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Where to Buy Seeds Online

When you’re ready to buy seeds online, there are several things to consider. Buying a single pack of seeds may cost almost as much as buying several. Also, shipping costs can be significant if you’re only planning to grow a single type of plant. Check the shipping policy to determine if you’ll be charged less for shipping if you order more than one type. Many seeds online offer free shipping if you buy more than one type.

Shop by garden theme

If you want to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers, you’ve come to the right place. divides its catalog by garden theme and offers collections of seeds for different uses, such as for salads, or Mediterranean foods. You can even sort seeds by color or scent, and browse collections by size. If you want to learn about growing your own vegetables, try browsing the videos and articles on the site. You can also search by theme to see which seeds would work best for your garden.

Shop by planting season

When shopping for seed, there are a few things to consider. While many of these companies are generalists, others specialize in specific types of crops. Choose a company that has a focus on the type of crops you want to grow, and that is on the cutting edge when it comes to disease resistance and diversity. Depending on your planting season, you may also want to check out the seed catalog of a specific company.

Shop by sowing method

There are many things to consider before you buy seeds. The expiry date is an important consideration as the freshness of the seeds will influence their success in germination. It is also a good idea to check the expiry date as many companies offer discounts only on seeds that are close to the expiry date. However, if you cannot find the expiry date of the seeds you want, make sure you do some research before you buy them.

Shop by hard-to-find varieties

For those looking for difficult-to-find flower or vegetable seeds, the following sites offer hundreds of varieties. Seeds of Change is an excellent resource, offering over 400 types of heirloom varieties. It also sells 600 varieties of vegetable, bulb, and perennial seeds, as well as tools and supplies for indoor growing. Container Gardening is a great resource for choosing edible plants that will thrive in pots.

The Territorial Seed Company is a family-owned seed company that offers a variety of heirloom, organic, and specialty seeds. It is also possible to purchase live plants. The website is user-friendly and makes finding heirloom seeds easy. It also has a section specifically dedicated to organic seeds. Seed Savers Exchange does not provide medical advice or diagnosis. The company sells heirloom and hybrid seeds, and their specialized website also features a farm and display gardens.

Seeds are more affordable than ever, thanks to a growing interest in organic gardening. Several seed companies now offer unique seed varieties, such as truffles, rhubarb, and chocolate lace flowers. Some companies even sell bulbs and tools for growers. If you have a particular Zodiac sign, you can even use the information to tailor a plant selection to your Zodiac sign.

Avoid buying seeds from online sellers

Several reasons exist for you to avoid buying seeds from online sellers. These seeds may have diseases or toxins, and they can disrupt the environment. They are also a potential source of new weeds and diseases. If you receive such a package, you should not open it. Local authorities and agriculture departments have urged recipients to not open the packet. The USDA does not believe these seeds are malicious, but it is worth noting that a Kentucky Republican congressman is calling for an investigation.

When buying seeds from an online seller, make sure to check the delivery times. Most providers will take seven days to ship your order. However, some efficient sellers will dispatch them the same day. Check the packaging, too. A seller should provide the seeds in sealed packaging, preventing the seeds from getting damaged or being discovered by curious people. However, if you still have doubts, read the buyer’s reviews to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Many seed scams use Photoshop to sell day-glo blue strawberries. You should also be aware of the actual color of the seeds. Some seeds may be fake, so avoid ordering from such sellers. Some online sellers may be trying to sell you a toy or a game instead of real plants. Remember, you are not likely to be able to return the product once you have opened it if it doesn’t germinate in your garden.

Some online seed sellers offer free delivery, but that’s a risk you should be aware of. You’ll find that their prices may be higher than you expected, and you may be paying for delivery. You’re also wasting your money if you bought a few too many. Just make sure you purchase enough seeds so you can use them this year as well as the next. If you can’t get them in time, the seeds will be good for the next few seasons.