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Fighting Psychic Pokemon: Ultimate Guide

Having a hard time fighting psychic Pokemon? Here are some tips for the savviest battles. Psychic Pokemon can confuse you, put you to sleep, and even teleport away just when you’re about to win. This article will explain how to deal with each type and make them your greatest allies. Whether you’re facing Slowbro, Gardevoir, or Medicham, these tips will help you out.


Medicham is a dual-type fighting Pokemon that evolves into Mega Medicham in the X & Y series. This Pokemon is a psychic and fighting type that also has a strong defense. Its base stats are weak, with the exception of its decent speed. Nevertheless, the Mega Evolution greatly increased these stats, while its ability Pure Power doubled its physical attack. Unlike many other Pokemon, it has no immunities and only one weakness – it’s not immune to fighting type moves.

Medicham is a humanoid Pokemon. Its body is mostly pink, with yellow trimmings. The Medicham Mega Evolved form is also reminiscent of rain dances. The name itself may be a nod to many Hindu deities, such as Shiva and Shakti. Its name may also refer to its ability to meditate and its status as a champion. Similarly, the name ‘Medicham’ may be derived from the words “mediate” and “challenge.”

Medicham is a dual-type Fighting and Psychic Pokemon. It evolves from Meditite at level 42. It can be acquired by trading with another player or evolving a Meditite. It can reach level 100 at eight million experience. It only needs to eat once a month, and its physical appearance will make it blend in with its surroundings. When in battle, Medicham will use elegant dance-like movements, while also being able to detect other Pokemon’s auras.


In Gen Three, there are three legendary Fairy-type Pokemon to choose from: Gardevoir, Ralts, and Gloom. Each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses. Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, and Thunder Wave make Gardevoir excellent for triggering status effects. These moves can greatly increase your Pokémon’s damage output, and are great for countering other types. But while Gardevoir is great at causing damage, it’s also quite susceptible to Dragon-type Pokemon.

This incredibly versatile Pokemon can be a great choice in any team. Its 125 points in special attack and 115 in special defense make it great at tearing through enemies with weak special defense. It’s also super effective against Normal and Bug-type Pokemon. However, despite its high Attack and Special Attack stats, the main weaknesses of this Pokemon are Dark and Bug. You may also want to keep Gallade on your team if you’re trying to take out Gardevoir.

The biggest challenge that Gardevoir has in this battle type is covering Dark-type Pokémon. While Gardevoir’s Signal Beam can make a good teammate, it doesn’t have enough room for a good weather-inducing move. Instead, consider using a move like Calm Mind instead, which gives the psychic pokemon an extra Special Defense boost. Icy Wind is a decent option if you want to slow down a fast opponent on the switch, but a more reliable move is Signal Beam.


In the video game Pokémon GO, one of the most interesting types of Pokemon is the Slowbro. It evolved from Slowpoke, which can be found in Kanto. The Slowbro has sharp senses and extra pairs of eyes. It was used by Solidad in the Kanto Grand Festival against Girafarig and Zangoose. In the channeling battle zone, Slowbro defeated Combusken, Munchlax, and Slowpoke, and also appeared in the movie An Evolution in Taste.

When battling Slowbro, choosing the right Type of Pokemon becomes extremely important. You need to know which Pokemon have Super Effective moves and which ones have the same type. A match-up between two of these Pokemon will give you a 25% bonus on damage. During battles with Slowbro, it is best to use Pokemon with similar type moves. This is to ensure that you don’t waste precious time using slowbro’s weaknesses.

While Slowbro has a great range of offensive moves and high defense stats, it faces stiff competition from other Psychic and Water types in its tier. While it has good Special Attack and a good movepool, Slowbro also has multiple weaknesses to common offensive typings. The slowbro’s Special Defense can’t dent Mega Blastoise and Shaymin, so you should use the best water or psychic moves to defeat them.


While there are plenty of strong defensive Pokemon to counter Slowking, this one is best used on balanced offense teams. Its versatility in checking Pokemon helps it be an excellent fit on offense teams. Its defensive capabilities help it deal with Pokemon like Incineroar, Steelix, and Pangoro, while its speed helps it deal with Flying-types such as Passimian and Heliolisk. As a support Pokemon, Slowking’s Dragon Tail can force a switch, which is useful when fighting a Poison-type.

In addition to its incredible mixed bulk, Slowking is also incredibly versatile. It can switch in and out of attack modes against Pokemon with weak HP, like Delphox and Passimian. When used correctly, it can take advantage of its Regenerator to recover HP. When used correctly, Slowking can fire off attacks and switch into non-attacking moves with minimal damage. Regardless of how you use your Slowking, you should always be on the lookout for Toxic users and set up your attacks before switching.

In addition to having an excellent defensive typing, Slowking also has a strong ability in Regenerator. Its bulk allows it to switch into Slowking’s attacks with ease. If you’re looking for a more powerful defensive pivot, try using a Sceptile or Alolan Exeggutor. Leaf Storm is a great way to KO a Slowking. There are plenty of other options for Slowking.

Slowking evolves from Slowpoke

In Pokemon Go, the new Fighting psychic type has arrived! The new Pokemon Slowking evolves from Slowpoke and requires the King’s Rock to be obtained. This psychic type Pokémon can reach levels 97 and 100, and has a level cap of eight million. Slowking is similar to the regular version of this Pokemon, but has a few differences. It has more weaknesses than Slowpoke, and is weak to poison and bug attacks.

To evolve Slowking from Slowpoke, players have to complete several objectives. First, they need to collect 50 Slowpoke candy and catch 30 psychic type Pokemon. Slowpoke candy is obtained by walking 3 kilometers with a partner or by using Pinap Berries when catching any Slowpoke. If the nearby biomes are of the Psychic type, fulfilling the requirements can be somewhat complex.

After evolving from Slowpoke, Slowking will learn Eerie Spell as its signature move. This move deals special damage and reduces an opponent’s previously used move by three. The Galarian Slowking will also learn the Slowpoke Egg Move, Shell Side Arm, which is a powerful attack for the Poison type. It can also learn Slowpoke’s signature ability, Curious Medicine. Curious Medicine cancels the effects of Intimidate.


If you are looking for a new strategy for fighting Psychic-type pokemon, Bronzong might be the right choice. This type of Pokemon is particularly effective at sweeping out menacing Pokemon such as Toxic, which will take x4 damage from Bronzong. It can also tank the damage that Sirfetch’d does to Bronzong with its natural wallbreaker ability. Bronzong has a few weaknesses, however. Bronzong takes x2 damage from Ghost, Fire, and Dark types. It also only deals half damage to Steel and Psychic-type pokemon.

When paired with the right teammate, Bronzong is a solid choice. Its type synergy is good and it has a useful moveset. Its slew of resistances and moveset make it a solid choice. Though it may not be suitable for every team, Bronzong has many positives and can beat even the most threatening Pokemon. You need to learn how to play this type correctly so that it can maximize its potential and be effective.

The first move in Bronzong’s arsenal is the Normal Gem, which gives this Pokemon its highest explosion in battle. Having this ability is extremely useful in psychic battles, and the Normal Gem lets Bronzong make its biggest boom when it explodes. When you have the Normal Gem, you will be able to use this move to stun your opponents and make them weaker. By utilizing this move, Bronzong will have a great chance of winning the battle.


If you enjoy fighting Pokemon, you might enjoy the challenge of playing as the dark-typed Umbreon. This Pokemon evolved from Eevee due to its exposure to the energy pulses of the moon. Its sleek black body and four slender legs make it a formidable opponent. It has crimson eyes and two pairs of pointed teeth, long ears, and a bushy tail. Its PokeDex entry states that it evolved from exposure to the waves of the moon. Because of its dark appearance, this Pokemon hides in the darkness and awaits for foes.

This Pokemon’s Psychic move can be effective in several situations. It provides real coverage and is able to make your opponent’s Pokemon vulnerable to poison. Unlike some other Pokemon, this move has no effect on Ghosts. Psychic-type Pokemon are also susceptible to poison, making them a good choice when fighting Umbreon. But if your opponent has the Poison-type Umbreon, you should avoid using this Pokemon because it is weak against Fighting-type Pokemon.

Umbreon evolved from Eevee. To evolve it, Eevee must be a partner Pokemon. It must be fed 25 Eevee candies at night and walk ten kilometers with its trainer. The same goes for Espeon. Once you’ve evolved your Eevee, you should give it a name, Tamao, to ensure it evolves into Umbreon.