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How to Deal With a Backyard Drain Clogged

If your backyard sink drain is backed up, you are not alone. There are many ways to deal with this problem. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common problems, how to deal with them, and how to hire a professional to unclog it. Before we get into specific solutions, however, let’s take a look at some signs of a clogged yard sink drain. Listed below are some tips that may be helpful.

Problems that can cause a clogged yard drain

Clogged yard drains are typically located near the grassy area of a yard. Tree leaves, grass cuttings, and trash can get stuck in yard drains. Because of this, people should regularly check them to remove debris. Open the grating at the termination point to see what’s clogging it. If there’s debris inside, use a garden scoop or rubber gloves to remove it.

A blockage in a yard drain is most common during the fall, when leaves from garden shrubs scatter all over the ground. In addition, the volume of water from a Fall rainstorm can cause a buildup of debris. The stagnant water will rot the pipes and become a breeding ground for insects and fungus. If the blockage is not treated promptly, it could lead to flooding and damage to your property.

The first step in clearing a clogged yard drain is to identify the source of the clog. The problem may be in the drainage pipe, located near the house or street, or closer to the storm sewer. Run water through the yard drain to ensure that the inspection portal is clear. If the water flow is minimal, there may be a more serious clog, such as tree roots in the pipes.

If the clog is in the drainage pipe, a professional plumber can clear the drain and repair any damages. It may cost a few bucks to hire a professional, but it will help you avoid health risks and liability issues. And in the end, a professional plumber can improve the quality of your life and keep your property looking its best. Just make sure you get a plumber to clear your yard drain.

Several other problems may be contributing to the clogged yard drain. Usually, the grading of the yard is improper, and water runoff does not divert away from the house. Other factors, such as downspouts that do not pipe rain gutter water properly, can also cause drainage issues. The best way to resolve these problems is to call a professional plumbing and drain expert. Atlanta-based landscape architects can provide solutions for any drainage issue that may be affecting the flow of water in your yard.

Methods to unclog a clogged yard drain

There are many ways to unclog a backed up backyard drain. One option involves using a power auger. Most of these tools come with a foot pedal for hands-free operation. Simply place the auger cable in the clogged drain, turn the motor clockwise, push the cable down into the pipe, and pull it up. Repeat until the clog is cleared.

Another option is to hire a plumber. A plumber can use a hydro-jet to penetrate the clogged area, and a drain snake can cut through the muck. In the event that the yard drain pipe is damaged, it may be necessary to replace it. H. Jack’s Plumbing & Heating can handle any broken backyard drain pipe replacement project and can recommend a method that is best for your situation.

For stubborn twigs, tree roots, and other debris may clog the drain. If you’ve been unable to clear the clog with a manual drain snake, you can consider renting a hydro-jet from a hardware store. Although drain snakes can be effective, they are not ideal for unclogging yard drains. If you’ve tried using a hydro-jet without success, you should contact a professional plumber.

First, check the termination point of the drainage pipe. If there is any damage, remove the cover and debris. Then, insert a garden hose into the catch basin pipes and clean them. It may take a while, but the process is worth the effort. Make sure you have a few hoses to help you with the job. After a few attempts, the drain will be clear.

If you’re not sure if your backyard drains are shared, call your water sewerage company. This company can tell you where the blockage is located. Using a video camera will help you determine where the problem is located, allowing you to use a mechanical drum auger with a cutting blade for root removal. This will allow you to clear the clogged drainage line.

Signs that a clogged yard drain is a serious problem

Clogged yard drains can be a serious problem. Tree roots can get into the pipe and clog it, leading to foul odors and a flooded yard. To prevent this, be mindful of the condition of your yard and call a plumber as soon as possible. In many cases, tree roots are the culprit. It is also important to take note of any changes to the condition of your lawn.

Firstly, if your yard drain is located near a grassy area, you may notice pools of standing water. This may indicate that your yard drain has poor drainage qualities. In such a case, you may need to perform a site-wide inspection to determine the cause of the problem. If the problem is not resolved quickly, you may be required to dig up large areas of lawn to resolve it. Moreover, it may be unattractive to look at if a clogged yard drain is situated in an area with heavy rainfall. In addition to that, it can be a breeding ground for insects.

Another sign of a clogged yard drain is when water is dripping out of the pipe and pooling around it. A clogged yard drain is also visible if water is dripping from the ground or around an underground drain. This is most obvious when water stains the concrete, driveway, or deck. In extreme cases, it may be swampy, but it is not impossible to detect.

If a drain smells bad, it is likely a clog. A sewage-smelling drain will make you wonder whether it is a clogged yard drain. It may be a sign that a sewer line has ruptured, which can have serious consequences for your home and health. Similarly, unexplained puddles in the yard may indicate tree roots have grown into the yard drain.

Cost of hiring a professional to unclog a clogged yard drain

The price of a plumber to unclog a backed up backyard sewer drain will depend on the type and location of the sewage line. A clogged drain outside the home will cost significantly less than one inside the home. Another factor that will influence the price of a plumber to unclog a backed up sewer line is the method of drain cleaning used. Hydro jetting and snaking are two common methods for cleaning sewer lines.

The cost of hiring a professional to unclog your drain will depend on the size of the drain, the time it takes, and the difficulty of the sluggish drainage system. A typical plumber will charge between $50 and $100 per hour. Some plumbers will charge a flat fee if the clog is not too difficult to clear, while others have fixed rates for common drain cleaning jobs.

The average price of unclogging a main sewer line is between $350 and $650. Most people pay around $475 for a midsized clog. If the problem is not as severe, however, a plumber can remove the clog using chemicals for $75. However, if the clog is in the main sewer line, the plumber will charge up to $2,750 for a 10-foot section.