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Common Mercury 115 Four Stroke Problems

Despite its name, Mercury 115 Four Stroke motors can have many different kinds of problems. One of the most common problems is fuel pump failure, which is caused by poor quality fuel. Some owners also suffer from fuel pump failure due to poor fuel quality or the use of fuel stabilizers. Here are some possible fixes for this common problem. Listed below are some possible causes and fixes for Mercury 115 Four Stroke motors.


A typical symptom of a Mercury 115 four-stroke problem is a stalling engine. Stalls occur when the motor stalls at high speed and loses power. The engine shuts off abruptly and may stall anywhere from five to thirty-five miles per hour (MPH). If the engine stalls, it could be a result of corrosion, a clogged water separator, or a kicker motor. You should consult with a mechanic to identify any potential faulty areas, but be aware that stalling may be caused by a variety of problems.

Other symptoms of a Mercury 115 four-stroke boat engine may include a clogged fuel line or spark plugs. The fuel line may have become clogged, especially if the motor has been used in saltwater. Regardless of the symptoms, it is important to maintain the engine on a regular basis. You can prevent the onset of a problem by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.


The Mercury 115 is one of the lightest four-stroke outboards in its class, weighing in at just 399 pounds (180 kg), about 24 pounds heavier than the smallest two-stroke. Featuring the same shim-free valve architecture as the Verados, the Mercury 115 requires no valve maintenance for life. This engine also features Mercury’s limited three-year corrosion-failure warranty. It is also made from tough materials and uses a special hard-anodizing coating system and a painting process that includes 300 Series stainless steel parts.

Two years ago, my Mercury 115 h.p. 4-stroke was running great before my first outing. I had the mechanics change the fuel management system hoses and I replaced the gasoline and water seperator. The rest of the season, it ran fine. However, I was towed in at night and the next morning it stalled out after about an hour on the lake. So, what can I do?

The fuel system of your Mercury 115 hp four-stroke is prone to problems after a long time of storage. This means you should clean the injectors once every two years, even if the motor has only been used for a few hundred hours. Remember that sitting on your motor is worse than putting 1000 hours on it! So, before you take it in for a service, make sure you know about the problem.

The spark plugs and prop are two of the most common causes of Mercury 115 four-stroke problems. If you are using a motor in salty water, the spark plugs and fuel lines might be the problem. Mercury recommends that you check these areas regularly to ensure the proper working of your motor. This prevents any unnecessary downtime from occurring. Its fuel lines and ignition systems can also get clogged.


The Mercury 115 Pro XS outboard engine may experience hard shifting out of gear and pulling into reverse gear. If this is happening, you should consult a mechanic to check the engine. If you suspect a fault with the EFI engine, you should replace the ignition chip. In addition, you should check the components of the ignition system and apply an anti-corrosion chemical to any exposed connections. In order to determine if your Mercury engine is experiencing these issues, you should check the following components:

Propeller: A clogged propeller is one of the most common causes of Mercury 115 Pro XS problems. When it starts, it may be leaking oil or fuel, causing the propeller to malfunction. The spark plugs also need replacement. Salty water can cause fuel lines to become clogged. These are common problems for Mercury outboard engines. However, there are easy fixes for these problems.

Message Board: One of the best resources for Mercury Outboard owners is the Mercury Outboard Forum. Located at Mercury Marine, this community is a great place to find answers to your Mercury outboard engine and other marine problems. You can even upload pictures of your equipment. Be sure to make your post as detailed as possible, as short posts won’t be posted there. The Mercury Outboard Forum is an excellent resource for finding answers to all kinds of problems associated with Mercury outboard boat motors.

Bad fuel pump: Another common problem with a Mercury 115 Four Stroke motor is the fuel pump. The problem may be caused by bad fuel quality or the improper supply of fuel. Fuel pump issues can also be caused by improper fuel quality and improper use of fuel stabilizers. If the pump is bad, water and other contaminants may enter the engine, reducing performance. In addition, a faulty fuel pump will cause excessive vibrations, which will eventually cause engine failure.

Yamaha 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115

A new four-stroke from Yamaha offers performance that rivals its four-stroke cousins. The Yamaha 115, 90, and 75 hp four-strokes feature 1.8-liter displacement and DOHC or SOHC designs with four valves per cylinder for volumetric efficiency. The Yamaha 115 hp four-stroke also comes with EFI, or Electronic Fuel Injection. This helps to improve fuel efficiency and minimize exhaust emissions.

A bad fuel pump is a common problem with Yamaha 113 4-strokes. The fuel pump is responsible for bringing gas from the fuel tank to the engine, and it can cause a wide range of problems, from over-priming to misfires. A bad fuel pump can also lead to excessive vibration and bogging. The good news is that this is a simple repair.

Another benefit of Yamaha 4-stroke motors is that they are known for their compact size, great fuel efficiency, and excellent versatility. This engine is especially great for runabouts, middle-sized boats, and bowriders. This motor boasts the strength to handle the roughest seas and high waves. If you have a boat with a 115 4-stroke motor, it’s worth buying it. If you know how to troubleshoot a problem, you’ll have the engine running like new.

The Yamaha F115 is the lightest 114-horsepower four-stroke outboard on the market. Its new EFI technology makes it one of Yamaha’s top sellers. The Yamaha F115 is the first four-stroke 115-horsepower outboard that weighs less than 377 pounds and is expected to become the company’s best-selling model.