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Aries Musicians: Who Are They?

Aries Musicians: Who Are They?

Aries natives are aggressive, competitive and youthful. They express their own personalities and aesthetic sense through their music. While their love of music is not necessarily limited to hip hop, this sign is also very interested in alternative music. This interest in alternative music began even before Aries thought of himself as a career artist. In middle school, Aries remembers freestyle rapping with his friends. He was also fascinated by YouTube, which led him to create a YouTube channel.

Venus in Aries natives express their own sense of aesthetics and personality in their music

The aesthetic sense of the Venus in Aries is reflected in their love life. They crave stimulation, energy and activity. They are not attracted to vagueness or stuffy relationships. Venus in Aries natives are quick to fall in love. They are attracted to bold, active art and products. Their passions are endless. They may be clingy but they’ll never leave you.

If Venus is in Aries, its natives often love to express their personal style through their music. They’re comfortable around family, malls and natural landscapes. Their ambitions are high, but they find poetry and literature intellectually stimulating. They’re also likely to have issues with their ears. This is not to say that Venus in Aries natives aren’t lovable, but their sense of aesthetics and personality is expressed in their music.

People with Venus in Aries’ strong sense of aesthetics will be extremely expressive and colorful, with a flair for the dramatic and the edgy. They’ll have an eye for detail and will often use music to express their personality. They’ll also make their fans happy by expressing their individual sense of aesthetics and personality. These natives will also make good performers.

The planet of pleasure and harmony – Venus in Aries – rules the heart. Those born under this sign often have an overly critical nature, and may feel embarrassed or guilty about their choices. However, their hearts are full of love and they enjoy sharing this with others. Aries and Libra share the planet Venus, making them good communicators, but their speeds are different.

They are young

They are young Aries was born in Wichita, Kansas, but has since become a California boy through. Growing up, Aries was surrounded by music, including his dad’s professional violin career. By the third grade, he was enamored with rock music, asking his mother to buy a copy of Linkin Park’s Live in Texas DVD. Aries soon realized that he was on to something.

The young Aries’ new album is a 12-track collection of songs that showcase the artist’s eclectic musical influences. While some of the songs are based on rap or pop rock, their production style is unique. The single “Kids on Molly” has a whiplash sound, while “One Punch” is a hip-hop-infused rock song. The 12-track album is a reflection of the upcoming artist’s personal journey and finds balance.

“Kids on Molly” is from Aries’ upcoming album. It follows previous single “Ditto” and features an electric guitar and idiosyncratic production flourishes. The song is an ode to youth and the energy and lyrical content that goes with it. Aries is often impulsive and in love easily, but struggles to make a lasting relationship.

Aries’ creativity extends beyond the music realm. He self-directed his music videos and designed his debut album artwork. The group’s WUNDERWORLD brand carries products featuring his designs and illustrations. ‘FOOL’S GOLD’ and ‘DITTO’ are just two singles from the new album. The highly anticipated “BELIEVE IN ME” is due out in May. It’s sure to be a hit.

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