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Hay House Oracle Cards

Hay house oracle cards are a great way to get guidance in your life. They are written by inspirational authors such as Doreen Virtue and Caroline Myss. These women are known for their self-help and transformational books. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to follow them blindly. There are many good ones out there, so make sure to do your research. Read on to learn about some of the best ones.

Colette Baron-Reid

The Hay House Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid are based on the symbolic energies of ancient goddesses from around the world. Each card represents a different place or condition in your life, as well as allies and challengers. They are an excellent choice for tarot card readings. This 52-card set comes with a 157-page guidebook.

This deck is a collection of 58 crystals selected by internationally known author and spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid. Each crystal was chosen for its healing properties and ability to channel guidance. The card’s colors and illustrations reflect the individual’s needs and the time of year in which it was selected. The cards contain a message from the spirit world, allowing you to receive guidance from the angels.

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue has been accused of greed when she made a decision to turn her back on divination card decks and old books. To avoid attracting controversy, she asked her publishing company to take her name off the decks. In turn, the publisher agreed. Now, however, the Hay House oracle card decks are no longer available. The company has agreed to donate all royalties to charity.

Hay house is a publishing company founded by Louise L. Hay, an author and teacher. They publish self-help, inspirational, and transformational books. Hay house oracle cards can be used to receive answers to questions, or to chart a course of action. Hay house cards also offer teachings on the positions and phases of the moon. They can also illuminate opportunities and caution. Hay House cards are a powerful tool for self-healing.

The Life Purpose Oracle Cards are a 44-card oracle set designed for career and spiritual path readings. These cards are ideal for people of all ages. They are illustrated beautifully and are easy to use. These cards are also available in a guidebook, which gives you basic information about each card. In addition, the Life Purpose Oracle Cards include a 44-card set that includes a guidebook that includes information about how to use the cards.

Doreen Virtue is an author of several books, audiobooks, and oracle card decks. She also hosts a radio show on Hay House Radio and speaks at new thought conferences. Recently, she made headlines when she announced she was a born-again Christian. However, she removed the video shortly afterward. Despite these headlines, her books have been selling like hotcakes.

Doreen Virtue has been one of the most influential and popular creators of oracle cards. Her Angel Tarot Cards are a complete set of 78 cards with beautiful images of angels, mermaids, unicorns, and fairies. Angel Therapy Oracle Cards are another popular Doreen Virtue deck. These cards feature angelic images and oracular messages. You may not be aware of it, but this is a good way to get started with tarot cards.

Doreen Virtue is an American author and a certified psychic. She has two degrees in psychology, and has conducted numerous workshops and classes on related topics. She has also appeared on Oprah and CNN and has been featured in numerous publications. It’s not just about books, though; many people are turning to psychic readings and angels as a way to improve their lives. The author of several books has shared her insights and practical tips for working with angels.

Caroline Myss

The Caroline Myss Hay House Oracle cards are a great way to gain insight into the Archetypes and Sacred Contracts that we all have within us. The cards feature a colorful border and a title, along with light and shadow attributes and a short description. In the center of each card is an artistic portrayal of an archetype. If you’d like to learn more about the cards, we recommend reading the instruction booklet that comes with them.

Another popular set of Caroline Myss Oracle cards is the Wisdom for Healing cards, which are specifically for healing. These cards feature gentle artwork and corresponding advice. These cards were inspired by the mythology of the Isle of Avalon. The artwork depicts mythological figures, animal guides, and a range of other characters. Originally, these cards featured signs that could help a person find their way through the wilderness.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle has 44 cards that feature images of goddesses from around the world. Another popular oracle deck is the Guardian Angel Tarot, which features pictures of angels and positive explanations for the messages. There are also several other tarot decks made by Caroline Myss. These can be used as tools to help you get in touch with your own angels and help you make better choices.

Other popular sets of Oracle cards are the Soul Coaching Oracle and Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose. Both offer guidance and information to help an individual reconnect with their soul. The Soul Coaching Oracle cards are a great way to get in touch with your soul, and the Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose deck features 63 cards. Each card has a short, sweet message to help you get on track with your life’s purpose. The five Keys to Happiness Oracle cards feature the five’suits’ of Tibetan elements.