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Yamaha Outboard Problems 115-HP 4-Stroke

If you’re a proud owner of a 115-HP 4-stroke, you’ve probably had some issues with your outboard motor. Here are the most common problems and solutions. Also, learn how to properly repair your outboard. These are just some of the problems you might experience when using a 4-stroke. But keep in mind that not every problem is easy to fix. For more information, visit our Yamaha outboard troubleshooting page.

115-HP 4-stroke

Despite being highly reliable, 115-HP Yamaha outboard motors are notorious for experiencing occasional problems. These problems can be caused by faulty electrical systems, blown fuses, and a damaged battery. To resolve these problems, follow these simple steps. If you encounter the same problem, check your main fuse. If it’s not blown, clean your carburetor. Then, check your battery.

Often, faulty engines fail at a high rate and may require expensive repairs. These problems can be hidden in the engine’s coatings, and consumers will only discover them after they have progressed. A Florida class action lawsuit centered on a 115-HP Yamaha outboard engine has been filed on behalf of a plaintiff who lost a lot of power after the motor developed problems. Despite having a seemingly good exterior and interior, the mechanic who examined her boat identified significant corrosion in the engine’s internal exhaust components.

Propeller shafts and cylinder head gaskets are other common causes of 115-HP Yamaha outboard problems. Propeller shafts, for example, can cause excessive vibration, over-priming, and bogging down. Changing these components can be easy and inexpensive. If the spark plugs are still not fixed, you can contact a Yamaha dealer for assistance. To diagnose and repair your 115-HP Yamaha outboard problems, check your outboard’s owner’s manual.

If you find a battery that is damaged, try charging it. Be sure to reconnect the positive battery first before connecting the negative one. In any case, you should have the electrical system checked by a Yamaha-certified mechanic. If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, consult your owner’s manual or contact a Yamaha dealer. However, if your outboard still won’t start, it’s likely caused by an electrical system fault.

The Yamaha 115-HP outboard motor has become a popular choice for boating enthusiasts because of its durability and power. However, there are some common problems associated with the 115-HP model. For example, some users have reported that the outboard doesn’t crank easily and they have to try harder to start it. But there are some common issues with the Yamaha 115 outboard motor, and most of them are easy to fix.

F115 problems have been affecting a lot of 115-HP models. Fortunately, there’s no need to panic. Yamaha isn’t discontinuing the F115, but it may be easing out its stock. The 115-HP range is too popular to drop. Yamaha has not replied to this posting. If you’re still having problems with your 115-HP outboard, check your owners manual to see if you can get an affordable replacement.

If you are wondering why your 115-HP Yamaha outboard is having problems, the answer might be because the manufacturer of your outboard motor used a Mercury engine block. Mercury purchased the block from Yamaha in an assembled state, and bolted it onto its gear case and midsection. There’s no co-development or manufacturing agreement between Yamaha and Mercury. That’s why Mercury’s four-stroke motors are so much better than the Yamaha engines.

Common problems

Yamaha outboards have been making high quality motors for decades, but like any other vehicle, they can develop problems. While the Mercury 115 pro xs is one of the most popular models, it too can have problems. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter. Your battery may be weak, so check your battery to make sure it isn’t just a starting battery. It could also be a deep-cycle battery.

One of the most common problems with a Yamaha outboard is a dead battery. If you notice that your battery is dying, you may need to replace it. In the meantime, try charging it again. If you still cannot start the motor, get the assistance of a professional mechanic. There are many different ways to diagnose problems with your outboard’s electrical system. You may need a Yamaha certified mechanic to diagnose the issue.

Clogged fuel injectors are another common problem with a Yamaha outboard. These can cause misfires and poor performance. In addition, a clogged fuel injector can cause excessive vibrations. It can also affect the fuel efficiency of the engine. To address these issues, make sure to clean and inspect the fuel pump. The water can damage the engine, which could lead to a total failure.

Trouble starting and running your outboard motor is another common problem. Make sure you have enough gasoline in the tank and the proper octane level. If there is water in the fuel, check for leaks in fuel lines. Replace or tighten any leaks. If the fuel is watery, call a professional mechanic to inspect your outboard. It’s always best to consult a professional when you are having trouble starting your outboard.

Other common yamaha outboard problems may include a dead battery and an overheated engine. Some problems with Yamaha outboards may include faulty spark plugs, which can interrupt ignition. Fuel line jams can also be a problem, so you may need to clean it. Your carburetor may also need cleaning. If these are common problems with your outboard, it is probably time to replace it.

You can also contact a dealership if you have a problem with your Yamaha outboard motor. The company offers helpful maintenance tips and information for owners. For example, it offers a fishing forecast that you can share on social media. The website also features an events calendar, where you can learn about boating events near you. Even if your outboard motor is brand new, you’ll likely experience problems occasionally. Luckily, most problems are easy to repair and don’t require a repairman.


When your Yamaha outboard motor is having problems starting, the main cause could be a blown fuse or a blown battery. In this case, you can easily check the fuse or battery with pliers. If you still can’t start your outboard, you should visit a mechanic or take your boat to a boat dealership for a professional diagnosis. Fortunately, Yamaha is a reputable brand with over 10 million motors sold worldwide.

One of the first steps in any outboard motor repair is to check the spark plugs. Spark plugs are located inside the engine case in each cylinder. The type you need to check depends on the type of outboard you have. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine what type you need. Replace brittle or burned spark plugs with new ones. Another cause for trouble is a damaged propeller shaft.

When troubleshooting a Yamaha outboard, be sure to monitor the temperature gauge. When the engine temperature increases, water may not flow out of the exhaust. This is an indicator of overheating. Check the oil level as well. If you notice the fuel line is dripping or the engine is not starting, contact a professional mechanic. In addition to checking the fuel line, be sure to check the motor before heading out on the water.

After confirming that ethanol was not the cause of the problem, you should inspect the exhaust system. There could be internal exhaust corrosion that is hidden in the engine’s coating. If you have this problem, you will only notice it once it is too advanced. If it is internal exhaust corrosion, it can also affect the motor’s performance. Often, the engine may start smoking, and that means that your motor has no power. If you want to avoid wasting thousands of dollars on repairs, you can call a mechanic.

You can also try to locate a problem online. Yamaha has a forum dedicated to its outboards. The forum contains information from fellow boaters and owners on how to fix common problems with your outboard. Some of these posts cover electrical systems, electronics, tilt and trim problems, and other issues that you may encounter with your outboard. If your outboard has a blown engine, you’ll be able to find the right solution.

Besides bad fuel pump, bad ignition switch, and faulty engine parts are other common causes of Yamaha outboard problems. It’s important to keep track of these problems to keep your boat in the water. You should check your engine’s main fuse and replace it if necessary. If these don’t solve the problem, you’ll need to replace the battery. It’s an easy and inexpensive repair. Similarly, clogged fuel injectors can cause misfires, excessive vibration, and bogging down.