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LG Seeds Focuses on Limagrain and STAR Partners

LG Seeds is committed to personalized results for farmers. To help dealers meet the needs of farmers, LG Seeds has enlisted a STAR Partner dealer program. STAR Partner dealers receive marketing and business support to maximize their success, including in-field support, digital ag platforms, and regular training in the latest genetics. To help dealers, LG Seeds offers the following resources:


Limagrain is one of the leading seeds producers in the world. However, they haven’t lost sight of their roots in the Auvergne region. The company has a focus on providing consumers with wholesome and balanced nutrition. The company is committed to providing customers with healthy and nutritious products and enjoys innovation and challenges. Here are a few of the ways the company focuses on these two important markets. Read on to learn more.

The world is projected to have 10 billion inhabitants by the year 2050. The food supply will need to increase by 60 percent, but quality is the priority. At a time when natural resources are increasingly scarce and climate change is affecting global food security, Limagrain is dedicated to developing high-quality seed solutions. Using plant genetics and agronomic research, the company has developed a range of high-performance seeds for a variety of crops.

A significant investment from Limagrain in CANTERRA SEEDS is a testament to the company’s management team and vision. The company will provide Western Canadian farmers with a wider range of cereal varieties and improve their bottom lines. The investment by Limagrain is another sign of the growing interest in Limagrain seeds in Canada. However, it is not clear if the company will continue to invest in the business. The Canadian government’s approval of Limagrain seeds is another indicator of the market’s confidence in the company’s ability to succeed.

AgReliant Genetics

The LG Seeds brand focuses on high quality seed, outstanding customer service, and consistency when it comes to meeting customers’ needs. LG Seeds is owned by AgReliant Genetics. With an ag background, Andy Montgomery is dedicated to providing farmers with the best seed products possible. He earned his Master of Agribusiness from Kansas State University and has worked in the industry for over 18 years. In addition to providing high-quality seeds, LG Seeds focuses on quality, innovation, and value.

The company’s newest corn hybrids are ranging in maturity from 72 to 118 days. They feature best-in-class trait options from LG Seeds, AgriGold, and PRIDE Seeds, helping farmers protect their genetics. These hybrids also have the added benefit of providing above and below-ground pest control, weed management, and drought tolerance. These hybrids also offer farmers 10 conventional hybrid varieties. Other products available from AgReliant Genetics include soybean and alfa seed solutions.

The LG Seeds brand also features genetically diverse hybrids from AgReliant Genetics. Known for its superior yield, AgReliant Genetics’ hybrids combine strong yield characteristics and diverse crop health and environmental attributes. This diversity is essential for crop production, as new corn varieties will have the best traits of all. PCR testing, along with extensive post-harvest analysis, is used to help the company improve hybrids.

LG Seeds has expanded its technical support team. Agronomists will provide technical support to the LG Seeds sales team, dealers, and customers. Additionally, new positions have been created to increase the diversity of LG Seeds’ support team. Agronomists are the backbone of the LG Seeds brand. It’s important for growers to find a knowledgeable and experienced agronomist for their needs.

Ash Grove Ag

In addition to their premium seed offerings, Ash Grove Ag is also one of the LG Seeds STAR Partners. Jerred Copp is the fourth generation of Copp family farmers and is dedicated to helping other farmers grow premium crop seed, as well as providing unparalleled customer service. Ash Grove Ag has grown to become a staple supplier for growers throughout the world, and is one of the largest privately owned seed companies in the United States.

Located in Wadena, Minnesota, LG Seeds’ Western Division service area is comprised of most of Wadena and Todd counties. They are the nation’s third largest seed corn company and are part of TWEC, the fastest-growing independent seed company. Approximately 70 people work in the company’s Wadena sales and distribution offices. In addition to its premier seed products, Ash Grove Ag provides 24 hour customer support.


A growing number of growers are turning to PRIDE Seeds from LG as a way to get the highest yields from their crop. This hybrid corn has more than 200 active genes, which makes it ideal for organic farming. PRIDE Seeds are available in more than 38 states, including Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and the U.S. Midwest. While many farmers have mixed feelings about the PRIDE Seeds from LG brand, many are excited about the future of seed for sustainable farming.

A long and successful history is a testament to the quality of PRIDE Seeds from LG. In addition to superior quality, this company provides growers with the right tools to get the most from their seed. Their Mix Matters ToolTM and Mix Maker hybrids are just two of the tools available to help farmers get the best yield possible. These tools are also used by Copp, who works with farmers to strategize the best seed varieties for the specific needs of their crops. This company runs a customer service center twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They are dedicated to providing farmers with the best seed and customer service.

AgReliant Genetics’ new corn hybrids range in maturity from 72 to 118 days, and feature best-in-class trait options, including AgriGold, LG Seeds, and PRIDE Seeds. These hybrids offer drought tolerance and weed control. They have 10 new conventional hybrids for farmers to choose from. To learn more about their new hybrids, visit AgReliant Genetics’ website and contact your local representative.

The company is committed to giving farmers personalized results, and that’s why they enlist the services of STAR Partner dealers to help them achieve success. LG Seeds provides dealers with in-field support, digital ag platforms, and regular training on the latest genetics. By working closely with dealers and distributors, PRIDE Seeds from LG is committed to helping farmers achieve maximum yields and growers’ businesses. Therefore, it is critical that dealers partner with a leading seed company.