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How to Be a Christian Man Today

While the secular world may have distorted the image of the Christian man, he must still fulfill his role. Today, the role of the Christian man is not the mindless macho man, impressive womanizer, or extravagant lifestyle. The key is to stay true to your faith, and develop the proper spiritual disciplines. Developing these disciplines is vital to the future of the church. This article discusses some of the most important spiritual disciplines that are crucial for the future of the church.

Become just, upright, faithful, true, a man of integrity

Justice is the power to do what is right and give to all persons what they are owed. The world tires itself out trying to get what they want while we tire ourselves trying to be just, upright, faithful, and true. The world can take our life but we cannot let it. To be truly just, we must never let go of the power of justice. Moreover, justice is the most important virtue.

Let the world take away everything you have if it must

Don’t let the world take away everything you have to be an authentic Christian man today. We are made in God’s image and he doesn’t want us to live as if we’re lesser. That means we should study the Bible and listen to the Holy Spirit to know the will of God. While we’re bound to experience failure in this world, we shouldn’t let it stop us from enjoying the privileges of obedience to Him.

Never give up your grip on justice

The mystery of salvation is the motivation for liberation movements in the economic, social, and political order. It keeps human beings from falling into new forms of slavery. In fact, a Christian’s desire for justice is directly tied to his faith in the resurrection. In short, justice is the fulfillment of our human vocation to love God and neighbor. However, the promise of resurrection is not enough to ensure justice. The promise of salvation has been freely given by God to meet the desire for true justice in our hearts.

The challenge facing Christians seeking a “civilization of love” is unprecedented. To be successful in this undertaking, they must renew their reflection on love and set in motion ambitious programmes for the liberation of millions of people from oppression. Action must begin with an immense effort for education. Education will help promote a civilization of work and solidarity, and it will help people have access to culture.

Developing spiritual disciplines is critical to the future of the church

Developing spiritual disciplines in men is an important ministry and a vital part of the life of the church. Men should be encouraged to meet together for prayer and to study God’s Word. They should also be encouraged to engage in conversation and submission to the Word of God. These disciplines should not be seen as chores, but as natural longings that can be fulfilled through self-motivation and practice.

Developing spiritual disciplines is a process in which individuals change. To facilitate transformation, believers must be open to the action of the Holy Spirit. A nurturing faith community is essential in this process. Only when believers desire transformation and participate in a faith community can these processes occur. And they must remain open to transformation. For the future of the church, spiritual formation in its many forms will be essential. In addition, it will enable the church to be relevant to the world.

The list of spiritual disciplines is long, and authors of books on the subject have their own definitions. Some authors include multiple disciplines, while others offer a broader list. Several titles include a list of ten practices. Other books, including Spiritual Disciplines in the Christian Life by Donald Whitney, celebrate the spiritual disciplines in a Christian’s life, and Dallas Willard’s The Spirit of the Disciplines, describe as many as 75 disciplines. Fasting and prayer are common themes in spiritual disciplines discussions.

While all Christians should practice Bible study and prayer regularly, there are other spiritual disciplines that are vital to the church’s future. People must become aware of the presence of Jesus and adopt new behaviors. For example, becoming thankful each day can transform cynicism into gratitude. This is impossible by merely telling yourself that you are thankful every day. Practicing gratitude every day is a spiritual discipline.