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Tips For Christian Mediums

It is important for a Christian medium to practice their gift for the right motive. As with any other gift, they must use it with caution. If the link does not seem genuine, they should break it. Traditional Christianity acknowledges the existence of Satan and fallen angels who can twist a good gift for their own ends. Christian mediums should always tread with caution and use their talent for the right motive. Here are some tips for Christian mediums:

Isaiah 8:19-20

In Isaiah 8:19-20, God tells Isaiah that the people of Judah will become apostatized. This happens because they will not seek the Lord God in their heart, but rather will approach a prophet and ask him to contact a spiritist or a medium. This will eventually lead them to reject God, and the people will not find hope in Him. The flood waters of the Euphrates River will drown them in this sin.

The prophet explains that these people are seeking familiar spirits. They are ignoring God’s testimony and law. In their pursuit of these familiar spirits, they will experience darkness and no comfort, but will be surrounded by all the misery and horror. This will be the end of their lives. It is a message to us who are living in this world to seek the living God. So, we should seek his guidance and advice in all things.

Isaiah 8:21

Those who are prone to occultism should not believe in Christian mediums or other forms of psychic power. The Bible specifically warns against them. They call up demons and imitate the dead. In Isaiah 8:21, the prophet warns that those who practice these occult practices will suffer the punishment. In fact, the Septuagint says that they will be cast into the fiery lake of sulfur, the second death.

Isaiah also warns against putting faith in Ahaz, the prophet of Israel. He declares that God will punish Judah and the Israelites if they do not trust him. In addition to announcing judgment against Judah, he gives a sign that will show the pending defeat of Israel and Syria. However, this sign will only be fulfilled if the people rely on God alone.

Isaiah 8:22

The Hebrews of Jerusalem and Judah were encouraged to consult mediums and necromancers. They believed that these practices could help them to communicate with the dead. Isaiah contrasted the authority of Holy Scripture with necromancy mediums, which was a thriving industry at the time. This passage lays out some clear guidelines on the use of Christian mediums. The following is an overview of the passage.

First, Isaiah was an unclean man. He grew up with people who had unclean lips. After he was cleansed, God commanded him to preach God’s word to the people. Isaiah was warned not to return to the lifestyle of the people from whom he had been expelled. He was to honor the Lord instead of frightened of people or anything else. In addition, Isaiah exhorted people to read the Scriptures in order to make their life paths clear.

Isaiah 8:23

Isaiah 8:23 has many echoes with the Bible. It talks about a time when God would break down the oppressor’s power. It talks about a time when the rod of oppression would be broken like the day of Midian, where Gideon and 300 men defeated the Midianites with the help of God. The time of the Liberator is the day when God will crush the oppressor and bring victory to His covenant people.

The prophet Isaiah had a vision of the Messiah working in the land of Galilee. In his prophetic message, he asserted the inspiration of Holy Scripture and contrasted it with the powers of necromancy mediums. Then again, necromancy was a thriving industry at the time. Isaiah’s words should make it clear that he had nothing to do with the practice of necromancy.

Isaiah 8:24

The prophet Isaiah had a prophetic duty to make to heeders and Christian mediums: the days of lying and misleading words are over, for you will not have a future in God. The foundation for denial of God was unbelief. Hence, people spoke lies because of their unbelief. Thankfully, the prophet Isaiah gave us a prophetic exhortation to read the scriptures and plot our life paths through them.

This command is to identify a spirit as coming from God. Various false prophets have come into the world, and we should test them to see if they are of God. Every spirit that confesses Jesus in the flesh is of God. Any spirit that does not confess Jesus is from the antichrist. In fact, every antichrist spirit speaks from the world, and the world hears it. So, the Christian medium should be very cautious when dealing with them.

Isaiah 8:25

Isaiah 8:25 teaches that the Lord is with us. He will come and judge those who curse him. He will be the one who comforts us in our times of distress. But, Isaiah continues, “The time is near when God will destroy the wicked, but not the faithful!”

Isaiah’s prophetic authority was given to him by God. He had a message for the Christian mediums and heeders, saying that they should not be liars, because such words would show no future with God. The reason people were speaking lies and misleading words was due to their unbelief. And because unbelief is the root of all evil, it was the only way they could escape his judgment.

Isaiah 8:26

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed that those who practice necromancy and occult magic had no place in the Kingdom of God. This is an apt contrast to the authority of Holy Scripture, which Isaiah cited as the source of his prophetic power. In contrast, the demons of Satan, who he claimed were possessed by the spirit world, were actually weak compared to God.

God says that all people must seek to know truth, not falsehood. But we are tempted to listen to occult sources, including mediums. Scripture condemns such activities and urges us to study God’s Word. In Psalm 19:7, the psalmist refers to the Word of God, the law, and the testimony of the prophets. So, if we have any doubts regarding God’s Word, we must remember that God’s words and prophetic testimony are the final word.

Isaiah 8:27

Despite their popularity, many people are wary of the work of Christian mediums. Scripture warns against using the services of such practitioners, which is why we must avoid them at all costs. Despite their popularity, these practitioners are not the only ones who should be avoided. This chapter is full of warnings against divination and the work of mediums. It is important to understand this passage in its entirety, for the words’spiritist’,’medium,’ and ‘death’ are not the same.

Whenever we are in trouble or suffering, we should seek God’s help. Instead of seeking the services of a Christian medium, we should ask the dead for help. When we are in need, we should turn to the word of God. This way, we will know that we are not asking the dead to help us, but God. Moreover, we should avoid relying on the advice of a medium unless we are sure of its authenticity.

Isaiah 8:28

The biblical passage Isaiah 8:28 refers to Christian mediums speaking to the dead. The prophet was speaking to his fellow prophets, students, and fellow Christians, and he told them not to consult with these people. However, the people of Judah insisted on seeking help from the dead. Despite this, Isaiah was able to get his message across. In this passage, he tells his fellow students and friends to avoid consulting with the dead.

The word hagah is used to describe an inward expression of thought. Most OT translations of this word refer to Biblical Meditation or to the work of mediums. It is also used to describe necromancers, wizards, and strange noises. The Septuagint uses the word hagah more than once. This is a clear warning against these practices, since it is the work of the dead and an attack on God’s wisdom and authority.

Isaiah 8:29

The prophet Isaiah is a good example of this. He had the power to speak to people through various mediums. He had a specific message for the people he was addressing, and this was to make it clear to the believers that they should be on guard. However, the prophetic message was not for the Christian mediums, but for the heeders of the message. Isaiah stated that those who speak lies and misleading words will have no future in the presence of God. Isaiah was making a point that unbelief was the root of all the denial of Yahweh, and as a result, the people would speak lies.

The Hebrew population in Judah and Jerusalem encouraged the use of necromancers and mediums to communicate with the dead. However, Isaiah is also making a point to show that Christians should only use Holy Scripture to make their decisions. This is because necromancy is prohibited by the Bible. The Bible is a clear message from God that all human beings are created equal. This message is very clear and explains why Christians must use the Bible to guide their lives and avoid the world of demonic beings.