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6.7 Cummins Turbo Actuator: Learn More Here

A 6.7 Cummins turbo actuator is a critical component that enables the truck to run at a higher speed and increase engine power. This device was developed to work with EFI-live aftermarket tuners and is designed to ensure that the exhaust brake does not interfere with its operation. The actuator comprises a gear housing, gaskets, and wiring adapter that move the turbo gear. The motor that drives the actuator is responsible for causing the gear to shift. If it fails due to a resistance, it can lead to a malfunction.


The HE300VG Turbo Actuator is the most common part to fail on a Ram Cummins. It is a key component because it tells the turbo when to open and close. It also controls variable geometry functionality, and it can fail electronically or mechanically. When the Actuator fails, the turbo will no longer receive proper commands, and the VGT won’t operate properly.

It’s relatively easy to install a new actuator, but the key to success is to make sure that the existing turbo is not causing the problem. Unless the turbo is causing the problem, a replacement actuator won’t be sufficient to fix it. And, installing a replacement actuator on a bad turbo can damage it further. In order to check the valves, you can pull the actuator out of the turbo and unscrew the gear from the actuator. Move the gear from one end to the other, and check to see that the gear moves smoothly without any friction. The movement should be smooth, and should be easy with your finger extended.

Using a HE300VG Turbo Actuator is a good option for a replacement 6.7 Cummins turbo. It’s easier to install than a second-generation swap kit. The HE300VG turbo actuator also comes with gaskets, and installation kit. In addition, it’s a great choice if your vehicle is older than two years and has a 6.7 Cummins engine.


If your 6.7 Cummins has a faulty turbo actuator, then you need to swap it out as quickly as possible. The HE351VE turbo actuator is the most popular type of actuator for this engine. This remanufactured model has all the same benefits as the HE351VE turbo, but it’s better than its predecessor. A variable geometry turbo has an A/R that depends on the amount of throttle input. Its exhaust brake prevents the buildup of carbon, soot, and rust, and keeps the sliding nozzle ring clean.

The HE351VE Cummins turbo actuator is fully remanufactured, and comes with all of the gaskets and installation kit you need to replace your existing unit. The HE351VE turbo actuator also has a matched actuator that allows it to be installed quickly and easily. It will fit your vehicle like a glove, and is 100% compatible with the OEM-supplied part you bought from the parts department of your local Dodge Ram dealership.


A well-made Cummins turbo actuator is essential to improve your truck’s performance. The geluoxi for 6.7 Cummins turbo actuator will add a few psi to your compressor and can sustain 30+ psi of boost with proper modifications. The actuator comes with gaskets and a wiring adapter. The unit includes a gear housing and wiring adapter to replace the existing turbo actuator.

While the stock turbo is popular, a 6.7 Cummins turbo actuator is a more expensive option. A high-quality replacement is available from a reputable brand, but it might cost you a little extra. Holset Turbo is a popular brand that offers a high level of quality but is priced within your budget. This model will cover all necessary mechanisms for the actuator to function properly, boosting your vehicle’s torque. Improved torque means better performance and more horsepower.