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Jesus Zodiac Sign: What Was He?

Jesus Zodiac Sign: What Was He?

The Moon, Planets, and Ascendant are the major aspects that make up Jesus’ Zodiac Sign. This article will discuss each of these aspects and how to use them to better understand your own personal Zodiac Sign. Once you’ve learned about your Zodiac Sign, you’re ready to start exploring the many possible interpretations of Jesus. After all, if Jesus was born in March, his birthday would be March 14th.


An Ascendant in Jesus zodiac signs is one of the most unusual combinations. Unlike a Virgo ascendant, an Earth sign’s Ascendant points to the house of Capricorn. As the zodiac sign preceding Capricorn, Sagittarius is half man, half horse. It is a dark time of year, and this is reflected in the manger.

The birth chart of Jesus contains six planets in the Pisces zodiac sign. These planets are Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. The Biblical Jesus was highly spiritual and devoted to helping those in need. He was also a selfless man, and even willing to lay down his life for others. But what is so special about a Pisces man? There are many interpretations, and it’s not just the birthdate that matters.

Putting forward a natal chart for Jesus is sacrilegious to many people. But the truth is, astrology cannot capture the essence of the Lord. Although Jesus walked the Earth and was born at a certain point in time, a birth chart is necessary in order to accurately portray his life. Capricorn Research has uncovered the most likely moment when God became man. A biography excerpt may also provide insight on Jesus’ birth time.

In the Book of Matthew, the Three Kings’ search for the baby Jesus may have been influenced by the astrology of the time. They may have used ancient astrocartography or other divination techniques to locate the baby Jesus. The Three Kings were likely astrologers. Their role in finding Jesus was critical in announcing his birth and proving his divinity. The three wise men followed a special star that they interpreted as the sign of a Jewish king. These men were probably priests from the Persian region.


A probable natal birth chart for Jesus of Nazareth has been created through astrological research. The birth of Jesus would have occurred when the Moon was in the sign of Virgo, with the Sun in Capricorn. The Sun represents the basic soul characteristics of the incarnated self, the golden light of Spirit. The Moon represents the physicalized human being’s internal Mother Nature, the silvery Moon representing the female Yin aspect of the Mother.

The birth narrative of Jesus is a mixture of astrology and biblical prophecy. The biblical book of Micah predicts that the Messiah will be born in Bethlehem. It is this association between astrology and Christ that gives rise to Matthew’s conception of Jesus as a universal king. While the New Testament does not explicitly mention the horoscope of Jesus, sufficient data suggests that he was born and died under the sign of Virgo.

According to the ancient rabbinical tradition, the astrological charts of Jews were a reflection of the desires of the soul. In contrast, the fourth century Nicean Council, which established many of the fixed doctrines of Christianity, distorted this astrological symbol for egoistic purposes. It was in this context that a few scholars questioned the meaning of the Moon in Jesus zodiac sign. As a result, the Moon in Jesus zodiac sign was given a new meaning.

The date of Jesus’ birth is also significant because it corresponds to the time of year his birth would have occurred. Jesus was born in Bethlehem at 1:21 AM on March 1st, 7 BC. The birth chart of this historical figure also contains six planets in the sign of Pisces, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Despite his occult nature, Jesus was a highly spiritual man who was willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others.

Albumasar’s books were translated into Latin and were widely used by late medieval scholars and astrologers. Albertus Magnus mentioned that Albumasar had assigned Jesus’s ASC to the first decan of Virgo, and Roger Bacon mentioned Albumasar’s horoscope of Christ in his writings. As a result, the horoscope of Christ has been the subject of much debate among astrologers. If the horoscope of Christ was accurate, then it will confirm its extraordinary nature.

Christians believe that the astrological signs tell the story of Jesus. As Jesus was a branch of the branch in the Bible, the signs of the zodiac are branches of the Holy Spirit that bear the fruits of the Spirit. Libra represents judgment by weight, humanitarianism, and balancing light and dark actions. Just as earthly crimes are judged by governments, spiritual crimes are judged by God. As such, the crucifixion of Jesus pays for this sin debt through his sacrifice.


If you have the natal Jupiter in your astrological chart, you’ll likely experience some type of spiritual awakening. This enlightening and life-changing influence is based on the planetary distributions in the first house. The first house is the most energetic, and corresponds to four famous angles: the Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant, and Midheaven. Each planet’s distribution emphasizes a specific sign and element.

Some astronomers believe that Jupiter and Venus appeared together in the heavens on June 17, 2 B.C. The conjunction was so rare that wise men from the east might have predicted that a great king would be born in Israel. At that time, king Herod of the Jews was paranoid about planetary displacement, and the word ”star” was interpreted very differently. Jupiter and Saturn would never have been so close together that they were confused as a single object, but the astronomers’ interpretation of the planetary conjunctions was based on the stars and their positions at the time.

Matthew’s birth narrative contrasts the astronomical omen with a biblical prophecy. The prophet Micah predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, and Matthew’s magi know the time and place of his birth. Astrologers often gave oracles to sanction royal regimes, and Matthew adopts this motif in order to display Christ’s universal sovereignty. However, the New Testament doesn’t directly speak of Jesus’ horoscope, but there is sufficient data in the New Testament to infer the dates of his birth and death.

In fact, the natal horoscope of the messiah could perfectly match the prophecy from the prophet Isaiah. Jesus’ astrological sign would also contain Jupiter, the son of Saturn, and the father of Mars. This combination would indicate a new age, and the star of Bethlehem could be a supernova, and the star of Bethlehem, a star that shines in the sky, could also be an important occurrence for Jesus.

The birth of Jesus can be linked to a celestial phenomenon. The star of Bethlehem, which appeared in the skies over Jesus’ birthplace, may have triggered a lunar eclipse. Ancient sources describe comets and other celestial objects as omens that indicate the gods’ favor. For example, the comet Halley’s Comet appeared between 11 and 12 BCE. The star of Bethlehem may have pointed out Earth as a sign in the sky, and it was also visible in the Chinese annals.

Among Jesus’ other attributes, the sun’s position in Pisces influences his personality. The sun can’t view the planet until it catches up with it, but it can see the planet when it’s passing beyond it. In other words, the sun’s position in the zodiac sign of Jesus can affect the way he deals with other people. This may explain why Jesus is so generous and kind.

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