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Orange Juice Machine Commercial

Before you buy an orange juice machine, it is important to know its features. The benefits of this machine will be discussed in this article. A juicer that uses the centrifugal principle will separate the juice from the residue automatically. This machine is versatile enough to work on different types of citrus fruits. The peel boxes and working parts are made of food-grade plastic. It features compact structure, automatic feeding, corrosion-resistant parts, and easy cleaning. All its parts are powered by grounded connector plugs.

Automatic fresh squeezed orange juice machine commercial

An automatic fresh squeezed orange juice machine can extract about 40-50% of the fruit’s juice. It adopts a squeezing force to extract juice, peel oranges and filter the fruit’s pulp. A commercial orange juicer can be used in home as well as business. Its nutrient-rich juice is suitable for both home use and commercial use. It is designed with a stainless steel body and is easy to clean. The juicer’s speed can be adjusted, depending on the amount of oranges to be processed.

The machine is manufactured from food-grade stainless steel with an acrylic cover for optimum performance. The juicer comes with a powerful 120W motor and air vents to disperse heat and protect the juicer’s internal components. It can produce 25 to 35 liters of fresh orange juice per minute. The juicer has upgraded concave-convex balls that increase the yield of orange juice by 5%.

The automatic fresh squeezed orange juice machine is ideal for commercial use and comes with many features. It requires no water or coloring substance, but does require fresh oranges. The juicer will extract the juice from the orange and separate the pulp. The juice produced by the machine will be pure and 100% fresh. This juicer can be used in bars, restaurants, hotels, fruit shops, and leisure venues. All that is needed is a power outlet and fresh oranges. The machine will then peel the orange and separate the juice from the pulp.

The automatic fresh squeezed orange juice machine comes with a stainless steel body that prevents bacteria from growing. It also uses a high-quality pure copper motor to reduce energy and noise. All these features make it the perfect juicer for any business. There is no need to worry about corroded parts. One of the best features of an automatic fresh squeezed orange juice machine is its stainless steel and food-grade plastic parts.


An orange juice machine commercial can make 100% fresh juice from oranges. They can be used for any commercial setting such as a fruit shop, restaurant, or hotel. Commercial juicers are available in a variety of models, with different functions and capacities. These juicers can be used for peeled or unpeeled oranges, and feature a stainless steel or PP construction. They also have large storage baskets to accommodate multiple oranges, and are easy to use and maintain.

Commercial orange juicers can produce more than one serving at a time, and are typically commercial-grade. The juicer is made with a heavy-duty motor that is resistant to heat and provides excellent squeezing performance. These juicers feature a high capacity, and a high-speed rotor that can squeeze up to 25 to 35 oranges per minute. They also feature upgraded concave-convex balls, which improve the yield by 5 percent.

Some commercial-grade juicers come with a warranty. Some models have a one-year warranty and free hot swap service if a malfunction occurs. Some even have small wheels, making them portable and easy to store. In addition to commercial-grade juicers, some tabletop juicers are easy to store and use anywhere. A tabletop orange juicer can be used in a variety of settings. Some are more suitable for home use, but there are some other options available for commercial use.

The most common commercial orange juicer is a rotary juicer. These squeeze oranges vertically and the juice is collected into a receptacle. Unlike the rotary system, the juice from these machines does not come into contact with the skin, and is therefore less expensive to produce. This type of juicer can handle odd-shaped oranges and large fruits. Compared to rotary juicers, vertical machines are more efficient and can handle fruits up to 100mm in diameter.


Commercial orange juicers can be very beneficial for your business. They are easy to operate and can produce high-quality juice from oranges. The centrifugal force of these machines helps separate the pulp from the juice, and the juice flows directly into the receptacle. Commercial orange juicers also come with a storage container for leftovers. They are also very easy to clean. And they come with easy-to-use controls.

Compared to domestic juicers, commercial-grade orange juicers are much more durable and robust. They can produce high volumes of juice, compared to domestic juicers, and are better for commercial use. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning them regularly if you’re planning to use them for commercial purposes. Commercial-grade machines have built-in antisepsis and can withstand the stress of daily use.

A commercial orange juicer has a large capacity and excellent squeezing performance. It can juice up to 25 or 35 oranges per minute, depending on the size of the oranges. The juice yield can increase by as much as 5% with upgraded concave-convex balls. Cleanup is also easy with a pull-out design. These machines can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes.

When you decide to open a juice business, you should take a few precautions to ensure food safety. Many municipalities have special regulations on juicer operations, so be sure to check local laws before launching your business. In addition to cleaning fruits and vegetables, you also need to follow strict food safety guidelines. A good way to do this is to develop a HACCP plan. This plan is necessary for juice-making operations.

Commercial orange juicers can make up to 25 percent more juice in less time than low-quality machines. Using these machines will produce a fresh glass of juice in a matter of minutes. This is a huge benefit for busy individuals. A commercial juicer can serve multiple purposes without sacrificing nutrients. A commercial orange juicer saves time and keeps customers satisfied. If you’re a busy person, commercial juicers can save you time by making fresh, healthy juices for your customers.


An orange juice machine is a great investment for a small business, and is highly profitable. The machine slices an orange in half and rotates it through a juice press to make delicious juice. The commercial juicer is widely used in grocery stores, fruit shops, restaurants, canteens, fitness centers, offices, bars, and gyms. Here’s how to find the best orange juicer for your needs:

The commercial model is made of stainless steel and is safe for use in a business environment. A commercial juicer does not require any coloring or essence to produce a delicious drink. Juice can be made up to 40-45 percent of the fruit’s weight, depending on the juicer’s capacity. A juicer’s filter box and built-in pull-out filter basket make cleaning easier. It also has two buckets for catching the trash peels. The juicer also includes a drip tray for collecting juice cups.

The commercial model of orange juicer has an acrylic cover and food-grade stainless steel shell. These components help to reduce the heat and maintain optimal operation. The juicer’s 120-watt motor and air vents help it operate efficiently and safely. The commercial orange juicer has a large capacity and superior squeezing performance. It also comes with a storage basket and can squeeze twenty-five to thirty-five oranges per minute. Upgraded concave-convex balls enhance the yield of juice by five percent.