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Who Are The Cassadaga Mediums?

Cassadaga is a popular spiritualist camp meeting site, with thousands of Spiritualists and curious visitors flocking to the area every year. Many Cassadaga mediums claim to be in communication with the dead and bring messages from the spirit world to the living. These mediums, who advertise outside their cottages, are certified by the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association.


The town of Cassadaga, New York, is home to the oldest spiritualist camp in the Southeast. The community dates back to 1894, when the town was founded by trance medium George Colby. Colby supposedly received instructions from the Native American spirit guide Seneca to find uncommon hills and pristine waters. He settled in the area, which he named Cassadaga, which means water beneath rocks. In 1894, he and his fellow Spiritualists formed the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association.

The town is home to many occult and spiritualist groups. Spiritualists in Cassadaga practice massage, acupuncture, qi gong, and yoga. There are also church services that feature hands-on healing and tarot and palm readings. This article will explore the community’s unique spiritualist and occult history. It is recommended that you read the full story before making a decision.

In addition to tarot card readings, many people also seek psychics and palmists. Despite the name, Spiritualism is open to all types of beliefs and experiences. You don’t have to be a member of the National Association of Spiritualists to participate in a session. Whether you’re interested in a mystical experience or simply want to learn more about yourself, spiritualists in Cassadaga are the perfect place for you.


Visitors to Cassadaga may be surprised to learn that the town’s mediums have an official certificate. The Cassadaga bookstore lists the names and contact information of certified mediums. The town has several parks and the bookstore also features a binder listing the local mediums. In the Horseshoe Park, whose name refers to the shape it takes when viewed from above, a fairy trail and miniature houses await. The park’s calming atmosphere brings out the childhood imagination of visitors of all ages.

Cassadaga mediums are highly trained professionals who have undergone rigorous certification training. Their training begins with controlling individual gifts, and then moves on to organizing spiritual interactions. During a session, the mediums will lay hands on the person being read. They will relay messages from the spirit world and will try to encourage the reader to open their hearts and minds. They may also give messages that hint at future romance and riches. They may even lay healing hands on an afflicted part of the body.

The Cassadaga spiritualist camp is hosting a Summer Gala Day event on Aug. 25. The event is open to the public and will feature a variety of vendors who will sell their goods and services. Nearby, healers will be on hand at the Colby Memorial Temple. They will offer mini-readings for $20 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There will also be mini-seminars in the Sunshine Room and Davis Building.


If you’re interested in visiting the area of the Cassadaga Indians, you may be wondering how to find the best mediums in town. There are several local mediums who practice their craft, including the certified medium Phil DeLong. You can find their bios and contact information in a binder at the Cassadaga County bookstore. New Age mediums don’t need to go through a certification process and peddle aura photos, hypnosis sessions, and pet readings.

Although the town of Cassadaga, New York, is a sleepy little hamlet, it bustles with curious visitors on a cold winter day. There are several cottages surrounded by shingles. You can also find a spiritual counselor, a teacher of metaphysics, and a psychic medium. You might also be surprised to learn that Cassadaga mediums have psychic roots.

The first step in contacting a Cassadaga medium is to do your research. Find out if the medium is certified. If they are, you can book an appointment. Some of them offer walk-in readings. Others prefer to schedule appointments. You can also find recommendations on how to make a good reading. Most certified mediums have undergone a four-year certification process. During this time, they participate in public demonstrations of their skills, perform healing services, and complete evaluations.


Whether you have a spiritual question or are seeking guidance, Cassadaga mediums and healers are here to help. At the spiritual camp, they live and work and maintain communication with the spirit world. In order to become certified, these individuals must go through four years of training. Here are some of their services. Listed below are a few to consider. They will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

The first time I visited Cassadaga, I was skeptical. It was a long drive from Palm Coast, Florida, but the mediums were willing to share their insight. The signs on their wood-frame homes offered different doors to the spirit world: Past-life Regression, Psychic Counselor, Astral Therapy. The entire compound was busy with visitors seeking 15-minute seances. Of course, not everyone in the village believes in the shams. One of the shareholders of the camp has her sons rent it out. Her sons had even put up a Ghostbusters movie logo in front of the gazebo to deter the ghosts from bothering the locals.

Some of the locals call themselves spiritualists. However, they don’t practice witchcraft. They believe in life after physical death. Some of them are mediums and perform hands-on healing. In the late 19th century, Spiritualism was very popular in this area, but fraudulent mediums and healers made it untrustworthy. However, today, Cassadaga has become a popular spiritual and healing center for visitors.


If you’re seeking a medium in the small town of Cassadaga, Florida, you’ve come to the right place. The Cassadaga Bookstore features a variety of mediums who are available for walk-in appointments. A binder of mediums’ bios and contact information is available inside the store. The town of Cassadaga has plenty of parks and a horseshoe park, named for its shape when viewed from above. The horseshoe-shaped park features miniature houses and a fairy trail. Visiting this park is a serene experience and evokes a sense of childhood imagination in visitors of all ages.

While the Cassadaga community’s residents welcome believers and skeptics alike, they ask that visitors come with an open mind. Many visitors have been able to receive answers to questions that they had never thought to ask. The bookkeepers and mediums at Cassadaga welcome the skeptical and believer alike. The Bookstore’s bookkeepers also keep a record of all their transactions to ensure that the bookkeepers’ records are up to date.


If you’re looking for a spiritual retreat or just want to experience the magic of the Cassadaga mediums, you can find a variety of opportunities nearby. The Cassadaga bookstore lists a variety of mediums, and you can also purchase a binder with bios and contact information. The area is also home to many parks, including Horseshoe Park, which is named after its shape when viewed from above. There are also fairy trails and miniature houses to visit. The quiet, peaceful setting evokes a sense of childhood imagination in all visitors.

Although Cassadaga is not for everyone, those with an interest in the spirit world will enjoy a visit. The town is known for its spirit-filled locations and a bookstore filled with spiritual books and Native American crafts. You can even buy a T-shirt with the town’s motto on it. You may want to take a half-day trip to the area and visit the Cassadaga bookstore for an even more eclectic shopping experience.

The town of Cassadaga is halfway between Daytona Beach and Orlando and is off the I-4 corridor. Founded 150 years ago by a New Yorker, this quaint town is home to a diverse collection of spiritualists. Visitors will find many New Age healers and weekend ghost whisperers. Nearly half of the community has a spiritual ambiance, and a number of mediums use pendulums and crystals to commune with spirit beings.

Sunday services

The Cassadaga Mediums’ Camp is a small community just minutes from the I-4 interstate. The community was founded in 1875 by medium George Colby. He was given instructions to create a community of spiritualists in Florida by the Native American spirit guide Seneca. The resulting Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp consists of 57 acres and 55 homes. Today, it has expanded from the 35 acres it deeded to the town’s residents in 1895. Its spirituality is believed to be triggered by a vision that Colby had during a seance in Iowa. The vision came through a channeled spirit guide named Seneca, who was a great help in directing him toward the spiritual world.

Cassadaga is one of the few remaining locations where you can meet certified mediums. There are no crystal balls or tarot cards required to perform a session. Mediums use mental abilities to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Other services offered by the group include Reiki healing, past-life regression, and Akashic record reading. For visitors, there are also two hotels in Cassadaga that are dedicated to spiritual healing.

Cassadaga Psychic

If you have been considering trying a Cassadaga psychic, here are some tips for finding a qualified one. You can also check out our articles about palm readers, vortexes, and messages from your loved ones. These articles are written by local psychics and will help you make an informed decision about which psychic to choose. Hopefully, you will come away from this article more knowledgeable and excited about your own experiences.


If you’re looking for psychic readings in Cassadaga, you’ve come to the right place. There are many Cassadaga psychics and mediums available, including a few that are unapproved and don’t have credentials. The first thing to do is check out the practice of each medium before choosing one for your needs. Aim for someone who is genuine and honest, and don’t try to trick them into telling you something they’re not. You also want to avoid doing anything that might interfere with the reading.

Although you may be skeptical about these readings, Cassadaga psychics welcome both believers and skeptics alike. You should be able to trust their abilities, as many have told me they have given people answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. Cassadaga psychics have helped people with love, money, and relationships. Psychics can even help you with past-life regressions.

If you’re looking for a psychic in Cassadaga, the first place you should look is the historic Cassadaga Hotel. This 1920s building is the perfect setting for ghost sightings. New Age mediums, however, have no formal training and peddle aura photos, pet readings, and hypnosis. The Cassadaga Hotel is the perfect place for psychics to practice their craft.

For a truly magical experience, visit the Cassadaga Psychics. This historic town, about 30 minutes from Orlando, is home to a number of self-proclaimed psychics. This town is also known as the psychic capital of the world. There are many psychics and mediums in the area, and Cassadaga’s history is well worth exploring. Just remember that Cassadaga’s reputation as a town for psychics is based on their ability to help people in their lives.

The psychics at Cassadaga are not affiliated with any political party. They are free to practice their craft without worrying about outside influences. Regardless of their affiliation, they are protected by their First Amendment rights. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to practice their craft without a license. Psychics in Cassadaga are allowed to practice their art outside the camp.

Palm readers

The small town of Cassadaga, Florida is a spiritualist community tucked away on the edge of a highway. This historic town was founded in 1875 by George Colby, a spiritualist from New York state who had been led to the land by an American Indian named Seneca. This community was a winter haven for spiritualists who spent the rest of the year in Lily Dale, N.Y. The town’s history is laced with legends, including the story of George Colby, who was guided to this area by an Indian named Seneca, who cured him of tuberculosis by drinking the water from a small spring.

While Cassadaga is a spiritual retreat, many local residents say that it is not spooky. Many of the locals here look a lot like you and claim to have special abilities and share these gifts. Cassadaga psychics are palm readers who work with people who are willing to open up and listen to their insights. They will not tell you what they think, but they can help you get answers to questions you didn’t even ask.

Some locals believe that the spirits of deceased loved ones can appear in the form of portraits. In fact, Hazel Tomim-Phipps, a bookstore manager, uses palmistry to communicate with dead people. The medium also uses tarot cards to convey messages. Hazel’s gray-green eyes and mediumship techniques are not a scam. She also claims not to use paraphonia in her work.

Those who believe in ghosts should visit the Cassadaga Hotel in the village. This 1920’s building was part of the Cassadaga Camp complex until the Great Depression. The parlor is a popular place for ghost sightings. While most New Age mediums are uncertified, they still peddle services that include aura photos, pet readings, hypnosis, and more.


If you’re seeking a psychic reading, consider visiting the Vortexes of Cassaadaga. This town is home to an ancient spiritual practice known as dowsing. Dowsing rods are used to locate energy vortices. These mystical spots are not only beautiful but they can also help people find water. The energy from these locations is powerful, and many people have experienced the presence of angels at the healing hill.

For people interested in spiritualism, Cassadaga is home to many psychics and seers. You can also take tea leaf reading classes at the historic Cassadaga Hotel. The Cassadaga Hotel’s top in-house psychics are known to hold seances twice a week. You can also learn how to read tea leaves, which are believed to carry messages from the spirit world.

In Cassadaga, you can visit a variety of local attractions. The town’s only hotel is the Cassadaga Hotel, rebuilt after a fire in 1926. The building has an old-fashioned roaring twenties theme, and its Mediterranean architecture makes it a unique place to visit. While not an official part of the Cassadaga psychic camp, the hotel is known for its psychic activities. Psychics can often be found working from their offices in the Cassadaga Hotel, and it hosts a popular restaurant for Spiritualist practitioners.

The Spiritualist Camp at the Vortexes of Cassadradaga has many activities, including church services and spiritual counseling. There are many buildings, including the Andrew Jackson Davis Building, which served as a recreation hall until the Great Depression. The other buildings are Harmony Hall and Brigham Hall, the Colby Memorial Temple, and the historic Summerland House. Besides the main building, the Cassadaga Hotel and Metaphysical Center is a beautiful Victorian hotel with a history of spiritualist beliefs. Some practitioners offer psychic readings and seances, while others practice New Age techniques and sell pet and aura photography.

The Vortexes of Cassaadaga spiritualist camp is a large spiritual retreat. It consists of 57 acres and is home to a community of 70 residents. There are 43 certified mediums at this retreat, each of whom has undergone rigorous training. There is also a Fairy Trail for visitors to explore. There are 7 meditation gardens to enjoy in the area.

Messages from loved ones

There are no guarantees in psychic readings, but the residents of Cassadaga, Florida, welcome skeptics and believers alike. The most important thing to remember when visiting this mystical retreat is to have an open mind. The residents of Cassadaga are often able to give answers to questions that you didn’t even ask yourself. For example, some of them have been able to receive messages from their loved ones.

Psychics in Cassadaga believe in the power of love and hope. The Cassadaga psychic is a woman who was brought to Cassadaga by the spirit world. She had hoped to reunite with her dad, but instead found a message from her grandmother who advised her to get ready for the journey. As Regina Sprague is named after her grandmother, she believes her grandmother was a guardian angel.

Unlike other psychics in Cassadaga, Van Cott is not a traditional medium. She grew up Catholic, and spent most of her adult life working on Wall Street. After 9/11, she left New York and never heard of Cassadaga, but now she has made the town her home as a certified healer and medium. While she may be a little odd in her hometown, she is definitely not your typical drive-through psychic.

During a recent stay-at-home order, she cancelled all of her church services, in-person readings, and classes. But she managed to adapt. She is now available via traditional telephone calls and video chat. Then she also holds events for a small community called “Embrace Your Fairy Day.”

Spiritualism began in upstate New York in 1848. The Fox sisters convinced others that they could communicate with the dead by holding seances and readings in their home. Although later admitting that it was all a hoax, it didn’t stop the growth of spiritualism in the region. In 1875, the town of Cassadaga, Florida was established by a Spiritualist, George P. Colby. This snowbird’s vision inspired the town to name itself after a Spiritualist community in New York.