have access to a large amount of weapon and shield slots.

The Maracas can only be obtained after the player has collected the necessary items from Hestu’s mouth. They are obtained by defeating the Blue Bokoblins. After defeating the last Blue Bokoblin, the Maracas are unlocked and the player will be rewarded with the Korok seeds. This item is extremely useful in battle, and you can use it to upgrade your weapons and bow.

You can find the Hestu’s Maracas and Breath of the Wild korok seeds in the Treasure Chest near the Bokoblin camp. After defeating all monsters, Link can get the Maracas and the Korok Seeds to expand his arsenal. The Maracas can also help Link upgrade his weapon, shield, and bow. If you find the Korok Seeds, you will be rewarded with extra inventory slots.

Hestu’s shrines

A collection of Korok seeds can be obtained throughout the game. These seeds can be used to unlock various Upgrades offered by Hestu. In return for more Korok seeds, these Upgrades can be acquired in several locations throughout the game. Korok seeds are found near lilypads, Oman Au Shrine, swampy areas, and metal balls attached to tree trunks.

During the early game, it is a good idea to look for Hestu, because he wanders around and will return to his home location when the game is over. He will help you by increasing your inventory with Korok Seeds. These rare items are obtained by solving puzzles in the environment. Moreover, Hestu’s shrines are the best places to get Korok Seeds and improve your gear.

The first location in which you can meet Hestu is the Path to Kakariko village. After you have helped Hestu, you can then go to Dueling Peak Stables and search for the Korok seed guy near a big tree. He will also give you a new spell you can use to upgrade your equipment and increase your inventory slots. By doing this, you will increase your inventory slots permanently.

In Breath of the Wild, the Korok Seed can be obtained from special creatures called Koroks. Korok Seeds are used to upgrade your weapons, bows, and shields. They can also be exchanged for a new stash slot. The number of slots increases with the amount of Korok Seeds you collect. A total of 441 Korok Seeds is required to unlock the entire expansions.