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BoosterPlug Engine Upgrade Solves Milwaukee 8 Engine Problems

If you have a Milwaukee 8 motorcycle and are wondering why you have oil sumping issues, it might be time to upgrade to a BoosterPlug fuel injection system. Harley-Davidson’s new 107-engine Milwaukee 8 (M8) models are equipped with an advanced engine upgrade that is truly revolutionary. To learn more, read on. Listed below are some common problems with Milwaukee Eight motorcycle motors, and how you can fix them yourself.

107-engine Milwaukee 8 (M8) Harley-Davidson models have a revolutionary engine upgrade

The new 107-engine Milwaukee 8 (M8) model has received an engine upgrade that gives it a better overall performance and smoother riding experience than its predecessors. It’s the same engine that powers Harley-Davidson’s Touring and Trike models. But the Milwaukee Eight engine has a few differences, too. This model uses four valves per cylinder instead of two. The result is more power and better acceleration, less heat and less mechanical noise, and an improved ergonomics.

The new engine features a single cam instead of dual cams. This reduces mechanical noise, giving the bike a richer exhaust note. The engine is also equipped with an increased-capacity Assist and Slip Clutch. The new hydraulic actuation reduces clutch lever effort by seven percent. The rubber-mounted Milwaukee 8 engine features a single internal counter balancer that cancels 75 percent of the primary vibration at idle.

The Milwaukee-Eight engine also provides better fuel efficiency. Its four-valve cylinder head allows for 50 percent more exhaust and intake flow than its predecessor. Additionally, its four-valve cylinder head design increases horsepower and torque by up to 10 percent. It’s also more fuel-efficient, and can reach Euro 4 emissions standards while delivering better performance.

The latest Harley-Davidson motorcycles are infused with new performance technology and styling. The new Low Rider model is inspired by the individuality of custom chopper styles. Its lightweight frame and new suspension make it fast and precise, while the low-slung Softail Slim model pays tribute to post-war custom bobbers with its sleek and slim design, solo seat, and minimal chrome.

The new Milwaukee-Eight engine is the most powerful motorcycle engine ever offered in Harley-Davidson Big Twin cruisers. The engine retains the 45-degree V-Twin cylinder angle, a single camshaft design, and rigid engine mounting. This also reinforces the stiffness of the chassis and reduces vibration while maintaining a traditional Harley-Davidson ride.

The newest Softail(r) motorcycles also feature new suspension components calibrated to match the dynamics of the M8 models. A new dual-bending valve front suspension offers the same performance as a cartridge fork but is geared for comfortable cruising and dynamic riding. It features a 130 mm bump-devouring travel and rake and trail for enhanced handling and comfort.

Common M8 oil sumping issue with early Milwaukee Eight motors

The Harley M8 oil sumping problem occurs when excess engine fluid accumulates in the crankcase. This occurs due to a design flaw in the oil pump, which does not scavenge enough oil from the crankcase. As a result, the oil level in the sump rises. A flywheel aerates the oil, making it harder to remove the excess fluid.

The Milwaukee-Eight oiling system is a delicate balancing act that needs to maintain the correct level of oil, the proper pressure, and optimal power production without generating excessive heat. The result is excessive friction and a loss of power for the Harley M8 engine. This issue can be solved by installing a new 2020 oil pump. Aftermarket companies also manufacture aftermarket oil pumps with better performance.

BoosterPlug fuel injection upgrade fixes problem

BoosterPlug fuel injection upgrade for the Milwaukee 8 engine solves common problems with lean running and increases horsepower. This upgrade uses the factory map as a base and makes the air/fuel ratio richer where needed. Fuel injection systems have advanced technology, and changing the system only when needed is a winning strategy. In addition, the BoosterPlug is designed to improve fuel economy, and the upgrade can be customized to increase fuel mileage.

The Milwaukee 8 engine struggles with lean mixtures on stock bikes. These problems manifest themselves as poor low-speed power, poor idle power, and snatchy throttle action. To fix these problems, BoosterPlug is the only proper fuel injection upgrade for the Milwaukee 8 engine. Its unique tuning module allows you to enrich the air/fuel ratio in critical areas and plug it into the ignition for easy installation.

The BoosterPlug is cheaper than Power Commander and does not require complicated installation. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and no cutting is required. BoosterPlug is compatible with all 2017 and 2018 DUCATI Diavel models and works on older models as well. If you need to increase horsepower, look no further. This upgrade will make your ride faster and more fuel-efficient.

The BoosterPlug is the easiest and most affordable way to change your motorcycle’s fuel injection system. The plug simply plugs into your motorcycle’s wiring harness, removing the need for cutting or complicated programming. Its unique tuning system solves common stalling and lean-running issues, and makes the bike safer to ride and more enjoyable. The BoosterPlug fuel injection upgrade also gives your motorcycle a better sound and feels better.