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How to Make a Moon Phases Wall Hanging

A moon phases wall hanging is the perfect way to adorn your home. This artful piece is made by New York artist Ariana Ost. It features metal moon phases strung on a chain link strand. Each phase is accompanied by crystals and stars. The entire piece is made with the highest quality materials. This beautiful piece is sure to make any space feel more complete. You can also hang it in your office, bedroom, or living room.

Chandra moon phase a wall hanging

Whether you want a wall hanging with the full moon or the moon phases of the zodiac, the Chandra moon phase will look beautiful and add a bohemian element to your home. Chandra is a Hindu god who symbolizes the changing faces of the Moon. The moon is also associated with fertility and the human mind. The lunar cycle is often associated with the changing of a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.

The Chandra moon phase a wall hanging is an original and unique piece made by an artist in New York. The wall hanging features crystals and metal moon phases strung along a chain link strand. The moon phases can be easily removed or replaced. A unique way to hang this wall art is to place it above your bed or other prominent piece of artwork. The Moon Phases wall hanging also makes a beautiful gift for the new moon.

Moon phases with stars and planets hanging from large constellation top piece

The black & white phases of the moon are beautiful and will give your child hours of enjoyment. The black and white Moon phases are a perfect snack for your child to enjoy while learning about the different phases of the moon. You can also add a nifty map of constellations to your child’s room. There are many different options for this top piece. Here are a few options.

Moon phases wall garland

If you are looking for a unique decoration to hang on your walls, the moon phases wall garland is the perfect choice for your needs. It’s an inexpensive DIY project that you can complete in less than half an hour. You will need white paper that is heavier than regular paper. I used a cereal box as my white paper, but you can use any other white paper. To make the garland, you will need a compass and a ruler. With a compass, you can draw circles to mark the phases of the moon.

This DIY moon craft can be used for fun space themed rooms, science experiments, or as a fun decor piece. Several of the materials used in the project are available at most craft stores, so there’s no need to worry about finding the right materials. A beautiful mess photographer and author, Rachel Denbow, shares the tutorial for making this moon craft. The photos on her website were edited with A Beautiful Mess actions to enhance their luster.