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How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost?

Before you choose a water heater, you need to consider its cost. There are two main types, electric and gas. While electric is typically less expensive to buy, gas is more expensive to install and requires a chimney travel. Both types require installation labor to be performed. Direct vent water heaters will cost you between $350-$4,000. They work by venting out into the atmosphere and are best located near an outside source. Indirect models need a longer chimney travel, so you may want to hire a plumber to complete this project.


The costs of Electric Water Heater Installation are determined by several factors. The setup of the new water heater plays a key role in the labor cost. If the water heater must be installed in an awkward location, the cost may increase substantially. Some of the factors that can affect the installation cost include:

Permits are required for most regions in the United States. You should check with the governing department before hiring a plumber to perform the installation. If a permit is required, contact the governing department to ensure that the proper paperwork is submitted. The cost estimates for new water heaters are based on Home Depot’s internal sales database and include applicable permit charges. In some cases, you can find lower prices by comparing multiple plumbing services before choosing one.

Besides the price of the unit itself, the installation of your new water heater also affects the cost. In some cases, installing your water heater will require you to climb several flights of stairs. However, it is possible to avoid this cost if you have a plumber perform the installation. Moreover, you can save money by choosing an energy-efficient water heater. But, you should also be aware of the additional expenses associated with installation, such as warranties. While they increase the price, they provide protection should a malfunction occur.


If you want to replace your old water heater, you can save a considerable amount of money by installing a new model yourself. The cost for a gas water heater installation is estimated as follows: the price of the new tank, the amount of heating flow needed, preparation, and special requirements. Additionally, the cost of labor is based on the current Unit Cost for the location and type of water heater. Homewyse uses this method and uses qualified trade professionals to get you the best price. The costs are estimated to increase if the work requires a master craftsman or premium materials.

If you decide to install a gas water heater yourself, you can buy a tank-style unit at a home improvement store or on the internet. Installation labor for a gas water heater can cost between $230 and $2,000, although the price will depend on the capacity of the unit, the warranty length, and repairs required to meet building codes. On average, CostHelper readers report paying between $630 and $1,706 for a gas water heater installation.


Solar water heaters have simple valves that control the amount of water they can warm. However, over time, these valves can fail. You can also get a double-walled tank, which provides greater insulation and is recommended for cold regions. All solar water heater systems come with shutoff switches and plumbing. Installing a valve requires a plumber. Depending on the type of valve you purchase, the cost can range from $45 to $200 per hour.

In addition to the labor cost, the price also includes the cost of solar site analysis. This will determine whether the solar collectors will meet expected efficiency levels, the correct orientation and tilt, and the number of solar panels required. A professional installer will generally include this in their price. For DIYers, they can check the Craftsman Estimator Costbook, which has a complete series for the year 2019. It also has the most up-to-date prices from vendor sites and literature reviews of DIY Web sites.

A solar water heater system consists of flat apparatus that collects thermal energy from the sun. These collectors are usually installed on a roof, in a southern location. A pump and heat exchanger will move water through the collectors to warm the water inside the home. A back-up water heater is necessary for emergency situations. If you decide to install a solar water heater, the labor costs will depend on the size of the tank and the location of the collectors.


Indirect water heaters use your home’s space heating system to heat the water. They typically use gas, oil, propane, electricity, or solar energy to heat water and are very energy-efficient. Indirect water heater installation labor cost varies widely. You’ll likely have to hire a contractor to install the system, so make sure you have the budget for this service. Indirect water heater installation labor cost depends on how much your boiler costs, how large the tank is, and the size of your home.

While the average cost of indirect water heater installation is about $1,200, the actual cost of labor can be significantly higher. Typically, water heater installation costs include the unit and normal plumbing, but if you want to have a hybrid water heater installed, you’ll likely pay between $1,200 and $4,300. Because hybrid water heaters utilize heat from the surrounding air to heat water, they are more energy-efficient than standard tank heaters. They may also qualify for additional rebates and tax credits.

Direct vent

If you’re considering a new water heater, a direct vent unit may be the best option. Direct vent models exhaust gasses directly outside your home and are less expensive to purchase. Because they don’t have as many moving parts, they also require less installation labor. However, they require venting. This is particularly important in older homes because venting a heater through a chimney may be difficult and can cost several hundred dollars.

If you’re planning to install a new Direct-Vent water heater, you should know that you can expect to pay around $300 for labor costs. However, you may need to pay more if the heater is located inside a wall. Similarly, if the heater is located too far from your home’s piping system, you may need to hire a plumber to complete the project. The labor costs for this project are estimated below.

Installing a traditional tank-style water heater will cost you anywhere from $270 to $1,500. These units must be connected to the water supply and output, as well as the energy source. In addition to the labor costs, you will also need to pay for electrical work and gas lines. If you choose a power-venting model, you will have to pay an additional $500-$1,500 for installation. The installation process is also much less invasive. The labor cost of a traditional tank-style water heater is usually less than two hundred dollars, as long as the unit is being replaced with the same model.


You can save money on your water heater installation by repiping it with PEX or Uponor instead of copper. PEX expands when frozen and Uponor swells without bursting. It can save you from thousands of dollars in damages if the water line breaks. It is also less expensive than copper. If you decide to replace the water line, you should know that the pipes in the water heater can get damaged over time.

The material costs for a new water heater installation are roughly $8 to $10 per foot, although this can vary based on region. A permit can cost as much as a couple hundred dollars. Some plumbers charge by the hour or by the job, while others charge a flat fee. The labor cost for a water heater installation can range anywhere from $270 to $500. Whether or not the plumber will be installing pipes depends on the location of the new water heater, and the number of pipes.

Pipe reducers

Many plumbers charge more for pro-press copper fittings than for regular copper fittings. However, you can save money by opting for the more common solder fittings. You can check out PPFA for more information. You can also replace your water heater’s old piping with more modern materials like PEX and Uponor. Pipe reducers reduce the labor cost of installing a water heater significantly.

Refinishing the wall

Refinishing the wall to reduce the water heater installation labor cost may be more expensive than you think. The location of your heater may require additional wall finishing. Additionally, a new water heater may require plumbing, which can be more costly than a replacement. You should be aware of these costs before you decide to install a water heater. Below are a few tips to help you save on labor costs.