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Companies That Hire Senior Citizens

If you are a senior citizen and would like to work at a company that cares about the health of its employees, look no further. Amtrak, Dunkin’ Donuts, Applebee’s, and Applied Materials are just a few companies that hire senior citizens. Read on to learn more about this important industry. You might also be interested in applying for a job at one of these companies. But where do you begin?


The United States’ primary passenger rail service, Amtrak, is among the companies that hire senior citizens. Amtrak hires people for customer service, communications, and technology jobs. Senior citizens can work in customer service or as train crew, and do not need any experience to join the company. They also don’t have to be highly educated to apply for any of the open positions, and the company does not discriminate against older adults.

Amtrak is responsible for running a national rail network, including its key corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Throughout the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak has operated trains for at least five decades. The company is responsible for operating three-quarters of the nation’s train service. The other third of the company’s routes is operated by other companies and state commuter agencies.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The Mid-Atlantic Distribution Center, which shipped products from Swedesboro, New Jersey, used senior citizens as drivers. Aldworth Company leased its Swedesboro warehouse to Dunkin’ for $1.25 million and employed 63 drivers and forty to forty warehouse employees. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1360 began organizing among Aldworth employees in 1998. The company eventually stopped promoting the program and discontinued it.

The company’s workforce is both powerful and expanding. In the last year alone, 25,000 new jobs were added by Dunkin’. In addition to hiring senior citizens, the company has recently launched its first national advertising campaign, which highlights the importance of community and teamwork. Senior citizens may also find employment opportunities in a company that offers competitive pay and flexible schedules. A career with Dunkin’ may be right for you!

The new national campaign for Dunkin’ Donuts, “Dunkin’ Runs on You,” created by BBDO New York, will launch on Monday, June 8, in both English and Spanish. The campaign includes radio and television spots and a full suite of customizable assets. It will include the introduction of a low-cost college education program through Southern New Hampshire University, which is the company’s parent company. The company currently operates more than 3,500 locations in 32 countries, including 1,100 locations in Massachusetts.

Although the company does not hire underage applicants, it does hire adults with a high school diploma. Job openings include part-time and full-time positions. Dunkin’ Donuts wants friendly, energetic team-players and is looking for energetic individuals who are eager to help. Interested candidates should complete a short survey and attach a recent resume. They can also apply for management positions. And if you’re a senior citizen, the company would be more than happy to hire you!


A regional Applebee’s executive argues that rising gas prices will lower labor costs by forcing people into the workforce. He explained to his area managers that rising gas prices would make it cheaper to hire workers and thus lower labor costs. Applebee’s is not alone in this thinking. Approximately half of the nation’s workers are senior citizens. But while the current trend is a positive one, some business owners are not.

The company’s executive recently discussed the company’s performance last year. The company received more than 58,000 applications on one “hiring day” in February. This is despite “the ongoing labor challenges we face,” he added. The company’s parent company, the Dine Brands corporation, has more than 1,700 Applebee’s locations. Franchisees make menu price decisions, and the parent company is so profitable that it has been buying back stock.

Applebee’s has national hiring days to fill these positions. Interested individuals can attend the interview on May 17 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time. Walk-ins are welcome. Those 18 and older who are interviewed will receive an appetizer voucher. They can also participate in the company’s “Apps for Apps” program. Those who qualify for an interview will receive a free appetizer, but cannot have a Classic Combo.

Applied Materials

Applied Materials is a global company that provides semiconductor equipment, software, and services. They welcome both experienced professionals and recent college graduates. The company offers competitive benefits, educational opportunities, and flexible working hours. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for an open position. Senior citizens must have their GED or other proof of eligibility. Applicants with a criminal record must submit a background check and provide a valid photo identification. Applicants must also be fluent in English and Spanish.

The median salary for a Applied Materials employee is $92,182 per year. Applied Materials employees are most likely to belong to the Democratic Party. While Republicans tend to favor conservative candidates, the company’s employees are more likely to belong to the Democratic Party. Senior citizens earn the highest salaries at the subsidiary Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, which is a part of Applied Materials. Senior citizens make the highest wages of all Applied Materials employees, at $63,382 annually.

Applied Materials pays slightly less than other companies in the semiconductor industry. For example, competitors Broadcom, KLA, and Western Digital pay more than that. Applied Materials is considerably lower than these companies, but still offers competitive pay. In addition to offering a competitive pay rate, Applied Materials also offers benefits and perks. Among its competitors, the highest-paid employees make $125,140. Therefore, this company is a great option for senior citizens who are looking to secure a secure and well-paying position.

MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International continues its hiring effort, particularly when it comes to senior citizen jobs. The company recently hosted an industry trade show and a conference for workforce visionaries and tech experts. In order to fill positions at the conference, the organizers used the company’s Convene with Confidence process to screen applicants. MGM is continuing its hiring efforts and is currently seeking applications for 100 guest room attendant positions.

MGM Resorts isn’t the only company experiencing difficulties hiring. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, businesses in the Las Vegas valley have been faced with a lack of applicants and a reduced number of open positions. In response to these challenges, many companies have become more proactive in their hiring processes. In one such initiative, MGM invited senior citizens to fill out applications in person at its One Stop Career Center, located at 6330 W. Charleston Blvd.

In addition to hiring senior citizens, MGM Resorts also has an enterprise-wide diversity policy, which emphasizes sustainability and community giving. DiversityInc’s annual survey of companies nationwide shows that MGM ranks third among regional employers in the country for diversity best practices. Senior citizens are increasingly sought-after employees because of their valuable experience, knowledge and expertise. The company has also implemented an employee diversity program that rewards and retains senior citizens.


Since 2011, Starbucks has been hiring senior citizens to help out in their Mexico City outpost. The company partnered with the National Institute for the Elderly to create more job opportunities for seniors. Starbucks is hoping to hire 120 more senior citizens by the end of 2018.

The company is now hiring seniors for Barista positions across several branches in the state. Seniors are encouraged to apply for these positions because they have access to many benefits, including complimentary coffee. It’s not required that you have experience in barista jobs, but applicants should be friendly and helpful. Starbucks is currently hiring in Basking Ridge, Flemington, and Hillsborough. To apply for a position with Starbucks, visit the company’s website.

Kelly says she became convinced that age discrimination was at play when her regional vice president told her that she couldn’t start an official community group for senior-oriented staff members. Although Starbucks has various groups for different demographics, like veterans, sustainability-minded staff members, and LGBTQ employees, there was no official community group for senior-minded staff. Still, current Starbucks employees feel that age discrimination is a symptom of a bigger shift in the company.