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Pure Clear Frying Oil by MEMBER’S MARK

MEMBER’S MARK makes a pure clear frying oil. It contains 14 grams of fat and 130 calories per serving. It also contains zero grams of carbohydrates and protein. Pure clear frying oil by MEMBER’S MARK also contains IU of vitamin A, mcg of vitamin C and mcg of vitamin D. What’s so great about it? You can use it to make your favorite stir-fries or frittatas.

Member’s Mark Pure Clear Frying Oil

This premium frying oil comes in a convenient 35-pound container for commercial and home use. Whether you’re doing deep frying or pan searing, or just stir-frying, this oil can handle the job. And the smart-spout design makes pouring a breeze. Whether you’re cooking for one or a large crowd, the Member’s Mark Clear Frying Oil has what you need.

As far as nutrition facts go, the Pure Clear Frying Oil by MEMBER’S MARK has about 130 calories per serving. It contains zero carbohydrates, proteins, or sugars. Plus, it has zero grams of cholesterol. What’s more, it’s a good source of IU vitamin A, mg of vitamin C, and mcg of vitamin D. You can’t beat that!

Another plus: it contains zero grams of trans fat per serving. This oil is a plant-based oil derived from soybeans. It delivers a pure taste and will not interfere with the fresh flavor of meat or dough. The crispy texture of the food is another benefit. Its high smoke point of 425degF makes it ideal for frying. You can use this oil in any kind of frying task.

XTREME(r) Canola Oil

XTREME(r) Canolan Oil is a premium quality cooking oil made from pure canola oil. Its long frying time and low saturated fat content make it an ideal choice for frying. This oil is low in trans fats and contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease. Its light taste makes it ideal for frying, but it doesn’t transfer flavors to the food.

Another quality of this frying oil is its smoke point. If oil is heated past the smoke point, it can produce an unpleasant odor and burnt taste to the food. However, the smoke point of vegetable oil is 450 degrees F, making it perfect for frying just about anything in the kitchen. The smoke point of this oil is higher than other types of frying oil.

This oil is free of proteinaceous materials and is healthy for your family. Its smoke point is 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit or 204-230degC. It’s also non-GMO, and you can use it as long as it is stored at 65 to 75 degrees F. It’s best to use this oil within 12 months of manufacture. The shelf life of this oil depends on how you use it, but it can last for many years when properly stored.

Harvest Value Clear Vegetable Frying Oil

With zero grams of trans fat per serving, Harvest Value Clear Vegetable Frying Oil is a great alternative to butter and other heavy fats. Made of soybean oil, this vegetable oil offers a pure taste and crispness, ensuring your food comes out delicious and crispy. Because the oil has a smoke point of 425 degrees F, it can handle high heats without degrading. Use it for your favorite stir fries, fried potatoes, and more!

You can find professional-grade oils and vinegars at Harvest Value, along with deli standards, condiments, and soup bases. In addition to oils and vinegar, you’ll find whole canned tomatoes, chicken nuggets, and mozzarella by the brick. You can even find fruit cobblers and other restaurant staples. Best of all, you’ll be able to get the supplies you need at wholesale prices and bulk quantities.

Xtreme(r) Canola LS

The Xtreme(r) Canolac LS Pure Clear Frying Oil is the perfect blend of canola and corn oils, and is naturally free of trans fats. Using this oil will reduce your food costs and provide a healthier option for your family’s frying needs. Its light and pure taste will not transfer to other foods and has a long fry life.

Canola oil is a highly refined, bleached, and deodorized blend of canola seed oils. It contains no more than 6% saturated fat per serving and is gluten-free. The frying oil should be stored between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit in a cool, odor-free area. It is best to use within 12 months of manufacture.