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Terraria Moon Phases and Their Effects

In Terraria, the moon goes through eight different phases every night. The amount of moonlight visible at nighttime indicates which phase the moon is in. The moon’s phase affects certain aspects of the game, including the shops of some NPCs, enemy spawn rates, and the Fishing Power of the player. Let’s take a closer look. Here are the different types of moon phases and their effects on the game.

Full moon

In Terraria, the moon goes through eight phases during each night. When the moon is full, it will be visible and the amount of light it gives you will depend on what phase it is. Each phase also affects various aspects of the game, including the shop inventory of some NPCs, enemy spawn rate, and the player’s Fishing Power. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the moon phases in Terraria.

The Blood Moon in Terraria changes gameplay in a significant way. While some players fear this new event, others relish it. The Blood Moon only occurs in two instances in the game. To trigger it, you must be in a setup with at least 120 life, have used a Life Crystal, and have a visible moon. Once you’ve successfully performed all the prerequisites, you can prepare yourself for a Blood Moon.

In Terraria, the Full Moon is made to resemble the full moon. The dim light it gives helps nocturnal creatures to navigate their habitats at night. This dim light is useful for insects and nocturnal animals that are difficult to observe under complete darkness. Furthermore, the realistic crater surface of the Full Moon will allow your terrarium to experience a natural temperature drop during the nighttime.

Waning gibbous

If you are a beginner at keeping terrariums, you should begin by learning about the waning gibbous moon phase. This phase occurs seven to 10 days after the full moon. This phase represents the process of purging negative things from your life and forgiving people from old disagreements. The waning gibbous moon phase is the last phase in the lunar cycle. To keep your terrariums in perfect condition, you should observe the moon phase as it appears in the sky.

When you’re trying to determine which phase is the most beautiful for your terrarium, you should note that the Northern Hemisphere’s moon has a portion in shadow on the left. The corresponding Southern Hemisphere moon has a portion that is in shadow on the right. The Waning gibbous phase happens after the Full Moon, but before the Third Quarter. The Waning gibbous moon phase is the most beautiful one of the four phases, so don’t ignore it.

While you should observe the full moon during this phase, you should also pay attention to the waning gibbous moon. It signifies the end of a manifestation cycle and a directional change. This phase encourages reflection on your intentions and helps you rebalance. The best crystal to use for this phase is opalite, which helps you balance yourself and manifest your desires.

Phantasmal Deathray

If you have the Moon Lord in your party, you can use his devastating Phantasmal Deathray to finish off the opponent in under half his health. The ray can only be fired from the eye on the Moon Lord’s forehead, so the safest way to dodge it is by using Fishron’s Wings, if possible. You can also use the Rod of Discord, but it is best to have some space for the attack.

Whenever the Moon Lord uses the Phantasmal Deathray, he summons six phantasmal spheres, which can be used to deal heavy damage. This attack is effective against both melee and ranged enemies. However, it can’t be used against enemies that have a level higher than 75. When it hits its target, it will explode and deal heavy damage. The phantasmal spheres also travel at a 30 degree angle, so the player must be far away from the target in order for them to hit you.

This attack has the highest DPS of all the summons in Moon Phases. The phantasmal Deathray is also a great way to damage the enemy if you have a large group of players. Moreover, it works well against both melee and long-range fighters. Therefore, long-range specialists should use their acrobatic skills to fly away from the rays. Meanwhile, melee fighters should try to stay inside the enclosure that contains the nurse NPC.

Phantasmal Bolts

The first moon phase of the game contains an extremely dangerous event – Phantasmal Bolts. These deadly lasers are emitted from the hands of the Moon Lord, who can telegraph their attack. While these attacks are easy to avoid, they can inflict huge damage if they hit your character. To make your game as safe as possible, keep an eye out for these attacks and use a serpentine strategy to get out of their way.

When a Moon Lord is near, he will attack you from all sides. If you’re facing him, make sure to avoid his incoming attacks. These bolts do 60 damage. You can avoid them by swerving upwards to get out of his range. Occasionally, these bolts will fire two bolts, one from each eye, which will pass through a block and cause damage.

Phantasmal Deathray: The Moon Lord’s head eye opens periodically, allowing him to spawn a giant laser. When he fires the Phantasmal Deathray, he blinks a couple times, which triggers two Phantasmal Bolts. They deal a huge amount of damage to the player, but they can’t pass through ceilings or walls. If you’re unsure how to avoid them, try casting Rod of Discord.

Phantasmal spheres

One of the best ways to survive the Phantasmal Spheres that are spawned on the Moon phase is to avoid them. These spherical creatures can do massive damage if you get too close, so avoiding them is essential. Luckily, the best way to do this is to avoid them altogether, by outrunning them or serpentining to the side.

During a Moon phase, the Moon Lord will spawn large spheres that move in the same direction as his arms. They cause massive damage when they move, but they cannot go over a ceiling. However, this can be countered by using the Rod of Discord, which lets you block their path while the Phantasmal Spheres are on the Moon phase.

Despite the fact that the Moon is only visible on the Moon in a cycle of eight nights in Terrararia, players will still find plenty of ways to celebrate this special event. First of all, the moon changes phases every night. During the Blood Moon, the player must have at least 120 life, have used a Life Crystal, and be in a setup that has a visible moon.

Luminite items

The Luminite item is essential for crafting specific resources in the game. It drops from the Moon Lord and can be transformed into Bars at an Ancient Manipulator. Once you have enough Bars, you can create armor sets by adding vortex fragments and stardust. These items may be difficult to find but are worth the effort if you plan on building. There is a way to obtain the recipes for these items without spending any Souls of Flight.

The first moon phase does not have any effect on your Fishing Power, but the Waxing Gibbous moon phase can increase your Fishing Power by up to 5%. You can also buy the Mechanic’s rod from the Clothier, or pick up a Lesser Healing Potion from the Skeleton Merchant. When the Blood Moon appears, the Moon phase will change, which means that you will see more enemies and new hazards.