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Sekiro Gourd Seeds Guide

In Sekiro, you need to collect Gourd Seeds to upgrade your Healing Gourd, which is a useful item when playing the game. Obtaining more Gourd Seeds will improve your Healing Gourd, so you can use it more often before it needs to rest. This guide will show you where to find Gourd Seeds in Sekiro. You can also use the information below to level up your Healing Gourd.

Upgrading the Healing Gourd

If you want to get more uses out of your healing gourd in Sekiro, you can upgrade it by collecting the Gourd Seed, which is found in the Dilapidated Temple. The Gourd will become stronger as you progress through the game, increasing its healing power. You can find nine Gourd Seeds in Sekiro, and you can find them at the end of boss fights. There are also hidden locations where you can find them. Once you have all nine, you can upgrade your Healing Gourd to its maximum capacity and unlock the Ultimate Healing Gourd achievement.

If you’re having trouble with the healing gourd, don’t worry. There are several ways to upgrade it. One way is to talk to Emma, who is a doctor. She can help you upgrade it by giving you gourd seeds. You can use the gourd seeds to increase its number of charges. You can also talk to Emma, a concerned party member. After all, she can help you with a lot of quests!

You can upgrade your Healing Gourd in Sekiro by collecting nine Gourd Seeds. You can get a Gourd Seed from the ground in Senpou Temple. You can get a Gourd Seed if you kill three enemies in the same location. You can also get them by farming. There are also minibosses in this area where you can find them.

To get the 1st gourd seed, you’ll need to find the ‘Rifleman’ enemy. This enemy stands guard in a small arena. It’s very easy to sneak behind him. The Gourd Seed is located at the foot of the idol. It’s important to find the right kind of gourd seed because it can improve your healing. You can also get a gourd seed by completing quests.

After completing quests that require you to collect a lot of seeds, you can upgrade the Healing Gourd in Sekiro. It’s possible to get a Seed from different locations. The Ashina Depths is one such place. The white flowers are very pretty and you can also collect Gourd Seeds from the village’s Sculptor’s Idol.

Once you’ve obtained the Gourd Seed, you should head to the Senpou Temple. There, you’ll find a tree containing the Seed. Be careful – there are enemies in the temple that can immobilize Sekiro. Beware of these enemies – they’re a nuisance in the game. However, if you manage to get one of these items, your healing will be greatly increased.

There’s a long grapple point inside the Sunken Valley. You can get it by sneaking up behind the Chained Ogre. Just be sure to get there at least twice in the quest, so you can defeat him before you lose a Gourd seed. The Seed will be a much easier battle than the Ogre. After you’ve defeated him, you can then proceed to the Battlefield Memorial Mob and get the seed.

Finding them in Ashina Castle

The Gourd Seed is found on the upper floor of Ashina Castle, in the chest near the Antechamber idol. To get there, players should head to the first fast travel point in the castle, the Upper Tower. Once you get there, you can go to the window and grapple up to find the Gourd Seed. After battling four enemies in the stairwell, take a right to reach the Gourd Seed.

You can find the Gourd Seed by visiting the Upper Tower – Antechamber. You can go up a few steps and enter the chamber. Then, use the hookshot to get to a platform or tree. This will allow you to climb up to the Gourd Seed. You can also purchase the Gourd Seed from Fujioka the Info Broker, who is located at the base of a tree.

The Mibu Village in Ashina Castle is another good place to find the Gourd Seed. After defeating the Mist Noble at the “Hidden Forst” Idol, you can then travel to this village. The area is full of enemies and loot. A tree in the area contains a Gourd Seed. Make sure to take care of enemies, as they may be able to immobilize you.

The second Gourd Seed can be found in the Ashina Outskirts. This Gourd Seed is found a short distance after the Chained Ogre. After defeating him, use the Flame Vent to grapple up to a hole in the wall. The Gourd Seed is on the left. The Path to the Gourd Seed is marked by a red circle.

The Gourd Seeds in Ashina are very important, because they increase the Healing Gourd’s capacity. You must collect all nine seeds to upgrade your Healing Gourd. Once you’ve gathered the seeds, you should take them to Emma. The room Emma lives in is located near the Dilapidated Temple, after you’ve defeated the boss, Genichiro. Once you have all nine seeds, you can equip the Prayer Bracelet, which grants a permanent increase to your health bar. The Prayer Bracelet makes you more resistant to damage and harder to break guards.

The second Gourd Seed in Ashina Castle can be found in the Outskirts area. You can find it by scaling the building behind the Chained Ogre. Just make sure to turn left, and you’ll find the seed. Just make sure to sneak around when you’re doing so, as it’s easier to get out of a place than to hide.

You’ll find the Gourd Seed in Ashina Castle at the end of your first playthrough. The seed can be found by killing a weak Noble at the Fountainhead Palace, and can be found in a hole in the building. Once you’ve found the Gourd Seed, you can then use it to increase your healing charge to 10. This will grant you the Ultimate Healing Gourd achievement.

Defeating them

Defeating Sekiro’s gourd seeds can be done by hooking or grappling around the perimeter of the area. This will let you hook around a large building, a new shrine, and a chest containing the next Gourd Seed. After you’ve done this, you can head back to the start to continue the game. In the meantime, let’s look at how to defeat the gourds.

The first Gourd Seed can be found in the Old Grave, near General Tenzen Yamauchi. It can also be found on a lowered bridge. Defeating him should be relatively easy, especially if you sneak around. Once defeated, you’ll receive your first Gourd Seed as well as other items. You can then move on to other enemies and find more Gourd Seeds to defeat.

The next area contains two gourd seeds, which can be easily defeated. If you are having trouble identifying them, you should go to the Dilapidated Temple. There, you’ll find a merchant who sells Gourd Seeds for 2,000 Sen. You can also find them on the ground at the Senpou Temple. For every seed you collect, Emma will receive a Healing Gourd.

The Gourd Seed is a vital item for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The seed is useful for upgrading the Gourd, which increases the healing capacity of your Healing Gourd. You can find Gourd Seeds from a variety of tough enemies. The seed is also useful to upgrade the healing Gourd, which will allow you to last longer in boss battles.

The Gourd Seed is the only way to upgrade the Healing Gourd in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. You will normally receive one seed after completing a boss fight, but if you find them in secret areas, they can be incredibly useful for surviving the game’s more difficult encounters. So, it’s worth trying to find all nine seeds, as soon as possible!

Defeating Sekiro’s gourd seeds is a challenging task in the game’s first hour. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to defeat the Chained Ogre, a mini-boss in Ashina Castle, and then fight an ogre at the nearby shrine. By completing this task, you will gain the ability to upgrade your skills and move to harder areas.