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Are you curious about psychic readings and want to know if you can get a free psychic medium reading online? Here are a few sites where you can get a free psychic medium reading. They are AskNow, Mysticsense, Oranum, and Psychic Source. While you may not have the funds to pay for a real psychic reading, these sites offer free online psychic readings. If you are not sure which site is the best, read this article to find out.


If you’re looking for a psychic medium reading, you’ve probably heard about AskNow. The reputed online service connects users with psychic readers. After you complete the two-step signup process, you can immediately start browsing the list of psychic advisors. You can filter them by price range, category, and advisor type. Then, choose a psychic advisor and schedule an appointment. The entire process is fast and easy.

AskNow’s psychics have been rated by users, and must maintain a four to five-star rating to continue practicing. They can be reached by phone or live chat and provide their services for as little as $1/minute. Their service is available around the clock and they also offer analysis of love charts. You can request a reading anytime of day or night, and you’ll always be able to choose your psychic.

The platform offers a variety of different packages to choose from. There’s even a free five-minute reading. If you want to spend more time, you can choose a bundle or buy more credits. Depending on your needs, AskNow offers psychic readings in a wide variety of disciplines, including astrologers, palmists, dream interpreters, spirit mediums, and Tarot readers. To get the best reading possible, use a website that features a variety of psychics, including those with diverse backgrounds.

When you use a psychic medium, you’ll be connecting with someone in the afterlife. Psychics can relay messages through the medium’s body. While psychics can’t read the spirits of the dead, they can often tell you if a departed loved one is resting peacefully in the afterlife. Some psychics use various tools, including crystal balls, tarot cards, and Ouija boards. Another popular choice is an astrologer. Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years.

Psychic Source

When you are in need of a psychic reading, a good place to start is Psychic Source. This website has many certified psychic readers and advisors who are available for your free consultation. You can also choose a psychic advisor based on their skills, experience, and reputation. Psychics are only as good as their clients, so you should take some time to choose someone carefully. Free readings can bring up complicated feelings and memories, so be careful who you choose.

Psychic Source has a variety of methods to match you with a medium. You can find a psychic by describing your situation and interests, by searching in a particular field, or by a recommendation from the “highlighted psychics” section. You can also search for all the available psychic readers on the site using their matched search tool. Once you’ve found your psychic, you can log out and see which psychics you’ve already met. These psychics have a number of extensions, and you can check their regular prices before you pay.

The site provides three channels for connecting with a psychic reader: face-to-face, phone, and text. This allows even the most introverted member to find a medium who can help them with their concerns. Psychic Source understands your unique needs and enables you to choose the right type of medium for your situation. A good choice for a free medium reading is to choose one with experience and a high degree of accuracy.

Psychic Source has a free trial option for its readers. You can choose a medium with the highest rating and reviews and have the first five minutes of the session for free. If you’re not satisfied with the reading, you can request a refund and request a different reader. Psychic Source also provides information on the background of psychics and their training. The company has many articles on their website about different methods and philosophies.

If you don’t want to sign up with a psychic, try a free trial on Kasamba. The service is easy to navigate, and the owners have done a great job in making the site user-friendly. Besides, you can try the psychic readings out by uploading a card. They will only charge you if you exceed the limit of the time you want to have the reading.


Mysticsense is a website that offers psychic readings to the public for free. Their readers are experts in a range of subjects including love, recurring dreams, family issues, and spirituality. The website has filters to help users find the right psychic for their specific needs. The first five minutes are free, and after that, you’ll have to pay. Then, you can choose the level of reading that’s right for you.

MysticSense allows you to choose a live psychic based on their areas of expertise, price, and customer rating. If you’re unsure about your decision, you can request a refund. You’ll also receive points if you’re not satisfied. If you’re not satisfied, Mysticsense also offers online chat sessions with psychics. You can choose from the Top Rated, Elite, or Master categories.

Mysticsense has more than 200 psychic mediums. There are mediums specializing in love and loss. Some even help the grieving communicate with their departed loved ones. You can also search for a psychic reading by name. Those who prefer video readings can choose the one with the lowest price per minute. The website is easy to use, and you can contact online psychic readers through Mysticsense.

Depending on your situation, Mysticsense offers a variety of methods of reading. You can choose from tarot cards, palm reading, astrology, and astrology. The Purple Garden team boasts of genuine psychics and tarot card readers. It promises to make your reading experience fun and enjoyable. You can even pay by the minute. This is one of the most popular online psychic reading services, with thousands of satisfied customers.


How to get a free medium reading with the streaming website Oranum? It may seem counterintuitive, but Oranum offers a free psychic reading service to try out before you pay. There are hundreds of psychics available to choose from. The psychic advisors on Oranum fall into 12 categories: love, psychic, medium, and ghosts. You can also try out the free services on MysticMilena, an online medium who communicates with spirits and provides clear answers.

Unlike many other psychic networks, Oranum does not have a feature to block or rate individual readers. However, you can build a favorite list for readers, so that you will know when one is online. Unlike many other psychic networks, Oranum also allows you to message any reader, though you can’t guarantee a response time. However, you can still try their free live reading service to get an idea of how they work.

In Oranum, you can choose between video or audio readings. Live video allows you to see the flow of the conversation. You can also type or turn on the camera while having a private reading. The platform has a credit-based pricing system, and the free reading offers $9.99 worth of credits. You can purchase more credits after your free trial. If you find the free psychic reading service to be unsatisfactory, you can contact their customer service team to get a refund.

To access a free medium reading on Oranum, first create an account. Create a password and choose a payment method. If you want to get a video reading, you can upload a video. Otherwise, the website will let you view and try out the reading yourself before committing to it. However, be aware that Oranum doesn’t allow reviews of psychics. You should be able to find a good reader on Oranum with a few clicks.

Oranum has a wide range of psychics from clairvoyant to clairaudient. They also offer palm readers, rune readers, and crystal readers. They also offer readings about past lives. For free psychic readings, you can choose between a live session or a recorded one. A live session can be conducted by one of hundreds of Oranum psychics.