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Psychic Graveyard, A Bluebird Vacation in a Psychic Graveyard, USA Nails, and More!

Psychic Graveyard’s sophomore album is produced by Seth Manchester, a producer whose credits include Fat Beats, Lingua Ignota, and Daughters. The digital release is available on Deathbomb Arc, the same label that distributes Fat Beats and Deathbomb. Check it out. We’ve got more on the album below. And, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!

Loud As Laughter

In a band’s second album, Loud As Laughter explores the postindustrial mind with a hypnotic blend of sound. The band’s guitar work, which alternates between frantic high-pitched riffs and a dissonant arpeggiated whirl on choruses, is especially interesting, exploring the relationship between textures and meshing fragmented ideas into a functioning system.

The band’s debut EP, ‘The Next World,’ features 5 songs. This EP represents a major step in the band’s sound, with a number of risks taken on the release. Whereas their previous album, ‘Loud As Laughter’, featured guitars, live drums, and synths, “The Next World” uses a more eclectic combination of sounds.

A Bluebird Vacation

A Bluebird Vacation in a Psychic Graveyard is an absorbing noise rock record. The style encompasses a range of tones, from harsh tones to thunderous breakdowns, spine-tingling progressions, and all manner of weirdness. It’s avant-garde, and the result is an audial assault on the senses. Psychic Graveyard hails from San Diego and Providence, Rhode Island, and their debut LP, A Bluebird Vacation, was released in January 2015 on the Los Angeles label Deathbomb Arc. It’s jam-packed with tons of clashing and sheer electricity.

Split with USA Nails

In October, USA Nails are releasing their fifth full-length, Character Stop. This release will feature a split single with Petbrick. Known for their noise-rock infused sound, USA Nails spit out wonky out-of-tune guitars and shitty solos. The band also muses about clinically medicated anxiety, internet commentators and Orwellian data practices.

The band formed in 2011 and is split between the US and UK. The band is comprised of members of several other bands, but is most notably associated with the Devo/Chrome line of attack. Its first single scorns new age woo, dripping with sarcasm. Eric Paul mocks bogus spirit animals while chanting ominously. The album also features remixes from LIARS and MSTRKRFT. The album is a riot and is sure to get the crowd rocking.

Eric Paul

The Next World EP from Eric Paul’s Psychic Graveyard is a follow-up to the band’s acclaimed Loud As Laughter album. Found by noise rock pioneers Paul Vieira and Eric Paul, the band has members in cities across the United States and Canada. The band recorded its latest EP on both coasts. The songs in this EP have a strange path to their completion. It begins with a simple idea and goes in all directions, culminating in an unpredictable song.

Psychic Graveyard is the latest project from the noise-rock pioneers Eric Paul. In ‘Loud As Laughter’, the band featured guitars, live drums, and synths. But this time, they’ve added a lot more electronic elements to their sound. The band uses synths, found sounds, and synthetic beats to create an experimental sound on ‘The Next World.’ Listen to the EP below and get ready for some heady new music!