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1978 Chinese Zodiac: Ultimate Online Guide

1978 Chinese Zodiac: Ultimate Online Guide

If you were born in 1978, your year of birth falls under the Chinese Zodiac horse. There are several things to know about this year’s Chinese zodiac animal. The horse represents the fire element. The Chinese zodiac also includes other animals, including the Snake and Tiger. Whether you’re born in 1978 is entirely up to you, but it’s good to know your star sign if you want to make the most of your year!

Fire Horse

If you were born in the year 1978, you are a fire horse. This sign is down to earth and cheerful. People born in this year will enjoy good luck with money. Though they may not win the lottery, you will be able to make a decent amount of money investing. However, you must be cautious of getting carried away and over-spending. Read on to learn what the best investment ideas are for this sign.

People born in the year 1978 have a favorable relationship with dragons, roosters, sheep, pigs, and rabbits. However, if you’re a horse born on 7 February 1978, you’re best off avoiding foxes, rats, and roosters. Your zodiac sign will also dictate which types of pets you should avoid. However, these animals do have definite benefits and ties to your personality.

Earth Horse

Men born under the sign of the 1978 Chinese zodiac are highly attractive and charming, but they will have many relationships before finding a good match. While men born under this sign can be loyal, they also tend to spend too much time trying to appear nice to be attractive. This sign has a tendency to be indecisive and spends a lot of time making himself seem good to others. Despite their indecisiveness, women born under this sign are very sociable.

Career wise, the 1978 Chinese zodiac Earth Horse is likely to experience career bumps during the next five years. It’s not uncommon for a horse to experience frequent job changes, or even lose their career. But don’t worry, because with patience and effort, new opportunities will open up for you. If you’re born under the Chinese zodiac in 1978, be patient and keep an open mind. You’ll have many opportunities to succeed in your life if you can keep your head up.


The Year of the Tiger is known as the Year of the Tiger in Chinese astrology. Tigers are naturally charismatic and are well suited to leadership roles. These individuals crave attention and have the ability to command a room. Notable people with tiger birth signs include Queen Elizabeth II, Marylyn Monroe, Fidel Castro, and Usain Bolt. Those born under this sign must watch out for the unlucky number of five, which represents bad luck.

The Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac is the third animal in the cycle. The animal represents power and respect and is considered the “King of the Jungle.” People born under this animal have a great sense of humor, are enthusiastic, and are eager to try new things. They have warm hearts and are generous. They should be cautious around third parties in their relationships, as these people can cause trouble for their partners.


The Snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese zodiac. It is associated with a 12-year cycle and was first introduced during the Tang dynasty (8th century). According to the Chinese zodiac, the Snake hid in a Horse’s hoof during the great race. The snake emerged from the Horse’s hoof as it crossed a river, scaring it almost to death and stealing sixth place. This incident led to the snake being named the sixth animal in the Chinese zodiac.

The snake is associated with the earth element, a sign that indicates hard work and a down-to-earth attitude. Snakes born in 1978 are independent and determined, while people born before that year are considered snakes. A snake under fire indicates cunning, a happy personality, and psychic relations. Therefore, people born in 1978 are often considered successful in sales, banking, and e-commerce. It can also lead a happy life.


The rat is a multi-talented, charming, and ambitious sign, with good judgment, adaptability, and outgoing personality. The rat is cautious and can be stingy with money, but has a wealth of talent to offer. Despite having a relatively short lifespan, Rats are generally quite successful in life. While their early years may be rather unlucky, the good news is that they’ll be richer and more successful later in life.

The Rat’s personality reflects the five elements of traditional Chinese zodiac. This year’s Rat is independent, pessimistic, brave, and traditional. The rat is very careful with money, but also very loyal and devoting. This is the same for men and women born in 1978. If you’re a Rat, it’s important to understand how the five elements affect your personality.


The dog is a sign that appears in the Chinese Zodiac every year. The Chinese consider it to be a lucky animal and associate it with prosperity. But the Chinese do not love dogs as much as they do cats. There are many negative sayings and idioms about dogs. The Chinese view loyalty and servility as virtues, while they find the dog’s bark to be irritating. As a result, the Chinese never refer to adults as dog or cat, or even a puppy.

The Chinese believe that the year in which you were born is considered to be a year of bad luck. In addition to this, you will be likely to offend Tai Sui, the God of Age in Chinese mythology. This means you should be extra careful in every aspect of your life. While your dog is generally loyal and amiable, he may be a difficult animal to deal with and may even lack communication skills.


People born in the year 1978 are considered to be very practical, dependable, and earnest. They have a social nature, and their family and friends support them in all areas of life. Although pigs have a reputation for being lazy and unmotivated, they are also extremely practical. Fortunately, a Pig is good with money and gets along with just about everyone. However, romances with pigs can be a little rockier, and they should have a separate emergency fund.

Those born in the year 1978 may be lucky to find love in their life if they are willing to be patient. The Chinese zodiac predicts that unmarried female Pigs may have a difficult time finding a partner. Married Pigs, on the other hand, will find it easy to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. Regardless of the year you are born under, you should take care of yourself by eating healthy and staying physically active.


The pigeon in 1978 Chinese zodiac represents a person born between January 1 and February 6. People born in this year have a strong sense of responsibility. They are kind, honest and reliable. However, they are impatient, and they tend to complain about their unhappiness. Although this animal is often misunderstood, there are many aspects of a pigeon that make it an excellent sign for your future.

A pigeon’s home-coming ability is largely due to its innate homing abilities. In races, pigeons must navigate through multiple obstacles to reach their nest. Some people have even used large nets to catch homing pigeons, but this practice is becoming illegal in China, and Huang Libing is determined to put an end to this cruel practice.


The Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac falls between January 27 and February 7, so people born in this year will likely be more optimistic than usual. Horses are generally easygoing and kind, and are known for being reliable friends. However, people born under the sign of the Horse are also impatient, and they’ll be quick to point out their weaknesses. If you’re born in 1978, you’ll be happier if you focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

While many animal signs are prone to wanderlust and experience mood swings, the Horse has the ability to get bored easily if things don’t move fast enough for them. In addition, the Horse tends to be more stable and grounded than other animal signs, which helps the person’s career and life in general. If you’re born under the Horse in 1978, you might have a hard time settling down in a relationship.

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