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Attract a male Cancer zodiac sign. A Cancer man’s harsh exterior masks an inner kindness and gentleness. Although this man’s aloof exterior appears cold and distant, this is just a protective shield to protect his delicate emotions. To attract a Cancer man, learn to recognize his unique personality traits. After all, he is more likely to be friendly and understanding than you think. The traits below will help you attract a Cancer man.


According to a new study, men who have had cancer are more likely to be retired than other male cancer survivors. The study involved 130 men who were invited to participate. Of these men, 101 responded to the questionnaire, a response rate of 78%. The researchers also found that men with cancer were less likely to be employed, and that they were less likely to feel optimistic about finding a new job once they’d lost their current one.

The study population included all men with a definitive diagnosis of cancer who were receiving supportive or curative services at Shahid Ghazi hospital in Pakistan. They included those who were married before the disease was diagnosed, were educated and literate, and had adequate physical and mental abilities. They also excluded patients who had any familial or marital issues, including alcoholism. The sample size was calculated to be 100 patients. However, the authors caution that further research is needed to confirm the findings of the study.

In a relationship, the Cancer and Dragon combination is a unique mix. The person is romantic and dreamy, but is also capable of building lasting relationships. The Dragon is responsible for following rules and is a good communicator. However, these traits are tempered with a serious side-effect: a lack of emotional intelligence. If you want to build a strong relationship with a Cancer-Dragon combination, the two signs are complementary.


The first step in attracting male Cancer men is to be patient. This zodiac sign tends to be shy and he may not be comfortable approaching you directly if you approach him without any pretensions. But once you’ve got his attention and shown your interest, you can make sure that he will be more inclined to want to get to know you and trust you. Cancer men are also known to be insecure and need someone to reassure them and prove their worth. So, try to be patient, but make your feelings clear.

Male Cancers are attracted to women who are strong-willed and remind them of their mother. Sex with this man may start as a sweet encounter, but the erotic fantasy may turn out to be far more intense. If you’re unable to be consistent, your sex sessions with him can turn out to be very odd. This zodiac sign looks for a partner who will protect him, understand him, and defend him against his enemies.

Men in the Cancer zodiac are particularly sensitive and will withdraw into their shell when angered or criticized. They don’t appreciate being pushed or prodded by others and are not apt to make moves with women who are arrogant or superior to them. A Cancer man needs to be secure and safe and this is why he’ll not make any moves until he’s completely satisfied with you.

Cancer and Scorpio are soulmates. Both sign have a deep emotional depth. If a Scorpio is attracted to a shy Cancer, he’ll be in the same place. His deep empathy and compassion will attract him, but he will be patient and will stay in your life if you’re both compatible. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find love with this guy!


The Male Cancer zodiac personality is a very sensitive, nurturing type of man who needs his partner to be attentive to his volatile antics. This man is traditionally minded, but wants someone to cherish him for his loyalty and warmth. A home-cooked meal and classic courtship are good choices for a Cancer man. His intense emotions may be difficult to handle at times, but if you can keep up with his mood swings, you’re sure to win him over.

The Cancer man has a temperament that fluctuates constantly. He is a deep thinker and delved into subjects that likely influenced his sentiments. This characteristic makes the man appear mysterious and complex at times. A Cancer man feels most motivated when living an altruistic life. His inclinations are in the culinary arts, medicine, and defense. But these are just a few of the traits of the male Cancer zodiac personality.

The Cancer man is extremely loyal, particularly to his partner and friends. His devoted and sentimental nature makes him an excellent listener. Because of this, they tend to have a small circle of friends. These men are also loyal and responsible, and they are often very attentive to their partners. This type of man also has impeccable table manners. His family ties are very strong. He is extremely close to his mother and maintains vivid childhood memories. He is very protective and loving with his family and friends, but is also very shy and selective about the people he spends time with.

As with other Zodiac signs, Cancers share common characteristics. They are both persistent and empathetic. The only weakness they share is stubbornness. Instinct is a very strong trait for this sign, so if you’re in a relationship, you should be able to work out the best ways to manage the relationship. They’re also very helpful with money. They’re the perfect wealth manager.

Attraction to a Cancer man

Attraction to a Cancer man will take patience, and you’ll need it, too. Cancer men are highly sensitive and will retreat into a shell when angered or criticized. This makes them difficult to open up to, and they need the safety of their partners to be secure and happy. Women who are arrogant or superior to them won’t attract a Cancer man. If you want to attract a Cancer man, you must make your feelings clear.

When it comes to attraction, a Cancer man will want to meet a woman with a strong personality and a sense of self. A Cancer man will be attracted to women who remind him of his mother. Sex with a Cancer man can get rather erotic, as he is sensitive to rejection. The Cancer man wants you to be an emotional support, not someone who pushes you around or tries to impress him.

The Cancer man will love you for your appearance, but he doesn’t appreciate heavy layers of makeup. These women are too flashy for his liking. They also make themselves look untrustworthy. Wearing natural makeup is the best way to attract a Cancer man. A Cancer man can be ridiculously clingy, so if you want to attract a Cancer man, keep your makeup natural. A Cancer man can be incredibly emotional, so it’s crucial that you make him feel that you are worth the effort.

Keeping your emotions in check will be important when it comes to attracting a Cancer man. Cancer men are incredibly sensitive, and they want their partners to remain romantic and passionate. Being too masculine or too feminine can turn him off. A Cancer man will appreciate a woman who can balance these opposites. It will take some work on your part, but the effort will be well worth it. If you can do this, you will attract a Cancer man in no time.

Relationships with a Cancer man

When you’re dating a Cancer man, you’ll have to keep in mind his unique needs. Although he may be unrestrained and emotional, he also has his own way of doing things. Even when these traits are not malicious, he may be rude at times. If you find this out early on, you can learn how to deal with your Cancer man’s irritability and anger without hurting your feelings or his feelings.

A Cancer man will stick by you, both during good times and bad, and will be a great support system. When a friend is grieving, a Cancer man will hold their hand and pull them until they feel safe again. Because Cancers have a deep sensitivity to emotions, they are very protective of their partners. You should never beg him for intimacy or you may turn him off. It can cause him to think that you’re selfish.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a Cancer man, you need to learn how to handle his unpredictable nature. He has enormous potential for knowledge and will be surprised by your requests. A Cancer man will only trust you if you can accept his needs and show him that you’re interested. He’ll never open up to you immediately. Instead, he’ll slowly but surely develop an interest in you.

You should also be aware of his need for solitude. This is one of his greatest weaknesses. But it doesn’t mean he’s indecisive or indifferent to his needs. A Cancer man will be an excellent lover who is devoted to you. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, make sure you’re willing to work on your own emotional development. Even though he may not be a good student or seductress, he’ll still be open to the idea of being with someone.