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Blue Gems Ark: Survival Evolved Guide

Blue Gems Ark: Survival Evolved Guide

To get your hands on the Blue Gems in Ark: Survival Evolved, you must first find some formations. These formations are located in the Aberration Cave and can be harvested with mining tools or by using tamed creatures. The best mining tool to use is the Ankylosaurus. This mining tool is perfect for crystal or rock mining. Blue Gems aren’t just for show though, as they are used in crafting Aberration and Genesis Part 2.

Red gems

Red Gems are the third type of gems in the game, along with Blue and Green Gems. These gems are used for crafting items, such as the Gas Collector, which can be used to farm Congealed Gas Balls. You can mine these gems after completing activities in the game, such as destroying Roll Rat burrows or causing Aberration quakes. They are also used to make glow sticks.

If you are looking for a new type of crafting material, try out the Aberration and The Unknown. Both have the same item crafting recipes, but a blue stone is much rarer. You can also find red gems in the Aberration cave, where you can drop them into a rat burrow. These are useful for crafting a variety of items, but they are not intended to be displayed. Instead, you can use them to craft items that can enhance your gameplay and survive in hazardous environments.

When farming, keep in mind that you can also find purple and red gem formations. Farming these will provide you with a variety of gems, but the purple ones are very difficult to farm. Red gems can also be used to craft useful weapons, such as the Tek Phase Pistol or the Tek Railgun. The best way to farm these gems is by mining them with the Mining Drill. If you want to farm red gems in the Aberration, make sure to use the Ankylosaurus, which can farm crystalline formations.

If you are unable to find red gems in the Blue Gems Ark, you can always ask NPCs to reroll them for you. This will help you get more gems and upgrade items faster. You can get NPCs who offer rerolls in major cities. You can also choose what type of gem you want to reroll. They will then reroll them for you, depending on the gem type and class.


If you’re looking to farm rare gemstones in the game Blue Gems Ark, you’ll want to pay attention to the number of different types of gemstones you can find. Not only do you need oil to fuel your ark, but you can also find gas balls and even oil nodes. These nodes can be found throughout the game, as well as in the ocean and underwater caves. In addition, the oil that you gather from these nodes can be used to craft items, such as Jerky.

One of the most important things to remember when mining Blue Gems is that you must keep them in a place where they can be found easily. Some maps make it easier than others to find them. In Aberration, for instance, you’ll need to pick up debris to find Blue Gems, which is why you need to make sure to be very careful when mining it. The Roll Rats will attack you if they’ve seen you picking up debris.

Red gems are found in the Spine in various purple and red crystalline formations. You can also mine them from Roll Rat diggings and Earthquake debris. Be careful, though, as these creatures will become aggressive if you pick them up. Red gems can also be used to craft Aberration items, such as the Genesis Part 2 weapon and the Charge Lantern. This type of gem is the most important resource for crafting items in the game, so be sure to find a place where you can find plenty of them.


The Featherlight is a creature that can be found in the game. It has a charge light that can be used to illuminate an area. It weakens enemies, such as Reapers and Nameless. This creature consumes Charge and can be deactivated to regenerate it. It is one of the few charge pets that are passive and cannot be tranquilized or tamed violently.

Green Gems are the primary resource of the Ark. They are found in the Fertile Area, Portal, and Luminescent Biome. They can also be found in the Lost Roads, Element Falls, and Aberration. Blue Gems can be used to craft armor and saddles. They can also be used to craft other equipment. These three types of gems are the best for crafting in the game.


You can make various things by crafting different kinds of gems in the game ARK. These gems can be found in the different types of crystalline formations in The Spine. You can also get them from diggings made by Roll Rats or from Earthquake debris. But beware of picking up the Roll Rats as they are aggressive. The gems that you can craft with the blue crystalized sap are for making the Genesis Part 2 weapon and the Charge Lantern.

You can obtain Blue Gems from different sources in the game. In the Aberration map, you can get them by digging into the crystalline formations in the area. Besides mining these gems, you can also get them by trapping and taming the Roll Rats. Using this method will help you harvest more Blue Gems. If you’re not careful, you will lose some gems. The best way to obtain them is to keep a good inventory and carry a mining tool.

Another way of obtaining these gems is to gather the oil from dead Tusoteuthis. Tamed Tusoteusus and Basilosaurus drop oil. They can be harvested with the help of a pickaxe or a hatchet. You can even collect sap from cacti in the desert biome. This sap can be used to craft food and clay. You can also use the blue gems to produce propellant.

Another way to gather blue gems is to go to the Midland Swamp cave. You can find it at 59 Lat and 47.5 Long. You can also find the blue gems under the green floating obelisk at 82 20. Alternatively, you can go to the South-East Cave located at Lat 55.6 and Long 70.8. Using the fly command can help you get to the cavern where you can find the blue gems.


A comprehensive guide to the locations in Blue Gems Ark will help you collect the most valuable crafting materials. There are three different types of gems: Red, Blue, and Green. All three gems are sought-after and are extremely rare. This Ark: Survival Evolved Gems Locations Guide provides coordinates for each gem and describes its location in the game. Red and Blue Gems can be found in the same cavern, while Green Gems require you to dive deep into the ocean to find them.

The first location has a normal dungeon and cave creatures, while the second location contains raptors and ravagers that can knock you off your mounts. The last location has a high chance of dropping black pearls, gems, and loot, and has an artifact. However, these areas are more difficult to access than others. For this reason, players should consider the other locations first before moving forward.

The blue gems can be found in a cave system at 56 84 on the map. There are two ways to reach the cave system: the first is by moving forward until you can cross the bridge, and the second is to use the “fly” command to fly to the cave. You can also collect the gems in the South-East Cave (Lat 55.6, Long 70.8).

Aside from the gems themselves, Blue Crystalized Sap can be substituted for the Blue Gem in crafting items. For example, the Hazard Suit set requires Blue Gems, and the same can be said for other items. Often, tamed creatures will carry Blue Gems, which can be valuable resources in Aberration. Furthermore, they will protect you from dangers that you encounter while exploring these maps. It is also helpful to learn where to find Blue Gems for crafting.