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How to Get a Man to Listen to You More

The biggest mistake women make when dating a man is expecting him to listen to everything that she says. Most men don’t pay attention to things that are repeated or touched on repeatedly, so it’s important to talk to your boyfriend from a place of love and respect rather than resentment. Here are some strategies to get him to listen more to you:

Leaning slightly forward or sideways while sitting

You can tell when a guy is paying attention by his posture and his hand gestures. While sitting, lean slightly forward or sideways. Alternatively, rest his head on your hand. The more he watches you, the more he’ll want to listen to what you have to say. Men are attracted to women who can show that they’re interested in their conversation.

Eye contact

One of the most effective ways to make a guy pay attention to you is to make eye contact. Looking into his eyes helps you connect more deeply with him, and it also makes you sound more authoritative. If you don’t look into his eyes, you might make him doubt your knowledge and expertise. Moreover, eye contact doesn’t signal authority; some cultures find it offensive.

If you are not sure what eye contact means, try to notice his body language. If he seems interested in you, he’s probably attracted to you. Similarly, if you’re at work, you can try to strike up a conversation with him. It’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with him first before making any moves. If you are at work, he might be paying attention to you or another co-worker, but he might not be looking at you.

Men who have the most power and charisma tend to be the ones who can make eye contact without offending anyone. By looking them in the eye and holding a steady gaze, men seem more powerful. It also helps to persuade people who are easily persuaded. While you may think that eye contact is unnecessary, it will increase the chemistry between two people and will make you a more attractive partner.

In addition to eye contact, sudden movements and strong body language can make a man want to talk to you more. Often, men respond to sudden movements and movement with more interest than they do with simple hand gestures. Make sure your body language is in sync with your message. Make sure he can see your emotions and understand the full extent of your message. This will be very enticing to him.

Cutting to the chase

To get a man to listen to you more, you need to master the art of understanding him and getting him to give you space. You must also understand that he isn’t the one who will stay around for ever. Therefore, you need to redirect his attention to yourself and improve yourself. Then, surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. These positive people will distract him from thinking about your ex.


How to use resentment to get your man to listen to you more? You may be able to make a compromise. If you are spending more time at work than with your family, you might set up a time for your spouse to spend with you. If your partner is constantly on his phone, you might have to set some boundaries so that he doesn’t answer it during dinner.

Usually, grudges arise from larger missteps, not small hurtful comments and actions. However, you may have valid reasons for holding a grudge. Some reasons may be related to your upbringing, parenting, environment, genetics, and cultural upbringing. Once you know why you hold a grudge, you can begin to talk about it and work to get it resolved.