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Best Romance Novels of 2020: Definitive Guide

The best romance novels of 2020 are sure to be a hot item on the shelves! Is there a book that will take the romance genre by storm? Or will we see a new author’s debut in the same year? If you have a preference, check out my list of the best romance novels of 2020. I’ve rounded up five books that stand out among the newest releases, so you can pick out a favorite right now!

Review of Beryl Burnham’s novel

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well-developed and the story is intriguing. The protagonist Beryl is a quietly determined heroine with a strong will. She’s a good friend to Mark and she’s taken his advice and is now a medical doctor. As the story develops, Beryl must decide if she’s going to be loyal to Mark or to her heart. It’s a complex question, but the characters are well-written and a pleasure to read.

Beryl Burnham is a young woman who has spent a year in Paris. Her life isn’t as perfect as people think. She’s also betrothed to the wealthy Sir Henry Rivenhall, but that’s not the end of her problems. In the meantime, her village’s curate, Mark Rivenhall, offers Beryl a shoulder to cry on. Mark was a love interest of hers many years ago, and he comes to her aid when Beryl is in danger.

Beryl Burnham suffers from clinical depression and melancholy, and she struggles to keep her sadness at bay. Although she keeps herself busy, she never truly escapes the darkness of her emotions. Eventually, Beryl takes an overdose of sleeping powder and is whisked away to Paris. She is then sent home to a small English village, where she has to face her fiance, Henry Rivenhall, who is ruled by practicality. She finds solace in her friendship with Mark Rivenhall, the local curate.

Review of Rebekah Weatherspoon’s novel

If the Boot Fits is the second book in the award-winning Cowboys of California series by multi-award-winning author Rebekah Weatherspoon. This modern Cinderella tale follows aspiring screenwriter Amanda McQueen, an overworked assistant with no meaningful access to Hollywood. Dru Anastasia is a spoiled starlet who uses Amanda as an emotional sounding board. The Prince, played by Sam Pleasant, is the 21st century version of the classic story. A Vanity Fair Oscar party substitutes for the traditional royal ball.

Review of Susanna Dallet’s novel

A review of Susanna Dallet’s novel by Sarah Young may not be suitable for all readers. It’s too complicated for skimming and contains several plotlines. First-person Susanna’s account of events alternates with the third-person accounts of the demon, imps, and conspirators. In addition, Susanna’s relationship with Wolsey is not straightforward. Although he’s her brother’s secretary, he’s a very important character in this novel.

While the main character Susanna Dallet is a compelling main character, the novel also contains a number of other interesting characters. Susanna Riley is gifted at miniature painting, which contributes to the novel’s magical aspects. In addition to the demon that was released when the manuscript was unearthed, Riley also introduces a demon named Belphagor. This demon is intent on wreaking havoc in the lives of everyone involved. As Susanna’s association with the manuscript enables her to do this, she also becomes the target of Belphagor’s wrath.

When Susanna Dallet’s husband dies, she is forced to make her way through life on her own. She starts off painting less innocent Biblical scenes and portraits in miniature. When she’s finally employed by Cardinal Wolsey, she accompanies Mary Tudor to France as part of the wedding party. As she tries to pay the bills, she discovers that Master Dallet’s creditors are coming after her.

Review of Adriana Anders’ novel

Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders is a riveting novel that will keep readers guessing throughout its pages. The plot is incredibly well-paced and the book takes a turn or two from the original storyline. In a series of unrelated books, the protagonist, Abby Merkley, becomes a heroine and a murder victim in this novel. This series is sure to keep readers guessing throughout, and it will be a fun read for fans of suspense.

Review of Scarlett Peckham’s novel

The book is a beautifully written, atmospherically dark romance, and Scarlett Peckham has a wonderful way of using words to create a world of emotion. We can feel the rain on the cliffs, the fine cloth against Sera’s skin, and every throb of emotion she feels. It is a beautiful book that I highly recommend. Read it, and you’ll see why.

Aside from writing historical romances, Scarlett Peckham also writes gothic and sexy books. She lives in Coastal Oregon and Los Angeles. Her novel The Duke I Tempted was named one of the Best Romance Novels of 2018. If you’re looking for an enchanting read, this is a must-read for all lovers of historical fiction. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

A high-spirited and scandalous historical romance, The Rakess is a thrilling read. It features forbidden passion, impossible sacrifices, and devastating secrets that will leave you breathless. Peckham has woven a tale with poetic precision and wit that defies genre boundaries. She is one of the genre’s rising stars. She captures the Gothic with a human touch. Whether you’re a fan of the Bronte sisters or prefer to read more YA novels, The Rakess is an enchanting historical romance that will have you captivated from start to finish.

Peckham channels white-hot anger into her writing. She tackles the question of double standards regarding sex and desire and pairs it with divine sex positivity, allowing her characters to pursue pleasure without shame. In this way, her writing is historically accurate but not ahistorical. Seraphina is a woman who thinks she has to choose between love and scandal. A review of Scarlett Peckham’s novel.