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Heaven and Earth Tarot by Jaymi Elford

Heaven and Earth Tarot is the product of Jaymi Elford, author of Triple Goddess Tarot and Portlandia’s Fortune Tellers. Aside from writing, she’s also a fire spinner and tarot coach. She has even deliberated on the show Portlandia and invented several tarot decks, including The Tarot of Portland and The Seven of Wands. Elford’s stunning artwork and tarot readings add a fresh perspective on the major arcana.

Deck by Jack Sephiroth

Heaven & Earth Tarot Deck by Jack Sephiroth is currently number 11 in our store. It is an incredible deck that challenges the timeless symbolism of tarot cards and brings them into a modern context. Jack Sephiroth’s artwork beautifully blends spiritual and material meanings, providing readers with a deeply meaningful experience. It features 160 full-color pages of tarot imagery.

78 cards

Jack Sephiroth’s 78 cards in Heaven and Earth Tarot are a fusion of timeless and modern symbolism. Jack’s intricate artwork is laced with hidden meanings and craftsmanship that blur the lines between the spiritual and the material. His work is also multilingual. This Tarot deck is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to expand their spiritual knowledge and experience. Jack’s unique artwork reflects a deeper spirituality, and is perfect for anyone who loves the Tarot.

The 78 cards in Heaven and Earth Tarot have a spiritual dimension that can be explored through the medium of intuition. Artist Jack Sephiroth’s images combine Thoth Tarot and Rider Waite Smith tarot, and are sure to inspire readers to tap into their intuition to explore the deeper meaning of each card. Jack Sephiroth’s illustrations are woven together, blurring the line between spiritual and material.

The Sephiroth’s art elevates the human desire to connect with the divine. The 78 cards in Heaven and Earth Tarot highlight the connection between Heavenly correspondences and the Hebrew alphabet. The images highlight the connection between the Heavens and the Earth, and bring into focus those ideas that have previously been unclear. This makes this deck perfect for beginners as well as advanced Tarot readers. They make it easier to connect with the divine.

Book by Jaymi Elford

The Heaven and Earth Tarot by Jaymi Eford was published by Lo Scarabeo and features artwork from Jack Sephiroth and other popular artists. The deck itself looks similar to the Waite Smith tarot deck with symbols appearing in the title section. The tarot has a surprisingly mystical theme and offers a new perspective on familiar themes. If you’re looking for a new deck, this one is worth checking out.


The Heaven and Earth Tarot explores the relationship between the mundane and the spiritual. Jack Sephiroth blends elements of Thoth and Rider Waite Smith tarot in his exquisite artwork, which encourages readers to tap into their intuitive sense to uncover deeper meanings. In the process, they learn about their earthly connection to the Divine. The images in this deck are both beautiful and inspiring. You may even find yourself feeling a connection between the Divine and the mundane.

The Heaven and Earth Tarot is a new tarot deck published by Lo Scarabeo. It features illustrations by Jack Sephiroth and Jaymi Elford. This deck resembles Waite Smith’s deck but with a grey-wash background and softly-lit card images. It’s available in both standard and deluxe versions. Jack Sephiroth’s style and background make it an appealing choice for both beginners and advanced tarot readers.


The Heaven and Earth Tarot deck was published by Lo Scarabeo and features illustrations by Jack Sephiroth and Jaymi Elford. The tarot deck is an RWS clone, but this new edition is different. Instead of using dark and overpowering card illustrations, the deck features softly lit card images and a gray wash background. It features a new interpretation of the major arcana.

The Heaven and Earth Tarot is based on the Saint-Germain-en-Laye School of cartomancy. It offers professional and personal development through the use of the Jack Sephiroth Rider-Waite system. Each card conveys a deeper meaning than the traditional version. The hanging’s rider-waite system is expressive and beautiful, while the Jack Sephiroth incorporates spiritual elements into its design.

Both fire and earth are opposites, with each having different characteristics. The earth element brings stability and solidity while the fire element draws lightness and freedom. Both are capable of achieving their goals, though too much earth can be debilitating. Fire and water are both able to manifest dreams and big plans, but can also dissipate them. Water has a soothing effect on the emotional body. The urgency of fire can be useful or frustrating depending on the situation.