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Horoscope Weekly Scorpio For July 17

The horoscope for the week of July 17 will highlight Venus entering Cancer, the sign of love, beauty and abundance. On this day, Scorpios are especially susceptible to change. They may be in love with a certain look for a while, and then suddenly decide they would rather be single. It is important to embrace change and feel the feelings behind it. If you’re a Scorpio, this week may also be an excellent time to change your mind about a certain idea.

Mercury in Leo

July brings some exciting changes to your horoscope. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the sign of Leo on July 19th. This influence will help you express yourself better and communicate ideas that will make you unique. It may also inspire brattiness, but remember that a Leo’s unique perspective is worth celebrating! Here are some ideas for maximizing this energy:

Your relationship is healing and evolving, but be aware of your surroundings and how they impact you. For example, Mercury in Leo forms a tense angle with Mars in Taurus, which could make someone say something stinging about you. This tense interaction will be an opportunity to show your natural strength and take a stand. Remember to keep your cool and remain focused despite the stinging remarks.

This energy is also influenced by the planetary ruler of Leo, the sun. On July 11, the Sun will be in opposition to Pluto, the planet of change. The result is a time when many Taurus people will be considering career changes. The Sun remains in your sign until Friday, but the opposition with Pluto will trigger feelings of nostalgia and an acute reluctance to move on. This aspect will also intensify your feelings of self-worth and desire for recognition.

On July 19, Mercury will enter Leo, the sign of self-expression. Leo is the fourth house of family and home, and its energy will highlight the role of Leo in your household. Leo is a proud sign of lineage, and you’ll feel a sense of pride in your home and family. Moreover, this energy will motivate you to make changes to your living environment.

The entry of Mercury into Leo helps Libra people plan activities that are fun and fulfilling. It also frees up mental space to do things they enjoy more. Leos can deepen and forge new connections. Leos can also take advantage of Jupiter’s return to its opposite sign, Aquarius. A Leo’s planet Mars will help them use their resources wisely. They can also use this time to travel to new places, renew traditions, or communicate with ancestors.

Mars in Taurus

Mars enters Taurus on July 4, which means it’s time to take action. As the planet of action and drive, Mars can enhance your magnetic attraction and assertiveness. Mars in Taurus is a good time to begin a new project, but make sure to be patient and take it slow. You may have a difficult time expressing your feelings and emotions, so be patient. The rewards will come in due time.

Your popularity may skyrocket, but proceed with caution. The Sun moves into Leo on July 22. Although this can be a time to invite new people into your life, proceed with caution. Inadequate preparation could lead to major relationship issues later on. On July 30, Mercury forms a trine with Saturn. This can result in feelings of disrespect or lack of respect. This aspect can make it difficult to make important decisions.

Your career might be a little challenging during the month of July, with Mars in Taurus in your sign. This transit can tempt you to push yourself too hard in order to get what you want. Try to avoid compromising your values for money or external validation. On July 22, the sun moves into Taurus, lighting up your first house of self. Take things slow. Be patient and do your research.

Your social life may suffer in the month of July. This is because Venus will join Mars in cunning Cancer on July 17. This aspect may make it difficult to engage in social activities. However, you may find that a new romantic partner or business partner is a good opportunity. In addition, the Leo new moon on July 28 encourages you to take time to meditate and rejuvenate, which could lead to some wonderful vacations.

If you’re looking to spice up your love life, you may have to make some adjustments in your relationship. Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus, added emotional depth to love life. Mars, however, brings a bit more heat to the sex world. Your significant other may need more “me” time, while the communication planet Mercury enters cancer on July 4.

Mercury vs Pluto

If you’re looking for a lovemaking guru, you’ve come to the right place. During Mercury’s retrograde phase in July, your love life may not be what you’d like. However, a connection between Mercury and Pluto can help you find new confidence. You’ll be encouraged to experiment with new musical tastes, new hobbies, and new fashion ideas. While you might be tempted to hurl old grudges at your lover, that won’t help the situation.

On July 19, motivational Mercury will be in opposition to revolutionary Pluto. This aspect can cause intense feelings of nostalgia, and a reluctance to move on. Mercury is still in your sign until Friday, and the Sun will oppose Pluto the following day. These feelings can be frustrating, but remember that you have a chance to overcome these emotions by making changes and resolving your issues.

In July, the communicative Mercury will face brooding Pluto. Depending on Mercury’s sign, this cosmic climate may expose a few bad apples in your friends and acquaintances. This can damage your reputation or ego. You may also get into trouble by spreading untrue rumors. To conclude, this pairing is not for the faint of heart.

While Mercury’s retrograde phase is in effect, this can help you communicate better with your partner. Mercury’s presence in your true love sector on Tuesday and Saturday can encourage more intimacy and open communication between you and your partner. Additionally, the transit of Venus in your sign on Saturday will encourage you to communicate what makes you happy with your partner. This transit can also help you make important decisions involving love and romance.

While Mercury is in Scorpio, Pluto is in Capricorn. This may lead to intense conversations, negotiations, or confrontations, and you may have to make a decision about your schedule. This square may also lead you to give up old habits and abandon projects that you have been working on for a while. This square can be a good time to reevaluate your goals and create new ones.

Sagittarius is best friend with gemini

If you’re wondering if Sagittarius is best friends with Gemini in July horocycle, you’re in luck. Gemini and Sagittarius have a remarkably strong relationship – it may even be a soul mate match! Together, these two signs are passionate and fun-loving, and both crave a deeper meaning and purpose in life.

The twins in the zodiac symbolize the inherent duality of Gemini. Because of this, it’s no surprise that these two signs get along so well. The Gemini in their BFF knows that the whole is greater than its parts. The Gemini in July horoscope is fun-loving and adaptable, making it easy to find common ground. They are easily bonded with other similarly-minded air signs, and the fiery Aries is especially compatible with these two.

The sun will shift into the 9th house of travel and higher knowledge on July 22. The fire of the sky supports the energy of both signs, and the sun’s placement in the 9th house encourages new adventures. Sagittarius and Gemini should use this opportunity to share their beliefs and higher knowledge. In addition to the sun’s placement in the ninth house, Gemini should also try to speak up for themselves.

This duo is perfect for each other. The water signs are very compatible and enjoy making strong connections with each other. They are also attracted to Capricorn’s strong, stoic aura. As such, they should be able to support each other when they’re right and wrong. Their best friends are those who are able to share the same interests.

On July 16, Venus enters Cancer, so Sagittarius can indulge in small dinner parties with their partner. On July 19, comet Chiron goes retrograde. Chiron is known as “the wounded healer,” and the retrograde phase of Chiron lasts until late December. The retrograde will force Sagittarius to revisit painful or unresolved emotions or experiences. Sagittarius is a perfect companion to Gemini in July horoscope.