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How to Get a Free Psychic Text Reading

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a free psychic text reading, you’ve come to the right place. There are many different programs available to you online. Here are a few of the top ones: Mysticsense, VisionaryGu, LifeReader, and Kasamba. We’ve also tested each one and can recommend them to you based on our experience. If you’re looking for a free psychic text reading, we highly recommend trying out the Kasamba app.


A Mysticsense reading is different from one you might get from a normal psychic. To begin, you need to enter your personal information, time zone, country, and phone number. Mysticsense works with psychics who work in your local time zone. You can also filter the psychics by different criteria, such as direct or non-direct reading styles. Moreover, you can ask for a phone reading if you’re unable to access a live psychic.

Besides offering online psychic readings, MysticSense also offers video calls with qualified psychic advisors. You can even find a psychic advisor who specializes in tarot readings. The free five-minute consultation with a psychic advisor is backed by a 100% guarantee. The service has hundreds of psychic advisors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right psychic for you. In addition to free psychic readings, MysticsSense also offers many other services, such as astrology and divination.

The website itself is easy to navigate and features a relaxing ambiance. There are psychics and mediums from around the world. You can choose the one you prefer based on your preferences. If you’d like a live psychic reading, Mysticsense also offers this service. Kasamba is another website with free live readings. It has been hosting online psychics since 1999, and has hundreds of highly qualified and experienced psychics available 24/7.


There are many benefits of using a Kasamba free psychic text service. The site allows users to email a psychic, but it’s important to give them as much information as possible. People with social anxiety may find it difficult to call their psychic, or they may worry that a phone call will take up too much time. However, texting allows users to send accurate information, making it easier to get answers from the psychic. You can also choose an individual based on their per-minute rate and experience.

There are many different types of psychics on Kasamba, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. There are several types of psychics, including tarot and palm readers, love psychics, mediums, and zodiac compatibility. Some of them even have free online sessions. However, be sure to choose a psychic who is certified and experienced to ensure you get the best service. Kasamba’s free psychic text service offers an extensive range of reading services.

For those who are skeptical about the accuracy of psychic readings, Kasamba is a great place to start. They have psychics trained in a wide range of fields, from tarot card readings to palm readings, astrology, and spiritual healing. The service also offers a free three-minute trial reading, as well as payment options. There are also numerous features on the site, including daily horoscopes and money back guarantees.

The site has detailed descriptions of each psychic’s services, as well as an exhaustive list of their services. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Kasamba is an excellent place to start. The website even has a handy feature whereby customers can browse through each psychic’s profile and see which ones suit their needs. They also have a section dedicated to helping people understand their dreams. If you’re curious about Kasamba, be sure to check out their website and read the many positive reviews.


The LifeReader free psychic text app has a reputation for charging users for their first reading, but there are some caveats to keep in mind. This app requires you to enter personal information, such as name and address, in order to get a reading, but it does not offer any sort of feedback or average star rating. This means that you may have a bad experience if you don’t like what you hear.

The Life Reader network has been around since 2008 and focuses on providing quality readings at affordable prices. Their service is limited to text messages, however, which means that they don’t offer phone customer support. The only downside to the Life Reader network is the lack of customer support, so if you’re looking for free psychic text chats, KEEN is a better choice. Though the service doesn’t offer free psychic instant messaging, you can get a 10-minute reading for $1.99, which is a reasonable price for such an important service.

The LifeReader app is similar to the website, but has a more mobile-friendly interface. You can message a reader through webmail, but there’s no guarantee on how quickly a reader will respond. If you’d rather receive your reading by phone, LifeReader has apps for Android and iOS. These apps have positive user feedback and allow you to schedule a reading anytime, anywhere. Using an app is convenient, but LifeReader is not a free psychic service.

Although LifeReader does offer free psychic readings, the quality of these sessions can vary considerably. LifeReader’s FAQ page has minimal information and is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the service. There’s also no live chat, and you’ll have to wait hours or even days before you get a response. This makes the service less reliable than other sites. Nevertheless, the LifeReader website offers free horoscopes and astrological readings for 12 zodiac signs.