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How to Pick Out a Vintage Juicer That is Right For You

Vintage juicers are an essential part of any southern kitchen. They are not only beautiful, but are also incredibly functional. Juicers made of depression glass or antique metal are among the most effective tools for extracting the juice from citrus fruits. These appliances can be found at a wide variety of vintage markets and on eBay. Read on to discover how to pick out a vintage juicer that is right for you! And don’t forget to check out my vintage glass juicer guide to find the perfect piece for your kitchen.

Pressed glass hand juicer

A vintage pressed glass hand juicer has many benefits, including its retro design and easy operation. It is a practical kitchen tool for squeezing your favorite fruit and capturing its juice. These juicers come with a self-straining lid and are especially useful for citrus fruits. The juice drains into the measuring cup base for precise measurement. The vintage design makes it a versatile tool for various kitchen tasks.

This vintage pressed glass hand juicer features a beaded interior wall for catching fruit seeds, and Art Deco lines that revolve around the bowl. Deco elements that extend vertically from the reamer separate the bowl into six sections. The wide reamer has ribbed grooves, and a ribbed tab handle that lies at a 45-degree angle to the pour spout.

Another vintage pressed glass hand juicer features a light that indicates when it is working and flashes red when it’s not. The handle makes it portable and is easy to clean. You can also juice plants with the citrus juicer, and the glass jaw juicer comes with a full warranty. This juicer is easy to clean, and it makes great fruit juice. With a price tag of only $129, this juicer is a must-have kitchen accessory.

Another vintage pressed glass hand juicer has a measuring cup and fits perfectly with its handle. A special technique called pressing glass forces molten glass into a mold, which is then squeezed and drains the juice into a measuring cup. This glass hand juicer is dishwasher and microwave safe, which is an added bonus. There’s no need to use a blender or juicer when you can simply pour fresh juice into a glass bottle.

Pressed glass reamer

This Vintage juicer with pressed glass reamers measures five and a half inches across from handle to spout. It features beaded interior walls that catch fruit seeds and Art Deco lines adorning the bowl and spout. There are three sets of concentric circles revolving around the bowl and vertical Deco elements dividing it into six sections. The reamer itself is a wide, ribbed design with a deep rim. A ribbed tab handle on the top of the reamer rests at an angle of about 45 degrees to the pour spout.

For the ultimate in fruit and vegetable juices, a vintage glass citrus juicer is a great choice. Its retro design and heavy weight glass construction make it perfect for processing fresh fruit and vegetables. A clear glass citrus reamer manned by a vintage-style handle will extract the juice from fruit and vegetables. You can store the juice in a zip-top bag for storage. In addition to citrus juice, this Vintage juicer will also handle vegetables, including carrots, beets, cucumbers, and radishes.

Another great vintage juicer is the uranium lemon citrus juicer. Its sleek, modern design makes it easy to handle and makes delicious fruit juice. This vintage juicer also has a convenient handle for portability and a full warranty. A few more great features of this juicer include:

Jumbo Juicer

The Vintage Jumbo juicer is an excellent vintage accent piece. Made of heavy cast aluminum, it is a fun piece to have around the house. It is designed to squeeze orange juice for breakfast. In addition to being useful, it also looks fun! When not in use, you can store it for future use. Just be sure to clean it regularly, or else you’ll end up with a soggy, stale juicer.

The Vintage Jumbo Juicer can handle both large and small citrus fruits. The dual reamer heads make it optimal for both large and small citrus fruits. The pour spout allows you to easily pour the juice into a glass, while a catch removes seeds. The vintage Jumbo Juicer is dishwasher-safe for easy clean up. And it can be used for vinaigrettes, too.

The Vintage Jumbo Juicer makes a great gift for a loved one. This vintage citrus juicer was made in England around the 1930s. Its retro styling makes it a lovely choice for a monogram. The large capacity allows it to hold up to 34 ounces of fruit. It juices easily and efficiently. It’s the perfect choice for any home or office kitchen. The juicer’s juicer is easy to use and works fast, so you can easily squeeze your favorite citrus fruits into their pulp.

Vintage Juice-King

If you love the 1950s and green juice, you’ll enjoy a Vintage Juice King. This countertop juicer features an elegant red die-cast reamer and works best with oranges and small grapefruits. You can find this juicer in most antique stores, but you may want to consider buying it secondhand. It will definitely add to your vintage decor. Read on to learn more. Weigh the pros and cons of this vintage juicer.